Trump Train, Full Steam Ahead in Ohio!

Trump Train

Trump Train, Full Steam Ahead in Ohio!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed Senior columnist Trumpville Report

Awesome Introduction

Rudy Giuliani opened, driving home the fact that Hillary Clinton’s is a consistent Liar. Pointing out the destruction of emails and the Clinton foundation.

Giuliani powered ahead, Look at the people that donated to the Clinton foundation and you have to hold your nose, and then just by accident they all seem to get the favor they wanted. UBS got Hillary to intervene, to get the treasury department to lay off, UBS private accounts in Switzerland, The Clinton’s got a 1.5 million speaking fee directly into the pocket of Bill Clinton. Tell me that’s not a bribe. That’s like old-time Chicago/New York politics. It was a payoff. As a 17 yr prosecutor from Brooklyn, I know a pay off when I see it.

America is going to elect my very good friend, a man who has been successful at everything he has done, a man who is running for president of the United States, He’s not owned by anyone, He’s not bought by anyone, He’s not controlled by anyone, His allegiance is to you, only you. He will be your voice, He will be your champion, the next president of the united states, Donald J Trump!

Trump Speech

Trump walks on stage and stands his ground

No state has been hit harder than Ohio, by Hillary Clinton’s trade deals. Hillary Clinton backed her husband’s NAFTA, she backed China’s interest into the World Trade organization, she backed the job killing trade deal, with South Korea, which was a disaster, and backed TPP (trans pacific partnership). One bad deal after another.

Trump received thunderous applause with:

We are going to bring our jobs back, we are going to open new companies, you are gonna be so proud of your country once again.

With Hillary you get, four more years of Obama, four more years of high taxes, four more years of ISIS growing all over the place, four more years of Obama care going up 40-50-60%.

I’m promising you a new legacy for America, we are going to create, a New American Future. But to do that we have to stop the horror that is, Tran’s Pacific Partnership. Hillary Clinton called TPP the gold standard, and will 100% approve it, if she ever got in office. We won’t let that happen. We’ll win this election and we will keep America out of TPP. We will defend our freedom, our jobs, and our economic Independence! Its going to be America first!

Here are a few of the things we are gonna do, and we are going to get them done quickly, a massive tax cut for working Americans. We are going to eliminate regulations that kill American jobs, and that includes getting rid of Obama administrations new anti-energy rules that will raise energy bills by 40% very very quickly.

Hillary Clinton says, she wants to put a lot of coal miners out of business, she wants to put them out of business.

(Boo’s from the crowd)

Trump: We are going to protect our coal miners, we are going to protect our steel workers, we are going to protect our factory workers. We are going to put the miners and steel workers back to work. We are going to get your energy bills way down, where they should be. We are going to repeal and replace Obama care.

We are going to create jobs , for all our people!

Trump promoted better education. Saying that a major part of this includes school choice. Merit pay for teachers, and support for great charter schools. Bring education local and get rid of common core. All received with approval from the crowd!

Trump sites another major part of his agenda, is immigration security. With that one sentence the crowd joyously chants, ((build that wall, build that wall, build that wall.)) Trump responds, don’t worry we are gonna build that wall, that wall will go up!

We are gonna build the wall, Mexico is going to pay for the wall, we are going to stop drugs coming in.

Promising to treat everyone with dignity and compassion, but our greatest compassion will be for the American citizens.


The Trump Train – From now on it will be America First!

For those who thought Trump may back pedal or soften too much, guess you were wrong! Trump is sticking to his proverbial guns. Just what America wanted a man who stands for something, and that something is America.

With Hillary America will suffer beyond belief

Trump continues with Hillary Clinton’s “pay for play” scam, while she was Secretary of State. Giving an example of Clinton corruption, Hillary Clinton signed off on a deal, allowing Russians, to take an increased stake, in a company, called Uranium one, giving up control of about 20% of America’s uranium supply. Clinton’s approval of the deal netted the uranium company millions of dollars. In exchange for signing off the deal, some of the former owners of uranium one, gave the Clinton foundation, many millions of dollars in donations, in addition, Bill Clinton received 500 thousand dollars for a speech.

In 2009 one of the Telecom giants, came under U.S. pressure for selling equipment to several oppressive governments, including , Sudan, Syria, and always Iraq. Some of these governments used this technology to monitor their own people. In June 2011, Hillary Clinton’s State department began, adding goods and services to a list, that might be covered under, expanded sanctions on Iran and other state sponsor’s of terrorist. During that time, Erickson sponsored a speech by Bill Clinton, paying him 750 thousand dollars, his highest pay to date.

Trump Train still running, the Punches kept coming. No one will be Above the law. I’m fighting for the forgotten working men and women. From Pointing out Hillary’s support from Wall street and special interest, to driving home Peace through strength, joining forces around the world to destroy Isis. Trade reforms, education reform, immigration reform! Rebuild Americas infrastructure, create jobs, secure our borders. The Trump Train was right on track!

Trump in Ohio was a knock out, sticking to his immigration stance and embellishing on his agenda for America, we can finally once again, have hope.

Where is Hillary? Did she fall and can’t get up?

Watch the Trump Train to Ohio Rally

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed Senior columnist Trumpville Report

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