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You are invited to participate and write your own articles for Trump Ville Report.

Click the “User Submitted Post” button above on any page, You are invited to write your own post and submit it  promoting Donald J. Trump for President of US. Post as often as you like. We are taking Facebook to a new level. Since I am a website designer, it is only fitting that we have our on website for the citizens of TRUMP VILLE. Contribute your article soon. Subscribe and be alerted when a new post is posted. Trump Ville Report is a fun way to do serious work, to support “Donald J. Trump” for President of the United States of America. Let’s all do our part.

Please use language that is peaceful, respectful and as well written as you can manage. No profanity please and Keep in mid your name will appear, so don’t embarrass yourself. Your email address will not e displayed. That stays with us, and is used only to contact you for further information if needed. Your email will not be shared with any 3rd party, (i promise). Your article will appear on Facebook and may be shared with anyone. Trump Ville cannot be held responsible for multiple shares and your post going viral.

Sound good so far?

So if you want to write a user submitted post, for a major Trump News organization with almost 10,00 friends and members, as of May 14th. 2016, now’s your chance to tell the world what you like about Donald Trump. Please submit original work only. This is not Facebook, it is a website with many Facebook viewers. Comments on your stories will be displayed here on the site and on Facebook. Write as often as you like and visit the site as it grows. We plan to follow Trump all the way through his presidency, with daily comments and stories. So jump right in, and write your story now, and Support Donald Trump.

Trump Ville Report looks forward to hearing your story about our Mayor Donald Trump. Trump Ville is what we have renamed the old Washington DC. So people up their get ready for a city name change. YOU ARE TRUMP VILLE NOW. And Donald will not only be President, he will be the Mayor of Trump Ville DC.

User Submitted Post – Let’s get started

To get started, fill in the blanks, write your story or past it in, Be sure to include your picture and hit submit. We review all stories before they go live, just to make sure everything is OK. We will correct misspelled words and optimize your article to rank well on the web. We look forward to hearing from you. Hit the contact button if you have questions.

Items left blank or name aliases will not be accepted.  We’re just looking to have a little fun and build a community that loves the Donald,  wants to see what he’s up to, and see what he’s going to do next. TRUMP VILLE WILL FOLLOW THE DONALD ALL THE WAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE AND BEYOND.

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