Voting for Hillary Clinton – First watch this ! – Get this right America

voting for Hillary Clinton

Voting for Hillary Clinton? First watch these videos and see why the Conservative Movement calls you low information voters. Hillary is a liar, she’s always been a liar, and she will always be a liar. Do you think she has your best interests at heart, just because she says she does? If you can’t trust her to tell the truth, why do you believe what she says about Donald Trump? She is counting on you not considering Mr Trump because::

  • Hillary tells you Mr Trump is a bad guy. He’s not, but by saying that, she’s implying she isn’t?
  • She tells you Mr Trump avoids paying taxes. Most Americans avoid as much tax as possible using laws on the books. Trump didn’t write them.
  • She tells you Mr Trump hates Mexicans because he wants to build a wall, Most people agree with him about controlling our borders. Legal immigration is what Mr Trump is after.  This doesn’t make him a racist or a bigot. It makes him a good American. What will everyone do when there are no jobs left for Americans or we can no longer print enough money to pay for them.  
  • Mr Trump’s temperament is wrong for the White House. Personality and temperament are completely different traits. For a self proclaimed smart woman, she doesn’t know the difference. 
  • Bankruptcy on his businesses? 4 all together and they were necessary to save the jobs of all employees who worked for those businesses. Sam Walton of Wall-Mart fame bankrupted 3 times getting Wall up and running. 
  • How about hiring immigrants to work job American could have worked in Florida hotels owned by Trump. Problem was these were seasonal jobs, all America applicants wanted full time work, so he hired people who needed the temporary work.
  • Trump University? Have you ever attended a seminar? Did you expect a degree when you sat through the meeting. Out of hundreds of seminar attendees there were 5  that say it was a scam. After one of the five became disenchanted with the law suit she was dropped from the five, now became four. Even after they helped promote the seminar with written accolades.  They claim they didn’t get there monies worth. Maybe they just weren’t good business people.  Not Trump’s fault.

Voting for Hillary Clinton? If Hillary Clinton ran on her record she would be defeated and she knows it. So she falls back on the personal destruction of Donald Trump. Not going to work, not this time. Americans have listened to this until they are sick of it and Democrats that do not want to belong to the New World Order are coming on board, despite the phony polls.

Can you ladies out there depend on her to stop this phony war on women? She supports Arab countries that promote Sharia Law and will raise the number is Muslim immigrants coming into our country. Sounds dangerous to the LGBT community and American women’s rights. She is taking massive amount of money from countries that support killing the Constitution just to defat Donald Trump. Mr Trump stands in the way of her Globalist position.

If you end up voting for Hillary Clinton, here’s about 20 minutes on what you can look forward to. America will have a female president one day soon, but this is not the woman we need. She offers nothing except a war on Women, ISIS love’s her and corrupt politicians are showing interest in what she’ll do for them.

Here’s proof that voting for Hillary Clinton is a bad idea ! Hillary is a liar of the first degree and will end up enslaving us to the New World Order. WATCH !!! and SHARE !!!

Hillary Clinton hammered by CBS host over latest revelations from her private email server




Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.


Megyn Kelly Exposes Huge Hillary Clinton Lie About Benghazi

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