TRUMP DELIVERED: The Speech America needed and Wanted!

Trump Delivered

An Internet Landslide for Donald Trump! The Speech America needed and Wanted!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

TRUMP DELIVERED August 16 2016 (FULL Speech Video BELOW)

The excitement Tuesday night was electrifying online! He is the Peoples Choice and Our Voices will be heard! America wants and needs Donald Trump! Fox News broadcasted Trumps Rally, which was live in Wisconsin, on Facebook. The response was massive! And Trump Delivered!

At one count I noticed 17.3K participants online. To be quite honest, I was so busy participating myself, I could have missed a higher number easily. It was if you were right there in the thick of it! Reading people’s comments, writing your own comments, and Most importantly listening to Donald Trump deliver the speech that will, ultimately win him the White House, and Make America Great Again!

Rudy Giuliani spoke before Trump at the Rally. He was on fire! First he brought up the riots that had occurred over the last few days in Wisconsin, riots that ignited after a police officer, shot and killed a young black man, in Self-defense! The assailant had a loaded hand gun pointed at the officer. Now yes the assailant was black. But so is the Officer, Does his life matter? he continued, Calling Police officers, Special People, Fire , military people, need and deserve Americans respect and support!

He let Hillary Clinton have it both barrels! Leading with, Democrats having control over, almost all inter cities. There has been a Democrat Mayor in Milwaukee since 1908. And Democrats have controlled Baltimore for 50+ years. With the deterioration of these inter cities we can see where Democrats have led these once great cities!

With a Trump administration more jobs will be created and the cities themselves will be nurtured back to greatness!

Rudy Giuliani went on to say, that Hillary’s State Department and Clinton Foundation were a ( pay to play) racketeering profit for Clinton’s! And it’s very clear that Hillary is the Anti cop candidate. She is a Lawyer that failed the bar exam the first time. The current administration and Hillary Clinton herself should apologize to the Baltimore police department, for assuming their guilt before the investigation ( that 100% cleared them) was even finished. In fact I demand Hillary apologizes, Giuliani stated.

On Trump, Giuliani spoke the truth with great enthusiasm! Declaring Donald Trump the law and order candidate! Trump is Determined,Tougher and more effective than Hillary has been in over 30 years as a public servant! Further stating that,your, no, Our only chance for change! Trump is Pro police, pro-American, and ready and willing to be a great President! Inter city people, All of America, all Americans Matter! For real change Donald Trump!

The crowd erupted in,Trump! Trump! Trump!, as did the internet followers commented the same! At one time my entire screen was covered with, Trump 2016!

Donald Trump started his speech, by laying out his plans. Last week I revealed my plan to bring Jobs back to our country, yesterday I unveiled my plan to defeat radical Islamic terrorism, and tonight I want to talk about Crime and lawlessness, and how to bring peace back to our inter cities! I want to Thank you. policemen and police women for the heroic jobs you do everyday! The war on our police must end and must end now!

Until Law and order is restored, the real victims are law-abiding poor African-American citizen! Unfair!!! They want safety! But are led by Clinton! Who i believe totally hates cops, Hillary is anti police! I care too much about my country to let this happen, we all care. Good policing saves lives. Example, murder is down 84% in new York by Rudy! I’ll deliver safe, prosperous neighborhoods, neighborhoods fueled with pride and kinship. Love thy neighbor must be restored to America!

Hillary wants to rewrite the 2nd amendment and take Americans guns, yet her own guards carry guns for her protection! All Americans deserve the 2nd amendment, with the rights to protect ourselves! Safety of every American is important! Democrats failed and betrayed African-American people! Cities ran by Democrats have a 69% rise in murders in Milwaukee, and poverty is at 60%.

Democrats take advantage of African-Americans with rigged systems! I’ve been paying my own way! I’m not part of the elitist in Washington! They want to stop me, because they know once I’m President there

will be NO pay to play schemes! I’ve invested tens of millions of dollars to give you, The People,a chance at real change! An opportunity to rid Washington of the corruption that has served only the few élite and completely forgotten about America and her citizens!

Democrats have chosen the Personification of Special Interest (Hillary Clinton) to represent them!

If not for the rigged system in the primary, the nomination may have went much different!!! As your President I’ll listen and hear the Cries, that demand to be heard! Hillary Clinton is pandering, she doesn’t care about the suffering,Tremendous suffering. Its time for rule, by the people not special interest. We have a broken system. A system throwing money at Hillary Clinton, they don’t care about you, its insiders for insiders. The rich get richer and richer and richer, they don’t want it to change!


Trump Delivered Tonight

Chanting over and over, We want Trump, We want Trump, We want Trump! Trump Delivered!

Mr Trump stated, thank you for such a great honor!

There was 3 times more supporters outside, with a packed house inside,while at least 17.3K online watched and participated!

I’m fighting for real change not a rigged system. A peaceful regime change! (OF, BY, AND FOR THE PEOPLE)! Hillary has had over 30 yrs to make a change and she has abandoned this country. I’ll give the people their voice back! With vast amounts of crime and drugs, the Democrats have led in disaster after disaster, with lies spattered one after another. Lie’s to make them rich at your expense, keeping your voice from being heard. Are you ready for change ?

Chanting erupts; America first, America first! Trump Delivered.

Inter city of America has tremendous problems. If African-American voters and minority voters stop following special interest and follow me, supports my campaign we can make Americans rich not special interests. Make America wealthy again.

The Democrats have run inter city into ruins. Murders up 60%,cop killings up 50%, more poverty more crime, more of the same.

Hillary wants to give illegal emigrates instant work permits, this will hurt America workers, Hurt African-American jobs. If you don’t love our country and want it safe, then what you doing here?

We need to withdraw from NAFTA, banish the TPP project, revive American jobs. We need thousands of new jobs, new businesses, new companies, and bring back jobs to America for Americans! Hillary is in for the fight of her life! Trump has introduced something Hillary’s unfamiliar with , HONESTY, especially in politics!

Donald Trump had a formidable stance that displayed his strength! His strength comes from America and her countrymen. Trump is fighting for America!

His speech was filled with cold hard facts, and his delivery was impeccable! He maintained a steadfast course, with Hope beginning to be restored! Hope for America! Before Greed and Power became a reality.

Donald J Trump gave the most Presidential Speech so far. Trump is a true American Patriot!

Trump, Americas Candidate, for the People, by the People! Trump Delivered Big League!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

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