Trumpsters Calm Down – Dishonest Media Twisting Facts! Again

Trumpsters Calm Down

Trumpsters Calm Down – Remember the left is still hard at work to destroy Mr. Trump!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

To my Fellow Trump Supporters, Trump can not Prosecute Hillary, That is the FBI’s job. The media is using this as ammunition. Calm down and be patient. He hasn’t backed out on any Promises. If he does this right now, you know Obama would Pardon her. Jessie Jackson is already asking Obama to Pardon her. Seriously, everyone Calm down! He’s got this under control. He didn’t come this far to break his promises. Let us not forget the element of surprise!

Haggy Hillary has to be in the country to be prosecuted! Hence the statements today! THINK ABOUT IT!

In a meeting with New York Times reporters, President-elect Donald Trump said he would not take the investigations of the Clintons off the table.

Then two “reporters” tweeted from inside the meeting, that Trump also expressed the view that Clinton “suffered greatly” and that it would be “very divisive for the country” to prosecute the Clintons.

Hillary has a home she purchased the day after the last debate, when Trump stated he’d appoint a special prosecutor.

WikiLeaks says, sources in the Clinton Foundation inadvertently leaked the details of an apparently secret deal with Christie’s International Real Estate in New York.

Several recorded phone conversations between Christie’s executives and Clinton board member, Frank Guistra, clearly show that a deal for “The Imperial Maldives” had been closed. “The Imperial Maldives” is a development of 185 water villas set above the turquoise waters of the North Male Atoll. According to the recordings, the agreed price was $200 million (U.S).

Also according to the recordings, this deal began the morning after the last debate. The morning after Trump told Clinton he would appoint a special prosecutor and put her in prison. Mr. Guistra is heard to say, “Trump can drag his sorry orange ass down to the Maldives if he wants her so bad. There’s no extradition treaty there!”

Do you not remember President Elect Trump saying that he does Not show his hand, before needed. Trumpsters Calm Down.

Like with telling our enemies of war, when we are going to attack. Mr. President Elect Trump is a uniquely smart man. He plays his cards close to his vest. Makes perfect sense!


Please Dear panicking Trumpers Calm Down

1. Punishing Hillary Clinton is not our biggest concern, the country is.

2. Insisting on prosecuting Hillary while claiming to be “everyone’s president” defeats the purpose.

3. They are still picking the cabinet, they don’t even have a staff selected TO prosecute.

4. ONCE they are IN office, prepare to see the threat of a HRC prosecution used as LEVERAGE.

5. PLEASE learn to understand the “art of the deal”.

As I go along on social media, and I see people question everything that President Trump is doing, I have to go ahead and block those people, not that they’re bad people. It’s just that I don’t believe in mutiny until 4 years from now. I think it’s best to stick with him, write him letters with concern, and back him.

I don’t think the President has jurisdiction over Hillary’s prosecution in our Republican form of Government so that Presidents cannot arbitrarily start investigations on their enemies. On the surface, at least, Trump is being nice, cordial, diplomatic and forgiving. But Hillary is not off the hook by a long shot. But this is great PR by Mr. President Elect Donald Trump for sure. I’ll leave it up to the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Congress.

I am so sickened by the media’s treatment of our next president.

They’re always overreacting, misinterpreting simple statements, twisting & turning things so much it makes my stomach turn.How can we come together as a people when they continuously fuel the flames of division rather than promote unity? It’s almost Thanksgiving & they’re still trying to paint Donald Trump as Hitler and his staff as Nazis. It’s shameful! In my opinion, their agenda to divide us has never been so obvious.

For the love of God, let Trump be Trump, stop second guessing every word he says. We the American people elected Donald Trump to right the wrongs that have been done to our country. Give him A chance and he’ll perform Miracles for We the People and the Country he loves just as much as we do. The majority of us still believe in President -elect Trump 100%.

My friends, our lying TV media, has you brainwashed if you’re worried about “what Trump’s gonna do”.

I agree that the best thing to do for the moment is to give Trump some space. He has to be careful until he is inaugurated. This is because Obama and the Clintons are no fools. They lie in wait and will look for any opportunity to pounce, especially if Trump does something that they can use. So, let’s give him a bit of latitude. We elected him because we wanted something other than another politician. This man is a brilliant businessman. Do you think he got where he is being stupid and easily duped? I think he is not showing all his cards until he is actually in the position of President.

This crap storm started yesterday, if this doesn’t stop tomorrow, I have inside information, that all Media wants to print, and say, Trump patriots already feel that they have made a mistake, or don’t trust their President-elect, so why answer and start complaining before he’s in the house? Continue, if you all want liberals laughing at us, just keep playing into the madness. Then we look like the cry babies and that is what the media is looking for,  started by liberals. DO YOU GET IT? So Trumpsters Calm Down, let Trump lead, he’ll take us where we want to go.

Some may be frustrated that Trump has said that he will not actively go after crooked Hilary. Well, he shouldn’t do it personally. He is now the leader of our nation. His focus now is to make America great again. Hilary has destroyed herself. The judicial system will get her soon enough. Let the law do its job and let our president do his job. Donald Trump wants to unite America, let the congress do their job, let the FBI do their job, let the attorney general do his or her job and lead them to success. This is what a real president does.

President Elect Trump is doing an impeccable job interviewing and choosing potential cabinet members.

As I have said, President-Elect Trump is a brilliant businessman, and he got there by hard work, dedication, and most importantly, surrounding himself with the best of the best. Which is exactly what he is doing in picking incredible men as his cabinet.

Reince Priebus, Chief Of Staff

Stephen Bannon, Chief Strategist And Senior


Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General

Gen. Mike Flynn, National Security Adviser

Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo, CIA Director

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee Ambassador to Israel.

These dedicated men are unquestionably at the top of their prospective fields. They have proven records of success at the highest levels of their chosen professions. The are dignified, diligent, and devoted to a President Trump’s Administration. They are Patriotic Americans first and foremost.

With other potential cabinet picks, Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, Kellyann Conway, and Rudy Giuliani, the cabinet only looks better and better!

America stands tall and steadfast. Mr. President Elect Trump knows what he’s doing. We Elected him because we have faith that he’ll help Make America Great Again. Now let’s give him the opportunity to do just that. Stand behind America. And stand behind

Mr. President Elect Donald J Trump.

“Trumpsters Calm Down”,  by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

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