Trump is a Game Changer – America tired of the same ol’ Liberal Game

Game Changer

Game Changer….by Rockne Schaller…


The realities of playing a basketball or football game and how one wins or loses can come down to a series of factors such as a lack of game plan, poor execution, a lack of depth, simple mistakes, and it all leads back to the top with  poor leadership and coaching. For decades, the Democratic Party has had the helm in coaching their city teams (the electorate) to defeat after defeat, year after year. The fan bases following their city teams have finally had it. They are tired of a fake message, political pandering, and disappearing every four years after the election.

Coach failure year after year

No game plan, poor execution as well corruption translates to losses. If you were a good coach, you would look at what set you up for winning a football game or losing it. If you lose, good teams evaluate what lead to the loss and fix the problem….Insanity is having the fan base endure the same poor coaching that leads to the losses year after year and expecting something different that leads to winning or victory. Let’s hire a Game Changer.

Suddenly, the city fan base looks around sees an opportunity to get a new coach who has a winning record, confidence, and personal belief brimming from his personal and professional life. The fan bases are like oh, we’ll never be able to land this coach, and suddenly he shows an interest in being the coach of your team. You can’t believe your luck and then suddenly something transformative starts happening and when someone finds ways to bring that team into winning and then they do…the cumulative effect becomes astounding and the fan bases of the city teams really explode in interest. Winning is contagious and so is confidence. America, our citizen city fan bases are way overdue for that win streak under a new Republican Coach Trump, don’t you think?


Game Changer….by Rockne Schaller…

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