Trump Surges in Polls! Clinton’s Campaign Dumbstruck!

Trump surges in polls

Trump surges in polls!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

Are Americans finally realizing that Hillary Clinton has, and will, lie about anything, to become president, even her health? Hillary Clinton is, for Hillary Clinton, NOT the American people, and the newest polls reveal, that America is waking up! Trump surges in polls. 

Hillary Clinton is sick, gravely ill, and has been lying to cover it up. But with the surface of video evidence, she can no longer deny the facts. She has lied about Benghazi, her emails, the Clinton Foundation, and probably one of the worst lies, her health! We cannot elect a sick person to be Commander-in-Chief!

Americans are realizing this, as reflected in the new presidential polls.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues to rise in the L.A. Times daily tracking poll, leading Hillary Clinton by 6.4 points.

Trump has 47.4 percent while Clinton only has 41 percent.

Hillary Clinton’s illness is not the only thing that has propelled Donald Trump to the lead. Trump has revealed his plans for America, and Americans are responding.

Why Trump surges in polls is simple

Trumps simple 10 point plan on illegal immigration, is one of the most, common sense approaches of our time:


#2 END “Catch and Release”

#3 ZERO Tolerance for illegal aliens

#4 ELIMINATE “sanctuary cities”

#5 REVERSE Barack Obama’s illegal “executive amnesty”

#6 SUSPEND visa issuance to risky countries

#7 ENSURE foreign countries accept their deported citizens

#8 COMPLETE biometric entry-exit visa program

#9 ENFORCE E-Verify with employers

#10 REFORM immigration to suit the best needs of the AMERICAN people.

Trump will break the cycle of illegal immigration, there will be NO amnesty! His message to the world will be this: you cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of the United States by illegally entering OUR country, period.

Trump has received Hugh support from Authoritarians, Evangelists, Military, and a new wave of voters called, the ‘Trumpocrats’: Lifelong Democrats Breaking with Party Over Hillary Clinton to Support Donald Trump for President!

Trump has now matched his earlier high in the tracking poll, when he experienced a polling bounce during the Republican National Convention in late July.

Clinton returned to the campaign trail after three days of rest prompted by, her collapse in New York City after attending a 9/11 memorial. The campaign later revealed that she had “pneumonia.”

Trump has risen in the polls since Clinton’s collapse, even in swing states like Florida and Ohio where she once held a comfortable lead.

The USC Dornsife/L.A. Times Poll asks roughly 3000 American citizens each day about the presidential race in order to reflect the political pulse of the country.

Trump surges in polls Thursday, September 15 2016

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

FOX News, Clinton 45, Trump 46 ((Trump +1))

CBS News/NY Times, Clinton 42, Trump 42 ((Tie))

Rasmussen Reports, Clinton 40, Trump 42 ((Trump +2))

LA Times/USC Tracking, Clinton 41, Trump 47 ((Trump+6 ))

Colorado: Emerson, Clinton 38, Trump 42 ((Trump +4))

Iowa: Monmouth, Trump 45, Clinton 37 ((Trump +8)) 

Michigan: Detroit Free Press, Clinton 38, Trump 35 ((Clinton +3))

Ohio: Suffolk, Trump 42, Clinton 39 ((Trump +3))

Missouri: Emerson, Trump 47, Clinton 34 ((Trump +13))

Virginia: Univ. of Mary Washington, Clinton 40, Trump 37 ((Clinton +3))

North Carolina: Civitas Clinton 42, Trump 42 ((Tie))

Georgia: FOX 5 Atlanta, Trump 46, Clinton 42 ((Trump +4))

Georgia: Emerson Trump 45, Clinton 39 ((Trump +6))

Texas: Texas Lyceum, Trump 39, Clinton 32 ((Trump +7))

Arkansas: Emerson, Trump 57, Clinton 29, ((Trump + 28 ))

Nevada: Monmouth University, Trump 44, Clinton 42 ((Trump + 2))

Now there is some numbers America can count on!

Trump and Pence is the winning team for America!

Together these two great men will Make America Great Again.

The Republican ticket is the ticket for real change, real growth, and Real Pride, restored to this once great Nation, that for so long has been led down a twisted road of Globalization and Destruction!

Now more than ever America needs real true leadership, leadership that has America first in its heart and will put Americans first!

Donald Trump the change America needs and can count on!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

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