The Retaking of America-Aztlan U.S.A | part 2

Aztlan U.S.A

The Retaking of America: Aztlan U.S.A Part 2

by BRYAN FRYER, TVR Facebook contributor

The unofficial flag of Aztlan, used by Chicano nationalists in San Diego and Denver during the Chicano movement

The documents that I am sharing below will show why it’s important to Build The Great Wall of America and Deport Illegal Aliens that don’t belong.

Here we have several quotes from Chicano Leaders just plain out speaking their mind!
Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is your duty to die. Through the love of having children, we are going to take over.” — Augustin Celaya, Brown Berets
“They’re afraid we’re going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They’re right. We will take them over. We are here to stay.” — Richard Alatorre, Los Angeles City Councilman.
“We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our population . . . I love it. They are shitting in their pants with fear. I love it!” — Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas.
Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas professor, supports open borders, amnesty; and in the late ’60s said, “We have to eliminate the gringos … if worst comes to worst, we have to kill him.”
“We are fed up. We are going to move to do away with the injustice to the Chicano and if the ‘gringo’ doesn’t get out of our way, we will stampede over him.”Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez.
Remember 187-proposition to deny taxpayer funds for services to non-citizens–was the last gasp of white America in California.” – Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party
“We are politicizing each one of these new citizens that are becoming citizens of this country . . . I gotta tell you that a lot of people are saying, ‘I’m going to go out there and vote because I want to pay them back.'” — Gloria Molina, Los Angeles County Supervisor
“California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn’t like it should leave.” — Mario Obledo, California Coalition of Hispanic Organizations and California State Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare under Governor Jerry Brown, also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton
“The ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlan. Communism would be closest [to it]. Once Aztlan is established, ethnic cleansing would commence: Non-Chicanos would have to be expelled — opposition groups would be quashed because you have to keep power.” Miguel Perez of Cal State-Northridge’s MECHA chapter
“We are practicing ‘La Reconquista’ in California.” — Jose Pescador Osuna, Mexican Consul General
“We need to avoid a white backlash by using codes understood by Latinos.” — Professor Fernando Guerra, Loyola Mary Mount University
“The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot.” — Excelsior, the national newspaper of Mexico
“I may not live to see the Hispanic homeland, but by the end of the century my students’ kids will live in it, sovereign and free.” Charles Truxillo, Professor of Chicano studies at the University of New Mexico. Aztlan U.S.A
‘As a Chicano/Palestinian Muslim, The Chicano Liberation Front and many other revolutionary organizations will continue to counterattack in self-defense against all OUR enemy racist XENOPHOBE organizations,i.e., Ku Klux Klan, Nazis, The Minutemen Project, et al. I hope to see the day in the immediate horizon when the final day of reckoning will arrive to settle our old accounts on the streets of racist America via hand to hand combat. I witnessed” the demise of many similar Southern good ole boy grunts with the same present racist mentality in bush country Vietnam during the 1960s. I’m looking forward to the “demise” of OUR enemies again. Let the RACE WAR begin! WE ARE READY WHITE RACIST AMERIKKKA!’E.F. Mohammed Martinez.
NOT RAZA “Raza” is not an identity. “Raza” is basically the same thing as using the Eurocentric term “Mestizo”–it takes pride in Spanish blood (what little or nothing that we may have) and puts shame in our Nican Tlaca blood and culture. Calling ourselves “Raza” is a way of saying, “I’m not an ‘Indio’, I have some, mostly, Spanish blood”. In Mexico “Dia de la Raza” is celebrated on October 12—Columbus Day. Imagine that! We are celebrating the rape of our mothers, the rape of our nation, the enslavement of our people.Mexica Movement EUROPEAN, WHITE, AND CRIOLLO are basically the same things. These are “White” people who are on our continent. Europeans can call themselves “Canadian” or “American” but their homeland is still Europe and they are still trespassing on our continent. A Criollo is someone of “authentic Spanish-European” descent who is still on our land exploiting our people, our resources, and our wealth. GENOCIDE as defined by Raphael Lemkin, “…is the planned annihilation [killing] of a national [Mexican] or racial group by a variety of actions [biological warfare, oppression, enslavement] aimed at undermining the foundations essential to the survival of the group [Nican Tlaca of Anahuac] as a group.

