Members tell Unions – We Want Trump or we will walk


Unions losing control over Members

by CONNOR D. WOLF – Daily Caller News

Union’s top leaders are expressing concern over how much Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeals to unionized workers, according to reports Wednesday.

National union leaders have adamantly opposed Trump over what they feel are extremist and bigoted views. The business mogul’s views on trade and immigration, alongside his decisive tone, has gained him significant support among workers. Union leaders are now concerned that they have lost their members to the outspoken candidate.

Unions hope to change their member’s minds, begin trashing Trump

“Everybody recognizes the enormous threat Trump poses” Communications Workers of America Political Director Robert Master told The Wall Street Journal. “There’s an element in that right-wing populism that is appealing to some of our union’s members, there’s no question about that.”

National union leaders have overwhelming endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president. Wall Street Journal/NBC News polling data, however, shows Clinton and Trump both have 44 percent support among union households. AFL-CIO Political Director Mike Podhorzer notes union workers became less supportive once they learned where Trump stood on workplace issues.

“It changed the prism that they were looking at the election through,” Podhorzer told The Wall Street Journal. “From being this popular entertainment game show to ‘this is really going to affect my life.’”

Trump has expressed support for right-to-work while also noting the minimum wage should be left to the states. The union has already mobilized members and supporters on the grassroots level to oppose Trump, but thus far the attacks have not had any impact.

Trump has also opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership and illegal immigration, which many worry will cost workers their jobs. He has made illegal immigration a defining attribute of his campaign, calling for tougher immigration policies and even proposing a temporary ban on Muslims after a surge in Islamic terrorist attacks.

Union Leaders organize to Oppose Mr. Trump

The AFL-CIO, alongside several other top union organizations, launched a political action fund May 12 with environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer. The union’s aim was to influence the current presidential election and oppose Trump. Several trade organizations promptly wrote a letter to the unions arguing many of the environmentalist policies Steyer supports kills good blue-collar jobs.

The Trump, Clinton, and Sanders campaigns did not respond to requests for comment by The Daily Caller News Foundation.
*story source: the Daily Caller News Foundation 

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*Mr. Wolf, another outstanding research and writing piece of work.

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16 Comments on Members tell Unions – We Want Trump or we will walk

  1. The coal workers voted for Obama and now they are unemployed. The union leadership hasn’t represented the members in decades. They use member’s dues to promote their own agenda and to buy favors from politicians. The members pay the price. Union members need to wake up and resign in mass from their respective unions to protest the leaderships one-sided support of Democrats. The only thing that will get their attention is a rapidly falling membership role and a major hot to the money they misspend.

  2. our organizers email me my opinions donald trumka laying out this is our candidate the candidate your putting up is job killing union busting false flag wearing candidate wakeup sheople have,nt we lost enough KEEP ON TRUMPIN my brothers and sisters

  3. You are right joe you stand for what you believe in and not what these liberals want you to do they want to control the world and the power to control our minds! Well they better think again we are on to them and we will not be second class citizens to no one!!

  4. That’s right joe you stand for who you are and let no one tell you otherwise!!! I am tired of these liberals trying to control the world. They have become like a colt out of control !!!!!

  5. How many jobs have went overseas due to some Democrat president signing a so call trade deal that was going to help us not hurt us!! The GOP need to get off their high horse as well. Most of the people have selected Trump! So get behind him and stop acting like babies or maybe it is you are wanting Hillary elected. For if Trump is elected some of you might be exposed to all your wrongs! The gravy train will end for you! Maybe even some jail time!!

  6. I’ve been in the laborers, roofers and carpenters unions! I’ve seen the corruption in all of them! We pay, they say! WRONG ! You work for us or you don’t work ! Trump for President!!!

  7. I am tired of some unions telling their members who to vote for shame on you if you don’t vote your own mind and conscience , a turd is just that no matter who endorses them , You have a right to question where your pac money goes it does come from your paycheck , too many people selling their asses to the Democrats after all our support they still fk us get smart !


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