Trump Doesn’t Back Down, He Doesn’t get Ruffled, He Regroups and Wins!

Trump Doesn't Back Down

We’ve got us a Fighter! Trump Doesn’t Back Down!

by Mike Saxman – Op-ed editor and writer  for Trumpville Report

I have little doubt it was only after MUCH soul-searching and consideration that Donald Trump came down that escalator from his top floor home in Trump Tower in New York in June 2015, to enter this race, to become the next President of the United States. The man might as well have been entering a minefield, at night, while blindfolded. I describe what Trump did in those terms for the simple fact the man was attacked, almost immediately and demonstrably so, by the mostly left media all across America. The hair on the backs of their necks bristled at his announcement, they began to froth at their mouths, they tensed up, they mobilized in force and it began. The “news” commentators and talking heads on nearly every network, and every major newspaper and magazine, started with their innuendos, their jokes, their critical comments, their spiteful jabs at the man, his past, his company, even his family. I’ve watched it, read it and heard it, all of it, daily, continuously, since the guy decided to put it all on the line, step into the limelight and STEP UP for America. Trump is the man for the job and Trump Doesn’t Back Down.

Well, “The Donald” came out swinging, early, he had to and he knew it. He knew it would be a tough proposition, even pretty rough at times, but nothing in his 69 years of life experience, fighting for what he got, making things happen, sometimes even moving mountains to push forward…could have fully prepared Mr. Trump for what he’d be facing with the media alone.

By now we all know there have been multiple death threats aimed at Trump, multiple attempted armed attacks on him, attacks on and threats against his family and a lot more. We all know about the debates the GOP candidates participated in, the accusations made, the dust-ups, the snarky comments flying and tempers flaring. Trump faced and went up against 16 opponents in the toughest GOP primary in 60 years. He kicked butt and took names.

Trump is a fighters, Trump Doesn’t Back Down

Let’s talk honest, deep-down, root politics and power for just a moment. The RNC and the DNC BOTH tried to shut Trump down, they didn’t get it accomplished. Millions of dollars of ‘mystery money’ from sources unknown (possibly from very close to billionaire George Soros and the New World Order people) found its way to 30 some odd organizations and groups protesting Trump in various ways, it paid for rioting across America, causing chaos and putting pressure on Trump’s campaign to get more PC, tone it down, shy away from saying certain things. It didn’t work.

So the media has demonized the man across the board, he’s faced intense scrutiny, they’ve deliberately misquoted what he’s said, they’ve misrepresented his positions, there were the attacks on him by, and a lack of support from within, his own party. Massive amounts of money was spent in many ways by the powers that be, to try to stop Trump. But he’s hung in there, he’s regrouped, a few times, and he’s persevered at every turn. And he’s done ALL OF THAT in a great endeavor, to do something truly big, to actually make a difference by exacting real, measurable, meaningful CHANGE for America. Every American needs that kind of change, we need it now, we need Donald J. Trump to be our next President! Remember Trump doesn’t back down.

by Mike Saxman – Op-ed editor and writer  for Trumpville Report

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Attended University of Idaho 1981-1987 I am an Idaho native, from McCall, ID. I have lived and worked around my state and I'm proud to call Idaho my home. I am both a social and a Constitutional conservative, a Christian, a political analyst, commentator and editor. I fully support Donald J. Trump for President of these great United States of America. May God Bless and protect Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence, their campaign. May God Bless America, again.

1 Comment on Trump Doesn’t Back Down, He Doesn’t get Ruffled, He Regroups and Wins!

  1. Personally, I think the MSM got behind Trump because the popular thought amongst their leadership was he was the most likely to lose to Hillary according to poll numbers. This would explain why he was given so much more free air time than any of the other Republican candidates. Now that he has secured the nomination, he is as popular as dog meat and open to ridiculous criticisms which is typical of the Left media and the DNC.

    I would also like to point out he gives the media talking heads plenty of ammo when he back-pedals on important issues such as securing the border, illegal immigration, single payer-style ObamaCare, adopting Democrat policies such as requiring paid maternity leave and many others. As a long time Christian constitutional conservative, I know a real conservative when I see one and Trump is more of a populist than anything. Still, when compared to Hillary, the Democrat candidate I affectionately call “Satan in Drag”, there is no question whatsoever whom I will be voting for in November. I simply can’t be as enthusiastic as you about a Trump presidency, but for the sake of our country, I hope I am proven wrong.


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