SHOCKING PROOF -Trump the bigger person! Gracious, humbling, a real leader

Trump the bigger person

Trump the bigger person!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took a gracious, humbling, approach on Monday, wishing Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery from a bout of pneumonia, that has forced the Democratic nominee to cancel a fundraising trip to California this week. Trump the bigger person.

“The coughing fit was a week ago, so I assume that was pneumonia also, I would think it would have been so, something’s going on. But I hope she gets well, gets back on the trail and we’ll see her at the debate,” Trump said in a Monday interview on Fox News.

In a separate interview on CNBC on Monday, Trump called news of Clinton’s illness “quite sad” and said he did not revel in it.

“I don’t take satisfaction. … I hope she gets well and I hope she gets well soon. But, you know, it was, it was quite sad, to be honest with you,” he said. “I hope she gets well soon. No satisfaction, believe me, whatsoever.”

Clinton, 68, abruptly left a 9/11 memorial event in New York City on Sunday morning after feeling ill and “overheated,” according to her campaign. A video recorded by one witness showed an unsteady Clinton buckle at the knees, requiring the help of aides to get into her vehicle as she was leaving the event. The candidate appeared later looking refreshed as she left her daughter’s apartment. The campaign released a statement hours later from Clinton’s doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack, who announced Clinton had pneumonia and that she was on antibiotics.

Trump’s tone on Monday stood in stark contrast to much of the campaign. The 69-year-old real estate mogul has made a habit of questioning Clinton’s “mental and physical stamina” and has repeatedly called her a “weak” candidate.

Neither candidate has released their full medical records, Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon told MSNBC on Monday that the campaign would be releasing additional medical information about Clinton “in the next couple of days.”

In Trump’s interview on Fox News, the business person acknowledged that health was “an issue” and announced that he would be releasing the results of a physical he took last week.

Donald Trump showed how compassionate candidates should act while talking about Hillary’s illness.

“I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail and we’ll be seeing her at the debate,” Trump said on Fox News.

“They say pneumonia now, but on Friday she was coughing very, very badly, a week ago and even before that if you remember,”. “It’s very interesting to see what’s going on.”

Trump continued to hit Clinton for her comments on Friday in which she labeled many of his supporters “deplorables”, at a fundraiser in New York. He described her comments on Monday on Fox News as, “the biggest mistake of the political season.”

Despite his confidence that the race’s momentum is swinging in his favor, Trump also expressed concern that the system was being rigged against him. In the CNBC interview, he said, that the presidential debates should have no moderators because they are unlikely to treat him fairly. And he suggested that President Barack Obama was compelling the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low, so that the economy remains artificially strong under his watch.

“She’s obviously political and she’s doing what Obama wants her to do,” Trump said of Janet L. Yellen, chairwoman of the Federal Reserve.

Trump is scheduled to speak at the National Guard Association of the United States conference in Baltimore Monday afternoon, and hold a campaign rally in North Carolina in the evening.

You have to ask yourself this, just who do you want representing Americans? For one Hillary calls Trump supporters “basket of deplorables” , and if the shoe was on the other foot, and Trump had went down on 9/11, would Hillary be as gracious? Or would Hillary make some statement in line with, Trump can’t handle it, or something of that nature.

Trump definitely took the high road on Hillary’s health!


by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

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