Trump, A Man Among Cowards, Snakes, and Traitors, is Fighting the NWO!

Trump, A Man Among Cowards

Trump, A Man Among Cowards the filth of the swamp!

“Trump, A Man Among Cowards”,  by Gary Pecorella,  Trumpville Report columnist

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Trump Is Doing An AMAZING Job In Just 2-1/2 Months In Office… BUT Of Course, You Won’t Hear That From The Mainstream. Duh… That’s Their Plan! The Dems, The Rhinos & Practically The WHOLE World Are Fighting Against HIM, And Lately, Even Some Of His Supporters Are Starting To Whine & Sound Like Liberals Too.

It Amazes Me How Naive, Fickle, Shallow & DUMB People Can Be! Nothing Like Kicking Your Own Man When He’s Down, Eh? Wow! If That’s The Kind Of ‘Friends’ Trump Has, He Sure Doesn’t Need Enemies!

We Have But This ONE Chance To Take Back Our Country From Crooked Politicians.
THIS IS IT, FOLKS!! DON’T WASTE IT!! Keep up the fight and spread the word!

Trump, A Man Among Cowards

Grow A Pair & Fight For America’s Future… Because The ONLY MAN Who Can Restore This Country’s Integrity & Save Us From Becoming A Lawless Islamic Shit Hole Is The Man Who Sits In The Oval Office At This VERY MOMENT!!!!

If You Do Not FULLY Support Our President, Please UN-FRIEND ME. I EXPECT The CRAP From The Other Side But NOT From Within Our Own Ranks!! Don’t Waste  MY TIME Or NEGATE The People’s MANDATE!

Americas greatest threat is not ISIS, it’s the New World Order and their Democrats, and those that promote them, like the MSM!

“Trump, A Man Among Cowards”,  by Gary Pecorella,  Trumpville Report columnist

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