Trump Visits Mexico – Hillary Sits does nothing, again

Trump visits Mexico

Trump visits Mexico, and Hillary doesn’t !

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed columnist Trumpville Report

Tweets Trump visits Mexico, “I have accepted the invitation of President Enrique Pena Nieto, of Mexico, and look very much forward to meeting him tomorrow,” Trump tweeted Tuesday night. The Republican nominee was joined on the trip by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Jeff Sessions, the campaign said Tuesday.

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The office of the Mexican president confirmed the meeting, tweeting that Trump accepted the invitation and that Pena Nieto looked forward to the meeting.

Trump didn’t mention the upcoming trip at an appearance in Washington state Tuesday night, sticking mostly to his stump speech, but he did plug his much-anticipated address scheduled for Phoenix on Wednesday.

“Big speech on immigration, we’ll be talking about that. Arizona tomorrow night”, Trump said.

Trump was very Presidential as he commanded the stage in Mexico!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, walks to take his place as Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto, prepares to speak during a joint statement at Los Pinos, the presidential official residence, in Mexico City.

Standing alongside the president of Mexico, a measured Donald Trump on Wednesday defended the right of the United States to build a massive border wall along its southern flank.

Pena Nieto spoke first, praising the democratic process and saying that Mexico will be a good neighbor to the United States and that the countries will work together as “strategic allies.”

“We must always be open to talk about what has worked and what hasn’t,” he said in Spanish. He said the countries will have a “relationship based on mutual respect” and recounted that during their private meeting he said he would stand by Mexicans “wherever they are.”

Trump held talks with the Mexican leader at his residence for about an hour.

“We did discuss the wall, we didn’t discuss payment of the wall, that will be at a later date, this was a very preliminary meeting. It was an excellent meeting,” Trump said.

“We had a very substantive, direct and constructive exchange of ideas,” Trump said.

Trump, who has made illegal immigration a centerpiece of his campaign, called the issue a “humanitarian disaster” that must be solved.

Donald Trump stated, that he shared his concerns personally with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto about trade and illegal immigration, calling anew for changes to NAFTA and asserting the “right” to build a border wall.

He said, “Having a secure border is a sovereign right and mutually beneficial. We recognize and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its borders to stop the illegal movement of people, drugs and weapons.”

Trump visits MexicoBoth leaders assumed a measured and respectful tone at the podium that set aside the tensions that have emerged over the past year’s U.S. presidential campaign.

Pena Nieto, speaking through a translator, said their neighboring countries will face “common challenges” no matter who is the next president and urged a relationship based on “mutual respect.”

The Mexican president said he and Trump had an “open” discussion, acknowledging the countries face a “joint challenge” on their shared border, he said this includes addressing the flow of weapons into Mexico, as well as the flow of illegal immigrants heading north.

He told Trump: “We might disagree on several issues, but your presence here … shows that we do have fundamental common ground.”

Pena Nieto was not combative as he addressed reporters alongside Trump. He acknowledged the two men had differences, but he described their conversation as “open and constructive.” They shook hands as the session ended.

Trump took an opening to make headlines and showcase himself as a Statesman who could deal directly with Mexico.

The trip, a politically risky move for Trump 10 weeks before America’s presidential Election Day, came just hours before the Republican nominee is to deliver a highly anticipated speech in Arizona about illegal immigration. That has been a defining issue of Trump’s presidential campaign.

Saying during his Republican primary campaign he would use a “deportation force” to expel all of the estimated 11 million people living in the United States illegally, Trump suggested last week he could soften that stance. But he still says he plans to build a huge wall, paid for by Mexico, along the two nations’ border.

“The American people are going to see more clearly that there’s one candidate in this race who’s prepared to take the steps necessary to end the flood of illegal immigration,” Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, said Wednesday on CNN.

Trump will also make clear, Pence later told CBS, “that there will be no path to legalization, no path to citizenship. People will need to leave the country to be able to obtain legal status or obtain citizenship.”

After Trump visits Mexico, President Enrique Pena Nieto speaks during a press conference, on Aug. 31, 2016, in Mexico City.

Referring to Trump, Pena Nieto said that “we may not be in agreement on a number of subjects” but the two countries are important to each other. He said the purpose of their meeting was to meet and talk about their views. He called their meeting “very open and constructive.”

He said that he wants to make the border “more efficient and more secure” with the next president and that strengthening the border was important to Mexico.

Trump, standing next to Pena Nieto during joint remarks, also said he shared his “strong view” that NAFTA has helped Mexico more than the U.S. and must be overhauled.

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, denied that the trip was as last minute as it seemed, saying the invitation from Pena Nieto came late last week. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been invited to meet with Pena Nieto as well.

“Well, maybe it’s been revealed publicly last minute, but the fact is that Mr. Trump was very excited to accept the invitation from the president in Mexico. It’s a decisive presidential move. He wants to establish a conversation with a neighboring country, a leader. And also to discuss the common problems and challenges that our country is facing,” Conway said during an interview with NBC.

Mr Trump was very Presidential

She said today’s Trump would be “very presidential.” “I think they’ll have a productive conversation today … illegal immigration, but also trade policy and drugs,” Conway said.

On Aug. 16, Pena Nieto said of Trump, “I have never met him. I can’t agree with some of the things he has said, but I will be absolutely respectful and will seek to work with whoever becomes the next president of the United States.”

Trump is scheduled to speak on immigration later this evening in Phoenix, joined by his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence. Trump’s policies on immigration, has become his trademark issue.

Trump has proven that he is very “Presidential”.

He has proven that he can and will talk with, meet, and discuss the problems that face America in surrounding Country’s. Trump will be the Peoples President. He will be the peacemaker. He will be the honest leader America has longed for. Trump will Make America respected again, safe again, prosperous again, and Great Again!

With all the death and destruction around the world, Trump will be the shelter from the storm, he will do anything and everything in his power to protect America!

Trumps trip to Mexico proves he can, and will be the respected and the respectful president, he has shown his willingness to solve country disputes and work with world leaders to come together and make deals that will help both parties involved. He will help to make a more peaceful America and World!

“Trump visits Mexico”, by Beverley Russell – Op-ed columnist Trumpville Report

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