We Are Trump 2, Why we Voted for Trump

We Are Trump # - 2
We Are Trump # - 2

We Are Trump 2 – Meet the Real America!

From North to South and East to West, the liberal élite keeps trying to belittle us. Telling anyone who will listen, that Trump Supporters are uncredited, uneducated, unimportant, unnecessary, they forgot one thing, We are underestimated. We fought, We Won, We have Taken Our Country back! And No longer will we stand by unnoticed! We Are America! We Are Trump # – 2!

Come Meet Us

There is so much more to us than you know. Why, you may ask, simple. The Powers that Were, (Thank God for the New Powers that Be). The Stagnant Corrosion from the Foamy Slime on Top, to the Stinking Sludge on the bottom.

The Elitist and their New World Order’s Agenda. The Hollywood Snob’s, that spend more for one dinner, than you and I do on a house payment! The Sonos and Bilderberg Groups of the world. To the disgusting dishonest, downright liar’s of the “Media”.

Claude  Montoya

Claude MontoyaClaude Montoya specialty contractor Canyon Lake, California. It doesn’t make any difference who u vote for I’m a life long Democrat and I never vote a straight ticket in this case I voted for Donald Trump because I thought he was the right person for the job Clinton was not.

Lynn Baker

Lynn Baker
Lynn Baker

Lynn Baker l live in upstate NY, have 2 horses and a dog. 2 stepchildren and 4 grandchildren. I work full-time in a supervisory position but it’s never enough. Really praying of this administration to fix this country and so far I think it’s on the right track! I’m catholic but not practicing or over the top. But I find myself praying a lot lately mostly because of this Islamic ideology that seems to be growing around the world. I’m also a gun owner and proud I’m American! That’s about it. Hope this helps you. Good luck with your book.

I voted for President Trump and believed in him from day 1. Many friends and family tried to make me feel stupid for supporting him. I just didn’t care and the more they judged me the more I learned about him. I’m so glad he’s in charge. I’m not racist. I am however in a great deal of debt and facing bankruptcy. I lost our alpaca farm and tho I’m 56 years old and a job, I have zero savings and my husband is unemployed. I’m tired of struggling every single day while fat politicians take my tax money and blow it. I love Presidents Trumps brutally honest lingo. I have faith in him and hope I don’t lose my house in the meantime.
I live in upstate NY, have 2 horses and a dog. 2 stepchildren and 4 grandchildren. I work full-time in a supervisory position but it’s never enough. Really praying of this administration to fix this country and so far I think it’s on the right track! I’m catholic but not practicing or over the top. But I find myself praying a lot lately mostly because of this Islamic ideology that seems to be growing around the world. I’m also a gun owner and proud I’m American! That’s about it. Hope this helps you. Good luck with your book.

Rick Kurtzuba

Rick Kurtzuba
Rick Kurtzuba

Age 60, single father, Lorain, Ohio, residential construction worker, Constitutional conservative, raised Catholic, no particular organized religion now, all spare time is devoted to my ten-year-old daughter. Teaching her to never be a victim, to never panic, to learn to do everything for herself, to be kind to everybody.



Lucy Skibinski
WI, 58, Quality Assurance Specialist.College educated conservative. A lifetime full of love for God and country. My father’s career caused our family to move many times, in the US over my childhood years. I learned to love our National Parks and family days on Sundays. My family has a long history of military enlistments, my significant-other is a Veteran of the Navy and Air Force Reserves, his living father a Veteran of WWII. Have suffered from the 2008 stock market crash through the pot-holed roads of work reduction and lower wages. Somehow, I manage to hold my head high.

This journey through the 2016 election year was amazing while filled with ups and downs. I began with another candidate. In being brought up to respectfully abide by laws and processes, I changed gears after the nomination at RNC in July. Slowly, the yelling and anger from one group were left behind.

It was very clear that conservatives and congress were not able to stop Obama’s lawless overreach through found loopholes in various Federal Departments. Obama assaulted and discarded my values and gave to a very small percentage of Americans and largely gave overseas. Hillary promised to continue Obama’s corrupt legacy. That’s when I began to listen to Donald Trump.

