Trump Doubles Down – We will obey the laws – Illegal Immigration will stop!

illegal immigration


by Beverley Russell – Op-ed columnist Trumpville Report

Trump walks on stage to “I’m proud to be an American” and an enormous crowd chanting U.S.A. U.S.A.!

Donald Trump gave a detailed outline of his policy on illegal immigration. With 10 clearly laid out steps, Trump explains exactly how to deal with the vast problem that is illegal immigration!

Ending the illegal flow of guns, drugs, and people into the United States will be the first priority of a Trump Presidency. He will insure that America puts the cartels out of business!

Stopping illegal immigration will be better for both countries

He continued, We all are going to win, both countries, America and Mexico. We have begun what will be the first of many conversation with the Mexican Government and leaders, to ensure that we enforce the laws, that will ultimately help both countries!

You will get the truth with a Trump Presidency.

The problem with illegal immigration is that it only serves the wealthy politicians, not the American people. We need immigration reform, improvement policies, that will work for Americans first. Illegal immigration is hurting the forgotten working people.

It is (as it should be, as a sovereign nation) our choice who comes into our nation. Not everyone who wants to come, should. It is our choice to accept people who want to succeed, to thrive, to flourish, and who loves our Country! Not people that want to do nothing more than live off Americas welfare system, and/or do harm to our citizens, not people who are criminals or hate America.

To fix our problem with immigration we must change our leadership in Washington, and we must change it quickly. Sadly there is no other way. The truth is our immigration system is worse than anybody ever realized. But the facts aren’t known because the media won’t report on them, the politicians won’t talk about them, and the special interest spend a lot of money trying to cover them up because they are making an absolute fortune.

The fundamental problem with the immigration system in our country, is that it serves the needs of wealthy donors, political activists, and powerful politicians. It does not serve you, the American people.

When politicians talk about Immigration reform, they usually mean the following, amnesty, open borders, and lower wages. Immigration reform should mean something else entirely. It should mean improvements to our laws and policies, to make life better for American citizens.


We have to be honest and without fear when dealing with illegal immigration. Illegal Immigration hurts America’s forgotten workers on wages, housing, schools, tax bills, and general living conditions.

These are valid concerns of honest hard-working Americans from all backgrounds all over our Nation.

The Issue of Security. Countless innocent American lives have been stolen, because our politicians have failed in their duty to secure our borders, and enforce our laws, like they have to be enforced.

We must address Sanctuary cities and open borders. It’s so so sad that countless Americans would be alive today if not for this administration, and this horrible thought process, it’s called Hillary Clinton.

Trump then lists several American citizens that have been killed by illegal immigrants, thanks to the open borders policy of Obama/Clinton administration. From a 21-year-old college grad, to a 90-year-old grandfather, lives taken by savage murderer’s that crossed the border illegally, caught and then released, by this corrupt administration, that plays with american lives by their catch and release policies. The very laws that were set to protect Americans, have now been discarded.

Illegal immigration cost not only in deaths but in more ways as well. A 2011 report for Americas accountability office states, Illegal immigrants in our prisons have around 25 thousand homicide arrests under their belt. Illegal immigration costs our country more than 113 billion dollars a year, and they are drawing more out of our government systems, than they could ever pay back! These are the facts.

There is only one issue on illegal immigration and that is the wellbeing of the American People. Nothing even comes a close second. Hillary talks about her fears is that families will be separated, but she’s NOT talking about the American Families that have been permanently separated from their loved ones, due to a preventable homicide, a preventable death, because of murder, by an illegal immigrate.

We will be fair, just, and compassionate to all, but our greatest compassion must be for our American Citizens.

Chanting: Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!

Hillary Clinton supports sanctuary cities, visa over stays, catch and release on the border, and she supports unconstitutional executive amnesty. Hillary Clinton has pledged amnesty in her first 100 days. Her plan will provide Obama Care, Social Security, and Medicare for illegal immigrants… Breaking the federal budget. She promises uncontrolled, low skilled immigration that continues to reduce jobs and wages,for American Workers, especially the African-American and Hispanic, whom are American citizens.

Hillary Clinton wants to bring 625,000 new Syrian refugees over a very short period to America. The worst thing is, we don’t even know who these people are!

Trump lays out his plan for illegal immigration.


1. Build the wall!

We will build a great wall along the southern border!

(((Just what the supporters wanted to hear!!!!!))). Roars of approval echoed to the rafters ! Trump!

It was a “drop the mic”moment. The days tension from Trump’s visit to Mexico was released. Build that Wall! Build that Wall! Build that Wall! Build that Wall!

