Trump vs Hillary the Media Lies Keep Coming.

Trump Vs Hillary

Trump vs Hillary the Media Lies Keep Coming.

by Mike Dukes (Editor, Trumpville Report)

Trump vs Hillary – I will no longer defend The Republican Party or it’s past decisions. I consider myself a real American conservative. I do not consider myself a Republican. I am not radical and I don’t hold Liberal people at fault. I hold the Party leaders of both parties at fault with our social and economic problems. The Liberals are famous for creating a problem, then maneuvering to take away freedoms in order to solve the problem. Republicans would do the same thing if given the chance, and have in the past.

Donald Trump is already changing politics

Then Donald Trump came along and found the support of  working class middle America. He’s not conservative enough for the Republican elite and not liberal enough for Democrat elite. But he’s just right to bring both Parties together for the good of America and it’s people. He draws good ideas from both parties and will use them to make us better. Everyone should have a say, not just the party in power. Politics was designed to be a Ying-Yang relationship. Making deals that promote the wellbeing of all of “we the people”. Give and take. Make a Deal that everyone can live with while moving us into a better relationship with each other rather than a war of political parties with Americans trapped in the middle. We do not need another four years of dividing Americans.

Obama became frustrated with congress and has become a Dictator of sorts. After 8 years of this kind of dictatorship over us, it will take a man with Trump’s nerve and experience of getting things done to straighten it this mess out.

Trump vs Hillary, there is a big difference

People with no moral compass are more easily led to the desired conclusion. Hillary deserves most of the bad press she gets. Donald Trump does not deserve most of what’s said about him. Hillary is misrepresenting what Trump says about her, playing the victim. Trump is merely bringing up her track record. You don’t have to lie about her. Her deeds speak for themselves. Many of the lies Donald Trump is accused of are not lies, he’s merely trying to mend the country and see both sides and fix the problem. Republicans who want him to bulldoze his ideas through congress are finding out that he’s interested in fixing the mess so everyone will agree and be OK with it, not force changes thru congress. That’s what it will take to heal a divided America. It’s alright to make deals without compromising your core message. The press is constantly trying to make Trump sound like he’s changing his mind or he’s lying. He’s not. The press is determined to try to compensate for Hillary’s past by smearing the Donald, but it’s not working. It’s so hard to find something wrong with Donald Trump, the press has to make up things, as the New York Times is becoming famous for doing. When you begin to actually listen to what Trump says and compare that with how it’s reported you will start to see the tactic used by Lying Hillary and the press about Trump. Why do you think so many Democrats are coming to ride the Trump Train to Trumpville? They want someone to fix this messes, put us back to work, fix the broken education system, fix Healthcare, Get the corruption our of Government, and keep us safe.

The American giant, (real Americans) is awakening. Both have high unfavorables. Who cares about unfavorables, both candidates won their primary’s with these same numbers. Most people who are polled only know what the last Attack Ad said. Lying about Mr. Trump, trying to make him look bad, and Hillary Clinton, trying to make her look good. The media continues to lie and favor the candidate they control, with little or no regard to what America needs or wants. God Bless America and end this rein of terror from Liberals.

This is a Last Chance Election

Trump is 69 years old and will not make another bid if he is not elected this time around. They will be no second chance. Give that some thought, without the Donald, there will be No America’ however we’ll plenty of the same ol’ same ol’. The destruction of Europe will be followed by the destruction of America. Putting Hillary Clinton in charge assures this ending for us all. Hillary’s only accomplishments are a Middle-East that is on fire, and four dead Embassy personnel.

Liberals are seemly not concerned with what is good for America and worry more about things like Gay marriage. Global warming, Socialism, Open boarders, Obamacare, more Gun control, and Government intervention in every little detail of our lives that remove freedoms we cherish. These statements are not meant to be scare tactics. These things are going on and will crush the spirit of people all over the world.

The media lies about both candidates will continue to promote ideas that have already been rejected by real Americans. Take Socialism, it always starts out as Democratic Socialism and ends with the destruction of their country, their economy and contributes to crony capitalism and more corrupt government. Every country that has tried Democratic Socialism has failed in their experiment, as it escalated into Communism. So take a lesson from history and calm down. Capitalism has been under attack by the rich and powerful and liberals trying to gain power. In the last twenty years it hasn’t worked well because of thos in power from both parties. Capitalism promotes individual wealth and families. If you want a better life, educate yourself, put your nose to the grindstone and make it better for yourself. It happens all the time.

Trump vs Hillary is not a game like rooting for your favorite football team. This is serious business, directly effects your personal life and will determine if we live free or die. Everyone will be affected. The ones depending on others for their life support will fall first, as less of everything will spur competition, no money, no food, no life. Become a real American and think ths over carefully. My life and well being depends on what you decide to do in the voting booth. I pray you will decide to do what’s right for America when you cast your vote in our Trump vs Hillary vote.

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