Trump Rally – Build the Wall

Trump Rally

by Mike Dukes founder/editor Trumpville Report

If you get a chance to go to a Trump Rally, don’t miss it. It’s really great just to see him, but to hear him say the things I’ve wanted to say for 7 years was a thrill.

My First Trump Rally

Trump Rally Macon Georgia
We moved onto the floor right after this picture. There’s me and my hat.

I got a unexpected chance to go to a Trump Rally in Macon, Ga. It was about an hour drive from Columbus, Ga. So off we went. We wanted to get there early so we could get a good parking spot and a good seat. We got to the Macon, Ga. Civic Center, and looking down from the off ramp we could see the parking lot was already full. We came to a light and turned left onto the Bvld leading to the Civic Center and it was full of Police cars and emergency vehicles. I got the impression, this was a bigger deal than I had imagined. We parked about a half mile away and walked towards the entrance.  I had my mind set on getting one of those Red Trump “Make America Great Again” hats. I got my chance just before the entrance, it was like a carnival, with tables full of Trump this and Trump that. I spotted the hat lady and  $20 later I was a happy man. I put it right on and wore it proudly throughout the Rally. We went thru a metal detector and right in. We were an hour and a half early. Wasn’t full yet so we walked around a little. The Macon Civic Center host the local professional ice hockey team, the Macon Whoopee. The stadium is laid out with seating around the skating rink. Capacity is around 10,000 and we ended up that night with about 8,500. I didn’t see anything bad, like fighting or anyone ranting or raving. Everyone was enthusiastic and nice as could be.

Herman Cain did the introduction, and he talked about one last chance to save America. When Trump came out I was in awe. He did his usual talking points and delivered them with some humor. When Trump talk about illegal immigration the wall and then he’s ask, “and who’s gonna pay for it,” we’d yell back, MEXICO, who?,,, MEXICO. He brought the house down.

We moved around until we could hear better, then decided to go down front. We got really close to Mr. Trump, I was surprised we could get that close to him,and the sound was better down on the floor. It was a night I’ll never forget. I loved cheering at what he said. It was so much fun. The drive home was quickened by conversation about the Rally. We were still talking about it when we pulled into my drive-way. I voted for him in Georgia and got at least six first time primary voters to do the same.

If you get a chance to go to a Trump Rally, don’t miss it. If you are a real Patriot, you’ll have the best time, it is an experience.

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by Mike Dukes founder/editor Trumpville Report

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