There are times when I cannot defend words by Donald Trump. I will not obsess on every single word he states because I don’t do this to my friends. He speaks in a way that lets you know what is right and wrong, and not as an establishment politician. Sarcastically, I say that some voters wanted Jesus to be president because they highly value leadership with the same. I will not hold Trump to being like Jesus but he does quote scripture and mentions the name of God. It took a time to know Donald Trump. His intent and interests are with Americans and love of country. Donald Trump spoke loud and clear about all the corruption in government (“Drain the Swamp”), recognized that law and order must prevail and to keep us all safe, addressed the sovereignty of this nation against open borders, recognized that taxpayer money was used to sustain those who broke the immigration law, keeps close to his constituents by frequent Tweets… The list is longer than words can say.

Donald Trump spoke most about “change.” While there is much to be done, I am aware that the walls of opinions stand in front of us before accomplishment. With Trump there is hope that the changes will be in Americans’ best interest as far as reducing debt, more jobs, reforming income taxes for individuals and corporations, reducing regulations that suffer businesses, transferring power from big federal government to the states and people… At least these four years will not bring us down to communistic socialism but we are almost there with the obstruction by one of the political parties. For so long, America held financial support to many countries but if we cannot fix the illness at home, we will not be able to be a blessing to other nations.

It is maddening that there are political groups still battling in last year’s 2016 primaries. – I am happier among fellow Trump supporters who are excited about the future and work as an activist. Our opposition cannot wait for us to fail when it is in their best interest to help all be successful. This is where we are in America.
It’s an honor. We Are Trump # – 2

Karen Shirley Mendez
Victorville, Ca. 73 yrs.

Karen Shirley Mendez
Karen Shirley Mendez

Love this man and what he stands for. My whole family voted for him.
I mean whole family, cousins, kids, 3 of them and their spouses, neighbors. Lol..I have a neighbor who is 81 and she loves Trump, her name is Hallie.
Good luck and write a beautiful story. We all will be watching
And thanks, for doing it… Bless you.

Debra Lynn Kenny from Plano, Texas

Debra Lynn Kenny
Debra Lynn Kenny

I’m 65-yrs. I was a USMC Dependent Daughter, a Waitress & Retail Sales…Also worked in Newspaper Display Advertising Sales, an Owner Of A Directory Company, now Retired, & A Mother & Grandmother of 5.
Well…I became a Donald Trump supporter when one day I had enough of listening to the bias media & press…I kept thinking about days gone by & wondering why did our country become so crime-ridden & divided…And, I had a hard time understanding why people did not see the real person in Donald Trump.
*** First I remembered the past years when President Bill Clinton was in office…Back then I saw the Clinton’s in action…With all the atrocities surrounding them while Bill Clinton was in office, & with Hillary by his side, the body count only grew… Also, the lack of historical respect for the Oval Office when Bill Clinton played around with Monica Lewinsky & others…Did these people really think the public would not find out?…Just thinking about all of this again made me realize that Bill & Hillary Clinton must never hold another government or political office.
*** Also, so many times I thought about the loss of jobs & how it affected those in my hometown of Racine, Wisconsin…Especially when the big manufacturing companies were torn down & a park or parking lot was put in their place.
*** As time went on during campaigning I’d see Barack Obama, as a divider of the people, not a uniter…He divided us all politically & racially at every chance he got.
*** Looking back I was disturbed & saddened when I saw that Obama & Hillary did not support our Military when needed…We lost lives!…So many of our great military servicemen & women died under their watch… All due to their withdrawal of troops, the release of Gitmo prisoners, no response for help in Benghazi, no funding to update the military equipment either…Plus the very poor inadequate VA Health Care for our veterans & for our returning wounded soldiers only made me mad…Now Obama & Hillary have caused our great country to be seen as weak worldwide…Especially by letting the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS infiltrate our great country through weak borders.
*** My father is retired from the USMC, served in Korea & Vietnam…If he wasn’t in ashes, I know he would be turning over, (spinning) in a grave if he could see the loss of life; all because Obama & Hillary did not aid, support our troops, & let ISIS through our borders…It is so important that of our great country have a strong & élite military.
*** Soo…Because of the actions & lack thereof, by Bill & Hillary Clinton, & Barack Obama this was the last straw that drew me to supporting Donald Trump… From the beginning, I could see Donald Trump had & has the extraordinary ability to Make America Great Again & Safe.
Also as time went on I would respond to certain Donald Trump email political fundraisers… And, I would just express my thoughts & concerns about many things…You know, I never really thought anyone was listening…Well, I would reply in an email with my common sense thoughts & suggestions about certain Generals & people that I thought would be very supportive/helpful to him, Donald Trump…I had no idea that anything I wrote or said would ever be actually looked at, read or considered.
*** Just another one of my thoughts are that maybe Judge Napolitano will be chosen as a Supreme Court Judge…Guess I’ll have to keep praying.
*** Long story short, I now know-for-sure, that our President Donald Trump & his team are listening & will be working very hard for all of us.
*** Thank You Too, & May God Bless, & Keep Safe President Donald Trump & His Family Always.
*** God Please Bless All Of Those Who Are Working So Hard With Our President Donald Trump To Make Our America Great Again.

