Ukrainian government Caught Meddling in Election for Hillary

Ukrainian government Caught
US Senator John McCain meets with Svoboda Party leader Oleh Tyahnybok and newly installed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Ukrainian government Caught apparently interfering in the U.S. election on behalf of Hillary Clinton!

Guest Author anonymous

Ukraine — “If the left conspires and accuses the right of doing something, you can be sure they are already doing it!” quote by Rush Limbaugh. Sounds just like the school yard bully MO to me? How childish can you get? We are on to your tricks, keep it up, you all look so foolish.

Kerry told CNN it was “inappropriate” for Trump to criticize Merkel in his interview to Bild because it means “stepping into the politics of other countries”.


This would be the same Kerry who demanded the presidents of Syria step down, told Brits to vote against Brexit, picked the winner of post-election haggling in Afghanistan and paid tribute to anti-government rallies in Ukraine?? (To name only a few of the worst.)

It’s almost as if Kerry is not against Americans meddling, but against Americans who have a different worldview from him meddling.

Except unlike Kerry, Trump was not even truly interfering. He neither condemned Merkel in moral terms, neither he dictated a course of action to her. He merely expressed his opinion her politics have been wrong for Germany — which is far less than what Kerry has done on numerous occasions.

The left is inept when it comes to Donald Trump. God is guiding Mr. Trump and it is obvious entirely. Watch, you’ll see.

Hey, Hillary, The Ukrainian Government Caught, they did it, not the Russians!

A couple of days ago, Politico published a fascinating piece describing how factions associated with the current Ukrainian government apparently interfered in the U.S. election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The findings seem pretty damning, and certainly, warrant at least some conversation within the American media given the 24/7 obsession with Russia. Nevertheless, most of you have probably never heard of this saga, since when it comes to the corporate media news cycle, some election interference is considered more newsworthy than others. Go figure.

The article is lengthy and can be confusing at times given all the moving parts, but I highly encourage you to read it. Ukrainian interference in the election can be traced to essentially two sources. First, there was the apparent collaboration between the Ukrainian embassy in Washington D.C. and a highly paid Ukrainian-American DNC consultant, Alexandra Chalupa. The second angle is far more disturbing and involves the publicization of a so-called ledger demonstrating corruption between Paul Manafort and pro-Russian elements in Ukraine, by a parliamentarian named Serhiy Leshchenko. Bizarrely, the investigation was effectively dropped after Trump won the election, making you wonder if there was anything really there in the first place.

Ukrainian government Caught. What follows are excerpts from the excellent piece, Ukrainian Efforts to Sabotage Trump Backfire:

So the truth is Donald Trump wasn’t the only presidential candidate whose campaign was boosted by officials of a former Soviet bloc country… And how about all the Arab money donated to the Clinton Foundation, to be used in Hillary’s election efforts? By-the-way,,, Your Party lies are not believeabble! 

Ukrainian government Caught“, Guest Author anonymous

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