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Truth has no agenda

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Gloom and doom and presidential candidates…. remember Truth has no agenda

Now that the Republican primary has turned a corner with Ted Cruz dropping out, I have heard some “gloom and doom” words coming from Christians saying that now Hillary has won and our only choice is between the lesser of two evils, two immoral candidates.

I do not agree with the premise that we are choosing between two “immoral” people. In my estimation, there is clearly one candidate that clearly has no moral compass and that would be Hillary Clinton. The evidence is overwhelming and I really don’t have the stomach to go there right now.

As far as Donald Trump, someone is going to have to show me how he is so immoral and I have been studying everything he does and says for the last 10 months. Most Christians would point to his rudeness and his language and demeanor. If I applied that, to many Christians I know, they would fail the test also. It’s not uncommon to hear the f-bomb or sh*t fly in a stressful situation even among Christians. Do I label them immoral? No. What is the evidence of Donald Trump’s immorality? I mean real evidence. Not just what the media has twisted around. Is it his kids? Do they reflect his immorality? You know what they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Is it all the anecdotal and testimonial evidence of all his helping and giving to others? Maybe he was immoral when he said on national tv that he was proud to be a Christian and the Bible was the greatest book ever written. Or was he being immoral when he stated on national tv that if he was president he would take measures to protect Christians from being ridiculed and discriminated against? I, personally, have not heard many, if any, make these bold statements on national media. Donald Trump is not a perfect man, but then again there are NO perfect men.

Yes, truth has no agenda

The bible says that we are known by our fruit. It’s only outsiders, those who don’t know him that criticize him. There is no criticism coming from those who know him, regardless of their race or sex.

People aren’t used to a man who just “lets it all hang out” as they use to say. Every word out of his mouth is unfiltered. He’s like a bull in a china shop but you know exactly who he is because he’s not hiding anything.

Somehow we think that a person like Hillary Clinton (or Obama) is more civil because she guards her words and doesn’t speak like Donald Trump, but you should speak with some of her (and Bill’s) secret service detail, like I have, and you would know that she’s a pro at spuing out every kind of nastiness out of her mouth like breathing. That’s called deception and dishonesty. I would much rather have a Donald Trump, a bull in a china shop, than someone who hides their true persona.

Please, someone, show me the case for the immorality of Donald Trump, keeping in mind that when God chose Paul(Saul), Paul was persecuting and murdering Christians. When God chose Moses, he had just murdered a man. When God had chosen David, He knew that David was a womanizer and had sent his mistress’ husband to battle to be killed.

God has never had the perfect man to use except for Jesus. God has always chosen the unqualified for His own reasons and THEN qualified them for the purpose he chose them for.

As for us, I guess we would have been complaining to God about Paul, saying what a poor choice God had made. Some things don’t change.

After all, how could a man endure all the attacks that this man endured from ALL sides and each attack only make him stronger if Gods’ hand was not on him? This is called favor. God’s favor is on him. There is no other explanation.

It’s funny how Christians pray and pray and pray for their country and when God sends someone to do something about it, they don’t recognize it as if God just forgot about all those prayers or maybe He just didn’t hear them. Maybe God just doesn’t want to get involved in this 2016 election even though His followers cry out for help. Maybe God couldn’t get His candidate in, and instead, the devil got TWO of his candidates on the ballot.

Undecided Christian’s must make correct decision, keeping in mind the Truth has no agenda

It wouldn’t be the first time that we didn’t recognize an answer from God when it came. Remember what we did to His messiah when He came? Just because God doesn’t answer us in the way we think He will or expect Him to doesn’t invalidate that this is the answer God is giving us for the requests that we have made. I have had many personal prayers answered that didn’t come in the form I expected them to, and some were painful, but still answered my prayers.

God has clearly shown that His hand is on this man, Donald Trump. There is no other explanation for what has happened. He spent hardly any money on his campaign, comparatively, yet literally in the 100s of millions were spent to oppose him on ALL sides. He only became stronger. Only God can do this. Even Donald Trump is incapable of doing this on his own. As of right now, Trump is poised to break the all-time record of most votes EVER in a republican primary which is currently held by George W Bush. He is estimated to surpass Bush by up to 2 million. And contrary to the gloom and doom of many, there are experts who know about these things (one who has predicted presidential elections correctly for 104 years straight), not polls, that say that Donald Trump will run over Hillary Clinton in this election to a landslide victory.

As believers, we must entertain the possibility that God has chosen a candidate. He may not look like what we expected. He may not even act like what we wanted. Otherwise, we must believe God is just not interested, doesn’t care, or doesn’t hear. If indeed he has chosen one, we must trust that He knows what He’s doing. It’s called faith, believing without seeing. Remember truth has no agenda.

Author unknown

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