Is Paul Ryan a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Could Paul Ryan be a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Sneaking in the Republican Party?

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report and the Daily Ragg

WASHINGTON D.C. — Paul Ryan married Janna Little, a former democratic lobbyist and a tax attorney, in 2000.

Janna RyanJanna Ryan, born Janna Christine Little, came from a small town in Oklahoma but went on to become a well-known democratic lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Upon graduating from the prestigious Wellesley College, Ryan attended George Washington University, where she earned her law degree.

Janna Christine Little was born in 1969 and was raised by a wealthy Democratic and well-connected family. Janna and her two younger sisters grew up in Madill, Oklahoma, with parents Dan and Prudence Little, who both worked as attorneys.

Upon finishing her schooling, Ryan, who is a tax specialist, lived in Washington, D.C., for about a decade. She continued to work as a congressional aide for some time and then as a Democratic corporate lobbyist, representing some of the biggest names in a range of industries. Among her corporate clients were Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Marathon Oil, and the Cigar Association of America. I’m betting Janna has a lot of friends in the pharmaceutical and health ins. fields.

In a period of about three years, Ryan’s 20 corporate clients paid more than $2.7 million in lobbying fees to her two employers, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Williams & Jensen, according to an August 2012 Huffington Post article.

Is Ryan a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

While her husband is a conservative Republican, Janna Ryan comes from Democratic roots and has been labeled a “practical conservative.” Ryan’s uncle, David Boren, was a Democratic governor and U.S. senator. His son, Ryan’s cousin Dan Boren, is a Democratic U.S. representative. Additionally, Ryan’s family was close friends with Democratic U.S. Representative Bill Brewster, for whom Ryan worked as a congressional aide for some years.

Following her mother’s death in 2010, Janna Ryan inherited between $1 million and $5 million, which reportedly accounts for a large portion of the wealth that she and her husband now enjoy.

Does Paul Ryan need to step down as Speaker of the House?

Paul Ryan failed to deliver the votes on his health care bill. The one trumpeted to repeal and replace ObamaCare. The one that he had seven years to work on. The one he hid under lock and key in the basement of Congress. The one that had to be pulled to prevent the embarrassment of not having enough votes to pass.

But this bill didn’t just fail — it failed when Republicans had the House, the Senate, the White House.

It failed within the first 70 days of President Donald Trump’s administration. A president who made replacement of ObamaCare the hallmark of his campaign. And then used the valuable political capital to accomplish it.

And Speaker Ryan, with all his uppity swagger and experience, sold President Trump a bill of goods which ended up a complete and total failure!

I want to be clear: this is NOT on President Trump. No one expected a businessman to completely understand the nuances, the complicated ins, and outs of Washington and its legislative process. How would he know which individuals upon whom he would be able to rely? Many of them, friends and establishment colleagues of Speaker Ryan.

Speaker Ryan should know very well who the 15 hard-liners, the 10 moderates, and all the other ones are.

Ryan of course, should know their demands. And if he didn’t, why didn’t he? Some actually shut down the government over ObamaCare and you couldn’t figure out what you needed to do to get their support?

Ryan knew no Democrat was going to support it and that he would have to rely on the Republicans. How could you possibly misjudge this?

Mr. President, all reports are that you wanted to handle the tax cuts first but that Ryan convinced you to go with health care.

If that’s the case, not only has Ryan hurt President Trump with his health care debacle but the ripples will hurt as President Trump tries to overhaul the tax code.

The Freedom Caucus, feeling emboldened by their win with this health care failure, will now dig their heels in on the tax cuts.

Ryan has hurt President Trump going forward and he has to go. Is he a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, sneaking into the Republican Party?

The shame of this is that, in addition to putting faith in someone who didn’t have his back, President Trump made the decision, as opposed to letting ObamaCare explode — as it inevitably will — The President decided to take it on anyway.

In January President Trump stated, “Give it two years, it’s going to explode like you’ve never seen it. Nobody’s going to be able to afford it. It’s a disaster. And that’s politically what we should do. But we don’t want to do that. We want to get something done and get it done right.”

To me, Paul Ryan’s loyalty was always in question.
I never put my faith in Ryan. All through the campaign when he distanced himself from candidate Trump whenever he felt the prevailing winds blowing against Trump.

So why?  Why would you let this happen? What was your agenda?

The reason, Speaker Ryan, that you, and all your Washington colleagues, are held in such low esteem is because you have forgotten about us, the real Americans.

In spite of the fact that you RINOS were all working against President Trump, the President joined with you and relied on you. Trusting you. Believing you had his back. You didn’t!

The American people won’t forget this and neither should the President.

Eric Bolling Just Called Traitor Paul Ryan Out On Live TV For Being An A-Hole, It’s Incredible!

