Donald Trump Economic Plan – Full Speech

Trump Economic Plan

Donald Trump Economic Plan FULL Speech Detroit, Mi 8/8/16

By the Trump Team

Watch Donald Trump Economic Plan, as protesters try to interrupt. GOP nominee proposes deductions for child-care expenses in Detroit speech Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will unveil his economic policy in a speech today in Detroit. Mr. Trump is expected to propose widespread tax cuts for both individuals and corporations.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday outlined a proposal to allow families to deduct child-care spending from their income taxes as part of a broader effort to slash taxes. It wasn’t clear how such a tax break might be structured and whether it would be available to tens of millions of families that don’t pay income taxes because they have lower incomes.  Mr. Trump was interrupted 14 times by protesters, and handled them with style and grace, So far, Mr. Trump’s economic-policy message has focused primarily on placing greater curbs on job killing regulations and immigration, coupled with a large tax cut. The Trump economic plan message has promised to boost job growth. Hillary Clintons economic plan will require Americans to pay almost 3 times as much taxes as my plan. She will cut social security. No really know what she will do, but we know she will continue to lie. A vote for Hillary is a vote for TTP and for NAFTA. Both jb killing programs.

Trump Economic Plan

More broadly, Mr. Trump’s speech attempted to cast Mrs. Clinton’s economic appeal as too dependent on government regulation and wealth redistribution.

Mr. Trump also called for a temporary moratorium on all new regulations from federal agencies and would seek to roll back rules that reduce employment. A campaign adviser said that review could target a series of environmental rules issued by the Environmental Protection Agency to curb carbon-dioxide emissions from power plants and to bring more waterways and wetlands under federal protection.

It isn’t clear how such a moratorium would apply to financial regulators, whose agencies enjoy greater independence from the executive branch. Now watch the Trump Economic Plan, from Detroit, MI.

By the Trump Team

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