Trump Leads Clinton Big Time in New Polls

Trump Leads Clinton

Trump Leads Clinton Big Time in New Polls

It is clear to most Americans that Hillary Clinton is being propped up by the DNC and her Progressive Socialist Party, the Executive branch, the National News Media, George Soros and Hired thugs to start sh*t at Trump Rallies. The Media, in many cases, conducts polling and polls can be altered, simply by asking the right questions, or in dark areas of misrecording your vote. Polls are the real stories, not the results. A good poll can be reported on for a week or more. The MSM gives much credence to the polls they manufacture, and so do Clinton supporters. It’s false hope because Trump Leads Clinton Big Time!

Alternative Media

I prefer Online or Alternative media polls because they are almost impossible to corrupt.

Candidates are showing signs, how would you judge the signals they are giving off?

(1) Why would Hillary Clinton be slinging MUD at this point in the game if she were so far ahead?

(2) Why would Mr. Trump be moving on into his closing statements and Gettysburg Speech if he were trailing?

Insiders know what the real story and are panicked in the Clinton Camp while Trump’s camp celebrates.

* When your team is losing a football game and there are only minutes left, if you are behind by two scores. You throw passes, in fact, Hail Mary Passes, Score and get an onside kick recovery. Try and score again. This is typical of a close game. Hillary is exhibiting all the signs of a desperate football player.

Mr. Trump has moved on and is getting ready to enter the first 100 days of his Presidency. Meanwhile, Trump Leads Clinton big time.

The Rasmuson Poll and the UPI Poll, as well as the LA Daybreak poll (above), shows Trump has taken the lead.

“Trump Leads Clinton”,  by Mike Dukes

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