WE THE PEOPLE want Donald Trump

we the people

by Eleanor Fay Mills

To ALL Republicans who WE THE PEOPLE voted into office

I stumbled across this piece while browsing Facebook and it is a powerful message for all Trump supporters and haters. Eleanor Fay Mills lays it out for the Trump doubters in any office. (editor Trumpville Report.) share it.

WE VOTED for you to do a JOB and that is to REPRESENT US and move our country in the direction WE chose you to do!

Seems a lot of you are DICTATING to THE PEOPLE what YOU WANT and not what WE CHOSE YOU TO DO! We have now chosen our FUTURE PRESIDENT TRUMP and we expect you to DO YOUR JOB and stand by him! YOU ARE NOT DICTATORS and WE THE PEOPLE “*AGAIN”* are telling you WE CHOSE YOU TO DO AS WE PLAN FOR YOU TO DO!

Trump represents us and we chose him for our leader for our party so either keep your OATH to be behind our PRESIDENTIAL REPRESENTATIVE TRUMP or resign! Paul Ryan you are NOT A PRESIDENTIAL REPRESENTATIVE so get over it and take your place behind Donald Trump OUR CHOICE! Lindsey Graham, STOP WITH YOUR YO YO-ing (which shows why we chose TRUMP a STEADY and non-wavering person!

Trump STAYS THE COURSE! ANYONE ELSE want to dis our Party? Bring it on! WE THE PEOPLE will show you where you belong!

by Eleanor Fay Mills visit Eleanor’s Facebook page and give her a like

posted by editor Trumpville Report, – thank you Eleanor

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