Viola McLaughlin

Viola McLaughlin
Viola McLaughlin

Bullock Texas, this is a Good idea.
I’m female age 74 I fought so Hard to get Trump’s message out. I’m so worried about my Great grandkids. I retired from a job after 30 years. I’m praying my great-grandchildren will have a company manufacturing job.
I support President Trump!


Steve West Sr.

Steve West Sr.
Steve West Sr.

Living  in Iowa, I have met every republican

Presidential candidate since 1952.
I have met Mike Pence 4 or 5 years ago, knew he was a good man, and Met Trump in Cedar Rapids when he came here 2015.

I am an over 69, salesman, father, grandfather, great-grandfather from, Upper Midwest. I am for Trump & Pence too, Make America better for my grand kids & great grand kids. It seems to me that a lot of people did not take or understand government, must have flunked or slept thru it.

Some of my local friends helped set up my van.
My van ii in a more middle-class neighborhood, I park it between two garages mine & the neighbors, so only back shows up, in hopes of it not getting vandalized as another man’s did, no problem so far.

We Are Trump 2

I use to go fishing down at the Maumee River when I lived in Toledo as a kid. I could always count on finding a black guy down there fishing for big catfish, they always had good tips for fishing, there was no racial tension–I miss making friends like that!
Exchanging cultures, stories, recipes for catfish–it won’t be that way for a long time I bet!

They fished for their “supper back then,” welfare wasn’t what it is today, now it swallows a black man’s drive to work, even a bit! They had to work like the rest of us, we had “equality,” that way!

They had pride, respect for their elders, families stayed together too! I guess if Trump was to do anything, that would help America as a whole, it would be to change the “welfare system,” and give blacks incentive to be “whole again!” Now you see the same thing going on with “young whites,” it’ll cause us as many problems as it did for the blacks, we need Trump, and his ability to “create jobs!”

This may be changed from black to African-American, but that’s not the way it was back then. I think it needs to go back to black, and white–that seemed more truthful. It’s funny–just this title, description, makes us all uncomfortable, forcing us to pick one, or the other!

We are always worried about “offending,” that’s how we got into this mess I guess! Racism is worse now than decades ago. There’s a reason the “GOVERNMENT,” wants the black man to remember slavery, and feel oppressed, and have hatred towards the whites–IDK. Sad

It’s time to show the many faces of Trumps Americans! This is just the small look, there are millions more! I will be bringing you new installments regularly, as long as Trump supporters are ready to speak out, I’m ready to write! Contact me on Facebook private message or email, beverleyjanerussell[at]hotmail.com and tell me your story.

We Are Trump 2

“We Are Trump 2”,  by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   and the Daily Ragg

Beverley would like to hear your story. If you love Donald Trump take a few minutes to tell America your Story. Send your story to Beverley Russell. God bless America. If you don’t like the Donald, you are part of the problem, but we will still listen. If we get enough responses and support, we will continue this series. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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