Trumps Rallies are Explosive, The energy is electrifying!

Trumps Rallies are Explosive

Trumps Rallies are Explosive!!!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report

The Donald is turning ground with every rally and town hall meeting! The atmosphere is electrifying, with the strong support of this man, many believe will save America from complete destruction. With chants of Trump! Trump! Trump!, Build the Wall, and Lock Her Up, the American People are backing Mr. Donald Trump 100%.

Americans are more aware of the collapse and corruption in our government than ever before!

We are sickened by the Pay to Play antics, especially in Hillary’s State Department, FBI, and Attorney Generals offices. The most valuable lesson Hillary has to learn is, Americans are NOT STUPID, and WE are sick and tired of being treated like we are by the likes of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party!

Why Trumps Rallies are Explosive

Trump understands exactly how Americans feel because he feels the same way. Trump saw and realized, that America would soon be lost if the Core Corruption of the Government, continues on the path it’s on. This is the reason Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring, with 16 Republicans, to fight to make America Great Again! He didn’t have to take on this fight, he did it for America the country, he and we love. Trumps Rallies are Explosive!

Trump hasn’t stopped, talk about stamina! Rally after rally, speech after speech, he drives home true change, something America so desperately needs. His wisdom of wealth makes him the perfect man to put America back on track. The fast track to wealth, security, and Pride in America once again.

This great Lady we call America is in need of help! She has been neglected and abused for so long now. She needs people in charge that love and respects her! Someone who will pick her up, dust her off, and restore her to greatness. And she will be Great once again, through tender loving care, from her citizens and a leader that will stand strong for her, if and only if, Donald Trump is elected president. It is time Americans started acting like Americans!

We have to start respecting what America has given us! Freedom! The problem is today freedom has been used against America, instead of appreciation for this freedom, certain groups and individuals stomp on flags, and try to turn freedom into a tool for destructive actions.

These acts Must and Will change with President Trump in office! Trump will uphold and stand by our constitution, and enforce the laws that are written to protect Americans!

There are laws for immigration, illegal immigrants, and visa overstays. The problem is our current administration will not enforce them. Instead, America is overrun with foreigners, most illegally here, living off our government welfare system, or working tax-free! This has to change.

Donald Trump’s enthusiasm for America is contagious, and its spreading like wildfires, from shore to shore! Americans for the first time in a long time are watching a true leader. A leader that is prepared to lead America and her citizens into a rebirth of deepening Pride! A new age of wealth and prosperity.

Trump’s tireless trekking across America is the kind of fight that it takes to be Commander and Chief. During his campaign, Trump has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to hit the ground running come January. With Mike Pence as a VP, the Trump team will be unstoppable.

Speaking of Trump’s trekking, where is Hillary? She does a short speech or small rally, then rests for several days. Is that what you really want? A person who works a few hours one day then rests for 3. How is she suppose to run a country? She’s not stable enough, doesn’t have enough stamina, and is corrupt to her very soul. Hillary’s blackened heart shamelessly left Americans to die in Benghazi, then lied about it.

She doesn’t care about Americans, she cares about Hillary. Few show up for her rallies. The press is trying to spin that as hidden enthusiasm for Hillary. That’s a joke, that’s propaganda, just the phony polls. Trump is leading of that you can be sure of, and he will win the Presidency!

Her lies have been revealed (thanks to wiki leaks), we have been presented with enough evidence to put Hillary and her evil counterparts in prison. But unless Trump becomes president, Hillary Clinton will get away with all this corruption, as she has so many times in the past. If Hillary becomes president, America is over! There will be no America. America will become a third-world country, and we , her citizens, will be enslaved to the New World Order! That means everyone will be required to give up everything, including safety and even eating. Everything! NO FREEDOMS! No more elections, just servitude. 

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report

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