All is Well in Trumpville, VA.

Trumpville, VA.

Want to Live in Trumpville, VA? Thought you’d like to know?

by Cindy Deakyne Thursday, Nov, 17th 2016

TRUMPVILLE, VA. — A safe, unique community in Chesterfield, VA, 2 hours from D.C. close to Northern Virginia.

Want to live close to the mountains and even closer to Atlantic ocean? A brand new community, concept has been fully entitled, A neighborhood within a 2,100-acre enclave with ponds, nature parks, trails, Adjoining an eighteen hole golf course and beautiful aquifer/ reservoir. Nice yards, single family with zero lot lines, townhomes including garages, condos with ponds, and luxury apartments.

Please send your ideas as this property is available for purchase and the creation is perfect for the first “Trumpville” Community in the U.S.A.

editor: I thought this was cool, thought you’d like to know. Thank you, Cindy.

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