We stand with Trump, then this happens! Southern Bell rant

We stand with Trump

We stand with Trump! A Southern Bell rant!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

 [editor’s note] – Just hours after the FBI re-opened the investigation into the Hillary Clinton’s email case, Mr. Trump has been surging in MSM polling. Mr. Trump has gained over 10 points on Clinton in just one week. The news about the FBI announcement traveled fast but not everyone has had time to digest how or if this will affect their vote. Below, Beverly Russel expresses how she ,as a good American, is encouraging interest mainly in the issues.  now enjoy“WE STAND WITH TRUMP!

Trump has a Following that Hillary can’t touch! Poor ole’ Hillary, corruption after corruption keeps unraveling on the evil witch. And here she thought she’d get away with it. Her level of corruption is unmatched in American politics.

But just take a stroll on social media. There are thousands of early voters posting pics and videos, of them voting early for Trump! Its “YUGE”. The excitement is contagious and the Pride is shining through. Pride in doing the best possible thing an American can do to help save America, Vote Trump!

The Silent Majority is awake and it is a Train called Trump! Americans are No longer going to stand by and see their Country and future destroyed!

WE ARE AMERICA AND WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK! No more crooked Hillary selling out our country while becoming a fat cat cash cow!

Hillary is finally becoming transparent

Trump is having rally after rally, and his support is staggering. If the Elite Cronies of Hillary’s roundtable thinks they have a chance to win this election, they better think again. Americans are not Ignorant. We see your dirty tricks, your lies, your corruption, the blood on your hands from Benghazi! We See You! And We are not Amused!

In fact, Americans are Outraged, to say the least. Every day we turn on the news and see another secret you have tried to hide. And given the fact that the media is in your back pocket, (with exception of a few, Judge Jeanine, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs) I wonder how Grand this news really is, if the Media was reporting like the real journalist, instead of Octo-Hillary tentacles, how much more would we know?

Another wiki leak revealing so so much corruption. Video releases from groups like Veritas, showing how deep and deadly your corruption goes. You, Hillary Clinton, are Evil Personified! You not only should not be running for President, you should be in Gitmo!

Then there is America’s Champion, Donald J Trump

His rallies are massive. He’s doing several rallies a day from state to state. He’s bringing his message to America. Inciting American Pride and true Hope. He is fighting for America, fighting for justice, fighting for you! He didn’t need this fight, but he felt compelled to fight it For Us. This is the description of a hero.

Today is the day, now is the time, that we must band together and save America for our future generation. We may never have another opportunity to stand again. For if Hillary Clinton becomes President, I fear we are lost, and will never rise again. America has become a swirling mass of Elite Controlled puppets, and it can only get worse when and if, the puppet master George Soros, has his prized puppet in the Oval Office.

Truly with all the dirty underhanded lies and corruption of Hillary Clinton and her campaign, Trump shouldn’t even have to campaign, he should win hands down. But the problem is unbelievable there are still people that support Hillary. Whether they are blinded to the facts, or just want to elect a woman, or are as crooked as her, we’ll never know. For me, it’s unfathomable to even think of Crooked Hillary Clinton in charge of America’s future. We will be for sell to the highest bidder. Don’t her supporters see this? Or do they choose to ignore it!

Hillary doesn’t care about her voters

Why do Hillary Clinton supporters not realize, that when the election is over, she will no longer have any use for them? Look at the exposed videos and emails! Look at the Clinton Casualty Collection here on Trumpville, there are 141 very suspicious deaths some of which were “close friends”, tied to the Clinton’s, that were once considered their friends. Do you honestly think she’s gonna think once, let along twice about screwing over voters? Even ones that supported her. You are a means to an end, nothing more.

We stand with Trump Strong

Trump has faced accusations from women accusers, that suddenly decided to come out, after years. Just another web of lies from Crooked Clinton. In the face of all these accusations, what does Trump do? Does he hide from it? Does he take a few days to evade the media about it? NO! He faces them down and tells them very sternly, that when this election is over he will sue them! As he Should! Then he continues with his campaign. Champion!

Hillary on the other hand, which I’m not sure I blame her for crouching from the truth, it is pretty disgusting, Hillary slithers away to avoid any questions of any kind, about her numerous scandals being revealed daily. Even if a question gets by Hillary’s watchdogs, Hillary just ignores it, like she just didn’t hear it. Why? Because she can not in any logical way defend all the corruption she is involved in. If she even attempted to respond to any of it, there are too many lies to keep straight. She’d screw up and say something she shouldn’t, like maybe the truth.

Trump, he responds to everything asked of him. He may not like the question, but he will answer it. I’ve heard all my life that a lie is harder to keep straight than the truth is. And one lie almost always leads to another. Thus it’s just easier, to be honest. With Trump being responsive to questions, and Hillary avoiding all questions, it says a lot. We stand with Trump

And now with the FBI reopening Hillary’s email scandal, she has a good chance of ending up in serious trouble. To be quite honest, I Cheered! But then a thought struck me, oh no, in the worse case scenario, Hillary wins the election, gets impeached, and Tim Kaine becomes President!

This could easily happen if she’s impeached after winning the election and has taken office.

Then there’s this, she wins the election, is indicted before taking office, Obama is still in office and he Pardons her! Then she will still be able to take office! Think of that. A President that has been indicted by the FBI! We stand with Trump

American brothers and sisters we can not let this happen! Continue to stand together to defeat this takeover of America! Stand with Trump! Talk to people, try to get them to see how corrupt Hillary is and what could happen! Trump and his family are doing their part! We must do ours! Fight with your vote! Make a stand! Tell the Elitist in Washington, the Clinton Cartel, and leaders that want to take America around the globe, WE ARE AMERICA AND WE DEMAND OUR COUNTRY BACK!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

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