You know I really feel sorry for Mexico, No really I do.

feel sorry for Mexico

I feel sorry for Mexico. they are bracing for Criminals coming back home

By Johnboy Conroy – guest contributor Trumpville Report

You know I really feel sorry for Mexico. No, really I do.

Bad for Mexico

When Trump is elected President. The first thing he is going to do is empty out our prisons of 330,000 illegals. Rapists, robbers, drug dealers, bad people. And then deport tens of thousands of bad violent gang members. I’m sure this will have a major impact on Mexican society.

What are all these hundreds of thousands of criminals going to do? Commit crime! Then comes just plain old deportations. By the millions. Maybe not, all of them, maybe not the ones that have been here for decades. But for sure a few million at least. That’s a lot of extra people in Mexico looking for work and a place to live. Not good for Mexico. I really feel sorry for Mexico.

Great for America

But great for the Unites States.

  • Wages go up
  • Rents go down. A lot of empty homes and apartments.
  • School budgets go down. Millions fewer students.
  • Smaller class sizes. Better education.
  • Crime goes down.
  • Way less money spent on food stamps and welfare.

Well, you get it. The list goes on.

Getting rid of the freeloading illegals is what’s called ‘eliminating waste’. It’s going to happen in all Gov. Departments. We are going to have more and spend less, and that’s what’s called efficiency. If liberals want to give money away, because “that’s who they are” They need to use their own money. Donate is not an ugly word Liberal. Support things with your own money, we’ve done it for years. Try it, it works.

Trump is winning. This really can happen in January. We are going to really get change. Lots of change. We’re all going to prosper and make more money. We’re going to save Social Security and take care of our Vets and support the police. Trump going to make it easier to start a business in America. Good times are coming. I can’t wait. But I do feel really sorry for Mexico.

Trump 2016 and beyond

“Feel sorry for Mexico”,  By Johnboy Conroy – guest contributor Trumpville Report

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1 Comment on You know I really feel sorry for Mexico, No really I do.

  1. They will be overrun with criminals and welfare cases – one of Trump’s rules for immigrants is that they can support themselves. The American companies in Mexico may have cheap labor, but the social unrest will make it miserable for those companies.


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