NEW POLLS – Trump leading Hillary Clinton 64% to 36%!

Trump leading Hillary

Donald Trump leading Hillary and he’s pulling away. Hillary, it’s over.

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

Do You Believe Trump Will Beat Clinton In November? The new polls indicate, we will be saying, Mr President Trump, come January 2017! A smartphone app is showing Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton 64% to 36%! Donald Trump will win the election according to Zip Question and Answer app data. The creator of the app also predicts that Donald Trump will win the 2016 election and become President, based on the data he is seeing.

We’ve all seen Hillary Clinton collapse in New York recently and it was not a pretty sight. As expected, now she’s collapsing in the polls as well. Hillary’s chances of winning the presidential race have dropped by 14 points since Friday, according to CNN.

Trump leading Hillary in so many polls

  • Donald Trump has a 19-point lead over Hillary Clinton among military and veteran voters, according to polling.

  • Mr. Trump had a 19-point, 55 percent to 36 percent lead over Mrs. Clinton in military, in the NBC News/SurveyMonkey online poll.

  • Fifty-three percent of military and veteran voters said they feel comfortable in Mr. Trump’s ability to be an effective commander-in-chief of the country’s military, compared to 35 percent for Mrs. Clinton.

  • Mr. Trump also has a 53 percent to 28 percent edge among military and veteran voters when it came to veterans issues.

  • Trump is also now leading Clinton by 15 points on the economy, 6 points on terrorism. Trump is leading by 2 points on immigration and 12 points on foreign policy.

  • A new poll released this morning commissioned by the S.C. Republican Party shows presidential nominee Donald Trump with a 13-point advantage over Democrat Hillary Clinton in South Carolina.

  • Trump holds a 48 percent to 35 percent lead over Clinton, the survey found, with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson collecting 7 percent. The remaining 11 percent of voters is undecided.

  • In Arizona, Trump leads Clinton, 42 percent to 41 percent among likely voters.

  • The survey found that Trump leads Clinton by 3 percentage points in Georgia, 46 percent to 43 percent, among likely voters. McCain and Romney won the state in the last two presidential elections.

  • In Kansas, a poll released today show, if the elections were held today, Donald Trump would get 48% compared to Hillary Clinton’s 36%.

  • ABC News/Washington Post: Trump leading Hillary by 2 percentage points

  • NBC News/Wall Street Journal: Clinton leads by 1 percentage points

  • Rasmussen Reports: Trump leads by 5 percentage points

  • FOX News: Trump leading Hillary by 3 percentage points

  • CBS News/New York Times: Clinton leads by 1 percentage points

Trump has became more and more presidential as his campaign goes forward. He is laying out his plans for America, and Americans are responding.

Trumps plans for the economy, health care, immigration, education, etc., are resonating with Americans that are fed up with the current administration, and are realizing, Hillary Clinton will be more of the same, if not worse.

The People are becoming more aware of what Mr Trump has said from the beginning, Hillary Clinton is not mentally or physically fit to be President.

We need strong, dependable, responsible leadership.

Someone who’s not afraid to stand up for America and Americans first!

Trump will lead our once great nation back to a democracy of the people. And restore our country back to greatness. The polls reveal, that Americans, have taken off their blindfolds, and seeing what a shambles our country is truly in, and are ready, willing, and able, to put a man in the Whitehouse, who will be the Peoples President and Americas Champion!

Vote Donald Trump for a better America!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

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