Before he supported Donald Trump, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was clearly in the “Never Trump” camp. This was confirmed recently when secretly recorded audio from last October leaked out where Ryan told Republican lawmakers that he would “never defend Trump.”

Now that Ryan has to live with Trump, however, he has cleverly pretended to have Trump’s back, although many aren’t buying it. Many have suspected that Ryan has been attempting to use this bad “Trump card” bill as a way to damage Trump’s credibility for his own benefit. Fox News’ Eric Bolling recently called Paul Ryan out for it.

Said Bolling recently in an interview with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, “For weeks we’ve heard that you had the votes. Paul Ryan had the votes, he’s gonna deliver a bill to the president’s desk that he could push through and get behind, and get his name behind. And now we have this postponement for a day.

Sean Spicer described how wrangling votes is a balancing act, and Bolling continued, “Alright, alright, Sean, so ya know, and I’m watching this from the other side of the camera here, and I’m watching you guys, you tell me it’s gonna happen and we’ve been hearing it’s gonna happen. Is the President, disappointed with the Speaker of the House?”

TRAITOR: when Paul Ryan’s Secret Anti-Trump Tape Leaked & It was Worse Than Anyone Thought.

Breitbart has obtained a never-before-released tape from a private conference call held just a couple weeks before the presidential election.

In the footage, Paul Ryan is overheard telling the group on the call that Trump is his enemy and he will NEVER defend him:


Here’s the damning tape…

During his 13 years in the House, Ryan was the primary sponsor of more than 70 bills or amendments, of which only two were enacted into law. One, passed in July 2000, renamed a post office in Ryan’s district; the other, passed in December 2008, lowered the excise tax on arrow shafts. Ryan has also co-sponsored 975 bills, of which 176 have passed. 47% of these bills were originally sponsored by a Democrat.

Ryan was an active member of a task force established by Wisconsin governor Jim Doyle that tried unsuccessfully to persuade GM to keep its assembly plant in Janesville open. He made personal contact with GM executives to try to convince them to save or retool the plant, offering GM hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer-funded incentives.

Following the closing of factories in Janesville and Kenosha, constituents expressed dissatisfaction with his votes and support. During the 2011 Congressional summer break, Ryan held town hall meetings by telephone with constituents, but no free, in-person listening sessions. The only public meetings Ryan attended in his district required an admission fee of at least $15. In August 2011, constituents in Kenosha and Racine protested when Ryan would not meet with them about economic and employment issues, after weeks of emailed requests from them. Ryan’s Kenosha office locked its doors and filed a complaint with the police, who told the protesters that they were not allowed in Ryan’s office.

In October 2016, following the Donald Trump Access Hollywood controversy, Ryan disinvited Trump from a scheduled campaign rally and announced that he would no longer defend or support Trump’s presidential campaign but would focus instead on Congressional races. He also freed down-ticket congress members to use their own judgment about Trump, saying “you all need to do what’s best for you and your district.” Trump then went on to attack Ryan, accusing him and other “disloyal” Republicans of deliberately undermining his candidacy as part of “a whole sinister deal”, I’m thinking Trump was right yet again, about Paul Ryan.

Is Speaker Paul Ryan an undercover Democratic agent working to dismantle President Trump’s administration, a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Or just a Moron? You decide.

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report and the Daily Ragg

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  1. Never liked or trusted​ Ryan….He belongs to the Elitest RINO Club who does not want Trump to succeed…A resident of the SWAMP…

  2. Obamacare … as well as Paul Ryan’s RINOcare was …. is the NATIONALIZATION .. or .. Federal take-over of our free market INSURANCE system! Nothing more, and nothing less. Their quasi-governmental insurance monopolies buddies are just the premium collectors for the Federal government’s packaged and mandated ‘essential’ benefits insurance policies — NOT free market insurance companies competing for our business with policies we want, need, can use, and can afford the premiums for! …… And then, both of these schemes are out to punish (Obamacare: tax penalty – RINOcare: 30% increase in annual premium payments for a lapse in coverage) a supposedly free American people for not buying their junk government policies! When did we start slouching toward Venezuela?

  3. Ryan says some of the right things then does the opposite by constantly working against the best interests of the American people & now President Trump! After 7 years to prepare, Ryan intentionally stabbed everyone in the back by producing a horrible ‘bait & switch’ health insurance plan that failed to be a repeal & would also fail to be ‘affordable’ or fulfill any promises republicans & President Trump made to get elected. Then Ryan pretended it was a good bill & that he’d cultivated plenty of support. Ryan is only out for Ryan & does not care if he hurts Americans, destroys his party & President Trump. Ryan & his ‘Better Way’ can NEVER be trusted! His idea of A Better Way is definitely not what people voted for in the last election!


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