Trump did not destroy our Nation. He’s trying to reverse the destruction.

Trump did not

Good morning Patriots

by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

Below is an excellent comment I observed on Facebook and felt that I should share it with you. This commentary is very accurate and to the point expounding common sense which makes for very good talking points.

Nyle–Matthew 1626

In defense of Donald Trump: Try to keep this in mind,

  1. Donald Trump did not steal your money.

  2. Donald Trump did not raise your taxes.

  3. Donald  did not quadruple the price of food. Trump is not stirring a race war.

  4. Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.

  5. Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda.

  6. Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East.

  7. Trump did not betray Israel.

  8. Trump did not provide financing and technology to Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

  9. Donald did not give our military secrets to China.

  10. Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia.

  11. Trump did not shrivel our military and betray our veterans.

  12. Trump did not cripple our economy.

  13. Trump did not increase our debt to 20 trillion dollars.

  14. Donald did not ruin our credit, twice.

  15. Trump did not double African-American unemployment.

  16. Trump did not increase welfare to a record level for eight years.

  17. Trump did not sign a law making it legal to execute and imprison Americans.

  18. Trump did not set free all of the worst terrorists in Guantanamo bay.

  19. Donald did not steal your rights, violate US Constitutional law, or commit treason, hundreds of times.

Yet Trump is being ripped apart in the news, non-stop. Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and the criminals occupying our government, are not. Without Donald Trump, we will have no voice, again. If that scares you? Vote for Mr. Trump. He says he will never let us down. I believe it.

  • The media is the Democratic Party. (THEY GOT TRUMPED LAST NIGHT)
  • Save our culture. Stop listening to them..!!
  • Please copy and Paste on your wall.

by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

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