And Mexico will pay for the Wall! 100%! They don’t know it yet, but they’re gonna pay for the Wall, He says.

Trump rides the train , full steam ahead! He killed it!

On day one, we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, Southern Border Wall. We will use the best technology, including above and below ground sensors (the tunnels), remember that, above and below. Towers, aerial surveillance, and Man Power to supplement the Wall.

2. End catch and release

Under my administration, anyone who illegally crosses the border, will be detained, until they are moved out of our country, and back to the Country, of from which they came. We’re not dropping them right across, it’ll be great distances, he stated, while referring to Dwight Eisenhower. We will take them great distances, to the country where they came from.

3. Zero tolerance for criminal aliens, Zero! Zero!

According to federal data, there are at least 2 million, criminal aliens now inside of our Country. 2 Million people, criminal aliens! We will begin moving them out day one, as soon as I take office, Day One! My first hour in office those people are gone! Call it deported, call it whatever the hell you want, they are gone!

Trump went on to say on his first day in office, he’d also ask Congress to pass several bills, relating to victims of illegal immigrants, and went on, to described exactly what he calls a deportation task force, to identify and handle the removal of the most dangerous criminal aliens, in the world, living in the United States. Its time to remove criminal aliens that have evaded the justice system, just like Hillary Clinton has evaded the justice system. Maybe they’ll be able to deport her.

We’re also going to hire 5000 more border patrol agents! “Thank you to the 16,500 that gave me their endorsement.” I’m going to put more of them on the border, instead of behind a desk. We’ll expand the number of border patrol stations, significantly!

4. Block funding for Sanctuary Cities

We will cut off government funding to sanctuary cities. No more funding! We will end the Sanctuary Cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. Cities that refuse to coöperate with federal authorities, will not receive tax payer dollars, and We will work with Congress, to pass legislation, to protect those jurisdictions, that do assist federal authorities.

5. Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders and Enforce all Immigration Laws!

We will immediately terminate President Obama’s 2 illegal executive amnesty, in which he defied federal law and the constitution, to give amenity to approximately 5 million illegal immigrants. Hillary Clinton has pledged to keep both illegal amnesty programs, Clinton has also pledged to add a third illegal executive amnesty order.

6. Suspend the issuance of Visa’s, to anyplace where adequate screening cannot occur.

According to data from the Senate subcommittee on immigration, and the national entrust, between 9/11 and the end of 2014, at least 380 foreign-born individuals, were convicted in terror cases, inside the United States, and even right now, the largest number of people are under investigation for exactly this. Our Country is a mess! I want extreme Vetting!

7. Ensure other country’s take their people back, when we order them deported!

There are at least 23 countries that refuse to take their people back, after they’ve been ordered to leave the United States. Including large numbers of violent criminals, they won’t take them back so we say okay we’ll keep them. Not gonna happen with me folks.

Tragic consequences!

8. Finally complete biometric entry/exit visa tracking system.

In my administration we will ensure that this system is in place. I will tell you it will be on land, it will be on sea, it will be in air, we will have a proper tracking system. Approximately 1/2 illegal immigrants came on visas and never left. Visa overstays pose a substantial threat to national security. Removing Visa overlays will be a top priority of my administration.

9. Turn off Job and Benefits Magnets.

We will ensure that e verify is used,to the fullest existent possible, under the existing law, and we will work with Congress to strengthen those laws, and expand its use across the country. Immigration laws doesn’t exist for the purpose of keeping criminals up.

We will enforce all of our immigration laws! And the same goes for government benefits. 62% of illegal immigrate households use some kind of government program cash, like food stamps or free housing. Tremendous cost to our country. Those who abuse our welfare system will be priority for immediate removal.

10. We will reform legal immigration, to serve the best interest of America, and its workers.

The forgotten people, workers. We’re gonna take care of our workers. BTW, we’re gonna make great trade deals, we’re gonna renegotiate trade deals, we’re gonna bring our jobs back home, we’re gonna bring our jobs back home!

Companies that leave the United States, there is gonna be consequences. It’s not gonna happen, there will be consequences.

There will be No amnesty! You cannot become a citizen of America by coming here illegally! You can only become an American Citizen through proper channels. No favors! No hiding! No Amnesty!

Hillary Clinton promises millions more immigrants, thousands more violent horrible crimes, and total chaos and lawlessness. That’s what’s gonna happen as sure as you’re standing here.

America First! American workers first!

Nobody stays, go home, come back legally.

Trump for America!!!!!! America first!!!!!! Let America be America again! Make America Great Again!

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by Beverley Russell – Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

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