watched and did NOTHING


“We watched and did NOTHING”, by Gary Pecorella – Trumpville Contributor

I woke up from a long unintended sleep and was HORRIFIED to find…THAT the American Flag we once saluted and pledged our allegiance to was being desecrated, stomped on and burned in the streets… and we watched and did NOTHING.

THAT the beautifully decorated lighted trees & nativity scenes on public display at Christmas time that we enjoyed & cherished with our families & dear friends were ALL GONE, all for the fear of offending NON-CHRISTIANS… and we watched and did NOTHING

THAT the words of one of our most beloved presidents, John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”, are now long forgotten, and have been replaced by sentiments of entitlement, of hate and disdain for patriotism, for nationalism, for Americanism… and we watched and did NOTHING

THAT the United States Military, once the greatest force for good in the free world, had become greatly weakened & reduced in size, almost completely defunded, our soldiers put into harm’s way, not allowed to retaliate enemy fire, and EVEN left to die… and those lucky enough to survive & return home, instead of being hailed as saviors, as victors, are instead shamed, treated worse than scum, and die homeless in the streets… and we watched and did NOTHING

THAT the principles on which our forefathers built this great nation and carefully structured its governance through checks & balances to assure it would forever be BY and FOR the People… THESE principles have now given way to BIG government, to The Ultimate POWER, BIG BROTHER, that oversees and regulates EVERY single facet of our lives, each day draining more and more of our earnings and our freedoms… and we watched and did NOTHING

THAT the People who once were granted authority by the Second Amendment of our Constitution, the right to bear arms to protect oneself and family, was no longer a right, but now a THREAT, because people should not be allowed to protect themselves, so that a tyrannical government may completely control its society by confiscating its weapons, by eliminating all opposition, like the Germans, who exterminated 6 million Jews during the Holocaust (some people will go so far as to claim it never even

happened), and Stalin, who slaughtered many many more millions of Russians… now it is happening again, but this time right here in America… and we watched and did NOTHING

THAT our country’s borders have all but been erased, and people are coming into the USA by the millions, encouraged by our very own government, in cooperation with foreign governments, to take advantage of our resources, our jobs, our economy, our medical system, our schools, our religion, our sexual identity, to infiltrate every facet of our lives, never intending all the while to assimilate to ANY of our beliefs & culture… ALL of them coming here without a vetting or screening process… WE REALLY DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE – Drug dealers? Rapists? Murderers? Radical Islamic terrorists? (if one is allowed to call the Enemy by their real name) … and they are given AMNESTY! Instant citizenship!… and we watched and did NOTHING

THAT the Policemen, Firemen, and local authorities who put their lives in danger every day to protect us & our communities… somehow THEIR LIVES NO LONGER MATTER, rather they are ridiculed in our Courts of Law and in the media, and are assaulted and hunted down, like criminals, by mobs & hit squads roaming the streets… AMBUSHED & murdered IN COLD BLOOD by BLM terrorists… and we watched and did NOTHING

AND THAT the face of EVIL, which had always been so very obvious to us before, has somehow become distorted, is no longer recognizable, identifiable, because the government has turned & twisted everything around, upside-down… to make it seem as though WE, the ones who still love America and still cherish the values we held growing up, WE are now the racists, the bigots, the haters… AND the perpetrators, the desecraters, the takers, the invaders, they are now the victims… and we still watch and DO NOTHING


PLEASE SAVE AMERICA!! VOTE ~ Donald J. Trump for President 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


“We watched and did NOTHING”, by Gary Pecorella – Trumpville Contributor

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