Why does Trump the Movement continue to grow?


Why Trump the Movement is Growing?

Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

So what’s the allure of this guy named Trump? It’s really pretty easy to understand. Much of the establishment’s criticism of Donald Trump comes from its failure to comprehend the reasons for his soaring popularity.

Establishment types seem untroubled by the problems facing America, so they can’t understand the urgency that fathered Trump’s rise. Their overwrought analysis, their hand-wringing and their contemptuousness for Trump betray a disdain not only for Trump but for Americans who recognize the gravity of America’s predicament — and who, in desperation, have turned to Trump for bold action.

It’s hard to overstate Americans’ concern for the state of the nation. Horrified by President Obama’s Shermanesque march through America, they are tired of hearing that nothing can be done. They are through with empty promises from establishment politicians.

Why is Trump the Movement Growing you ask? Her’s why!

People are tired of Obama’s divisiveness, Trump the Movement Grows.

He’s pitted blacks against whites, women against men, gays against heterosexuals, rich against poor, non-taxpayers against taxpayers, citizens against cops, and Muslims against Christians.

They can no longer stomach Obama’s apologizing for America and excusing terrorists while rushing to attack Christians at every turn.

People are sick of being called racists for things that happened in this country before they were born or before they could vote, for opposing Obama’s destructive agenda, or for simply being Republicans.

They abhor the war on cops orchestrated by racial hucksters and pandering politicians.

They are incredulous that any president would deliberately engineer America’s decline and degrade our military.

They are tired of the nation’s chief executive officer’s flouting laws and thwarting the people’s will.

Americans are sick of Obama’s trashing America’s founding, assaulting capitalism, and bellowing about man-made global warming as a pretense to impose more liberty-smothering regulations.

They are nauseated by politicians who are more interested in bipartisanship with scoffers than with saving the nation.

People are mortified by the nation’s fiscal instability, its unbridled national debt, its spiraling entitlements, and Washington’s refusal to discuss them.

They are sick of the fraudulent spending “cuts.”

They have had their fill of the lies, especially about Obama care, whose costs far exceed Obama’s promised projections and are getting worse by the day. Trump the Movement Grows.

They’ve reached their limit with this administration’s rewarding unemployment and laziness while punishing work, its honoring socialism and demonizing capitalism.

People are sick of politically correct bullies. (We’re living in the age of the “violent do-gooder!”)

They are exhausted by lectures about not paying their fair share when half the income earners don’t pay income taxes.

They are fed up with lies about decreasing unemployment rates when tens of millions have dropped out of the workforce.

Every other week, we face a new existential threat to the nation — threats perpetrated or enabled by Obama and the Washington establishment. But the establishment meets these perils with barely disguised indifference.

Islamic terrorism is overrunning the Middle East and has reached our mainland, and Obama doesn’t dare whisper its name.

Obama refuses to enforce the borders; he orders his administration not to enforce immigration laws; he lawlessly grants amnesty to millions of immigrants who are here illegally; and he and his party set up sanctuary cities that harbor criminal immigrants.

Last year, we faced an invasion from Central America; now, in the name of compassion, we are inviting in Syrian refugees – some 72 percent of whom are, curiously, men!!!

Are we afraid to wonder aloud whether those who sidestep the legal immigration process will embrace the American idea? Whether they will end up on the welfare rolls?

With Congress’ help, Obama bypassed the Constitution’s treaty clause and entered into a reckless, non-verifiable nuke deal with Iran and will give the Iranians a $150 Billion signing bonus to fund terrorism and build ballistic missiles.

And what about the $400 Billion he illegally paid in ransom?

…So where does that leave us?

People have heard one too many times that the Republican Party, if it regains control, will turn things around.

However, Republicans have been so timid in opposing Obama’s agenda that many have quit believing they’ll ever reverse this madness, even if they acquired full control. Trump the Movement continues to Grow.

…So… along comes this guy… Trump, who gives voice to these legitimate grievances, instead of calling people racist, selfish or hysterical!!!

He emphasizes the urgency of these problems, and he denounces the status quo, the establishment, Washington inertia and political correctness without an ounce of apology.

Face it folks… people are dehydrated and he’s their Gatorade.

Do I agree with everything that comes out of his mouth? Of course not!

But with the alternative being Hillary Clinton… NO THANKS!!!

==>> TRUMP 2016 <<==

Nyles Notes::: Each day when I face a new one and see our country called America my thoughts go back to a time when we had Real Patriots who made and maintained what was once the greatest and most powerful Democratic Republic the world has ever seen. The question is where are those citizens today and if they are still present why aren’t there enough of them to insure a victory for the real responsible citizen and a return to what we once were. Donald Trump has a lot of flaws but through it all he has exposed the low life political prostitutes who have stolen the assets that belong to the people who once owned the land called America. For those who will remember our history there once was a country populated with greedy people lusting for power and we had a bloody revolution to become free citizens under a government for the people and by the people. Today we are living under a government controlled by corrupt greedy power-hungry people who will if given any more power enslave us as well as our children. The Trump Movement continues to Grow.

Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor
Nyle Clay–Matthew 1626

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