Trump Never Forgot, But Many Americans Have‏ forgotten about 9-11-01

Trump Never Forgot

Trump Never Forgot

“Trump Never Forgot”,  by Jeanne Harrington;  Trumpville Staff Op-ed Writer

On a sunny September day 15 years ago, we watched our TV’s, horrified by images of a few gray dust-covered Americans stumbling from the rubble of what had been the twin towers, their own blood and their tears showing through…thousands had died. A terrified newscaster ducked in fear as the second tower fell. Firemen and police did what they could to help the injured and those suffering severe shock. America had been brutally attacked, by radical Islamic terrorists, Muslims holding true to the brutal and barbaric teachings of their religion.

Since only a year after that nightmare attack on 9/11, our elected representatives, our leaders are “asleep” to the ongoing danger all Americans still truly face, now more than ever. They went back to resting their heads on the pillows of political correctness and denial of the threat. Well UNLESS they stop their denying, become honest and acknowledge what we all know to be true, that radical Islam is the entire problem, it WILL happen again, ON our soil. The first step in changing the perception of Islam, the denial and the fear of it, will come with understanding. To be safe, we MUST have leaders who GET IT that Islam is NOT a religion, but rather a strict, misogynistic and brutal ideology, a cult of death…bent on annihilating ALL who do not follow it. Our Western civilizations, especially the United States of America, are under a mounting and grave threat to our safety. If we do not take drastic action, and soon, there WILL BE more shootings, more people beheaded, more rapes and more attacks on Christians in America. And God forbid we have another 9/11 attack, yet we will, if we do not make big changes.

After the attack on all of us in September 2001, nothing was ever really the same. We vowed we would never forget, many of us did, but unfortunately that has faded, so I am reminding all of us, right here, right now, we MUST renew our vow to remember. Trump never forgot, neither will we. We MUST take real steps to prevent such a thing from ever happening again, we MUST take back control of our own safety as Americans. We have many laws put in place, their intent to protect us, what good have they done, really? You see, radical Muslims following the teachings of Mohammed DO NOT CARE about our laws, they simply don’t recognize, respect nor follow them. So laws are not the answer; the answer is LEADERSHIP.

Most Americans have heard, loud and clear, everything Donald Trump has said about our borders, about massive numbers of unvetted Muslims coming into our country (regardless of the reason) and that nearly EVERYTHING we’re doing is ineffective and inadequate; it MUST be changed or we WILL NOT be safe from terrorist attacks. Hillary Clinton wants to ramp up all of Obama’s failed immigration policies and refugee programs, she wants everything to remain the same. Donald Trump wants to completely change the game. The man is right, he’s been right all along. Trump was the FIRST to say so and he hasn’t backed down because he knows he’s right on this issue of our safety as a nation. Mr. Trump deserves our votes on November 8th, because he’s thinking of YOU and your families, FIRST. Trump Never Forgot the devastation brought on America by Muslims.

“Trump Never Forgot”,  by Jeanne Harrington;  Trumpville Staff Op-ed Writer

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