Mexica Movement Aztlan U.S.A

We reject all European divisions of our continent. We reject the artificial border divisions of our people.We reject the White Supremacist ideology that claims Europeans are permanently endowed with the right to define who we are as a people.We include “First Nation” and “Native American”,”Indigenous People”, full-blood and mixed-blood, all as one Nican Tlaca Nation.We say, “No to occupation! Yes to liberation!” We say, “This is still our continent! It is our land.”We say, “Europeans are the illegals—since 1492!”
Mexica Movement
Our Warriors all across our continent have always defended our people against Pilgrims and “Explorers”, against Cowboys and “Conquistadors”, against all of the colonizers who came to steal our lands and to kill or people. We have all stood as warriors against all the savages who came here from Europe. It is only now that we have failed our people. It is time for the heroes to stand up! WE NEED a new generation of warriors to stand up as disciplined and intelligent warriors. Join us: Mexica Movement, Nican Tlaca Warriors of Cemanahauc.Mexica Movement
My land is lost and stolen, My culture has been raped….we have to destroy capitalism…overthrow a government that has committed abuses….to the bloodsuckers, the parasites, the vampires who are the capitalists of the world: The schools are tools of the power structure that blind and sentence our youth to a life of confusion, and hypocrisy, one that preaches assimilation and practices institutional racism.
This is from one of the textbooks at the Chicano Ethnic Studies Program, and Mexican American Ethnic Studies Program called “An Epic Poem,”
Tucson Unified School District
There are currently 43 sections of such classes serving 1500 students in six high schools at TUSD, and similar programs at the middle and elementary school levels.
A few months after the assassination of Ruben Salazar, Lyn Ward, and Angel Gilberto Diaz at the August 29, 1970, Chicano Moratorium Against the Viet Nam War, a series of bombings rocked the Los Angeles area in early 1971. The main targets were banks, chain stores, government buildings, police cars, and so on. A group calling itself the Chicano Liberation Front (CLF) took credit and issued statements declaring revolution to be a reality. In one communiqué to La Raza magazine in 1974, the CLF stated: “today we celebrate with our people of the South, the Inauguration of Revolutionary action against the violence of economic exploitation, political subjugation, and social degradation by the Yankee Elite.”In another communiqué, the CLF announced: “we advocate violence urban guerrilla warfare. For each Chicano attacked we will cause thousands of dollars of property damage. We believe that every Chicano home should be armed with a shotgun, M-1 carbine, and .357 magnum.”Notes from Aztlán Desde El Barrio
So, 38 Million, plus 12 Million is 50 Million. Then we have Countless Millions. Some say between 12 to 25 Million, but I believe there is Millions more, and they are coming in by the droves. Also, we are bringing in Millions of Legal Immigrants each year, the count goes between 1 Million, to almost 2 million a year, and most of these are from Non-European Countries, and many come hear already hating us. Also those who come hear legally, they also wind up hating us by these Ethnic Studies they have in our Colleges, and Universities and they are starting to Indoctrinate these Non-Europeans in High Schools across the Country, and some are advocating that they should start in Elementary, because the Indoctrination will be so much easier. America, Wake Up, War is Coming, be me, it’s on the Horizon! We have LESS THAN 30 THIRTY YEARS, THEN ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE! WHITE GENOCIDE, DECOLONIZATION OF THE WHITE MAN!
The Videos below are about how the Mexicans and other Latin Americans want to Reconquest the United States, and take over America, and folks, we have 30 years or less!
Note: There are Mexicans that don’t feel this way, but there is an overwhelming Majority who do believe this, and they will take our country if we don’t stop it now!Here we have a Mexican-American history teacher advocating a revolution against White America at the Campus of UCLA!The Infamous Ron Gochez
In San Diego, the Mexican people have a park called Chicano Park, and they have all their Communist Friends Painted on the Walls, and then you see the Racist Group called the Brown Berets, then of course they raise their Mexican Flag on American Soil, and they salute it. That park they claim is now Mexican Soil, but I tell you it is the Property of the United States! This is Treason, and Mexicans are Committing Treason! America, Rise Up before we lose our Country!Mexican (Aztlán) Flag Raised Over San Diego – Chicano Park Day 2013
Also notice within the second flag, you will see the United States, and that ‘s within what’s look like the Mexican flag!
Illegal Aliens Declare War on U.S.A. and Challenges Us to War!Here we have a Mexican who Challenges us Americans to War!
The Mexica Movement Hates Whites, Hates Europeans!I wanted to share this video so that Americans can see the dangers that are coming to us in the near future! The group believes that All of North America, and South America belongs to them, and us Europeans need to leave! They plan to do this by Immigration, and having babies, and my friends, it’s not far off! Mexica Movement of Hate! (4 photos)These four Snapshots are the beliefs of the Mexica Movement, and they are just one of dozens of hate groups who help BrainWash Mexicans, and other Hispanic Americans from the U.S and across both Hemispheres. America Wake Up, they will take us over, if we don’t stop them NOW! Please my fellow Americans, please help stop this Invasion of our Country!
Militant Mexicans On The Rise!In this video we have two immigration rallies, one for Legal immigration, and the other for Illegal Immigration. The Pro-Illegal Immigration group is very hostile, and they are telling Americans to go back to England, or Europe, and they have a Child speaking this hate while cars drive by!
Letter Of Warning Against The Mexican Takeover Of the U.S!
A Substitute teacher sent a letter to a Senator in her state, and she told how the class was predominately Mexican, and during the Pledge of Allegiance most of the Mexicans didn’t give their pledge to the flag. and our Nation.When she went up to the students who didn’t pledge, she asked why they didn’t give their pledge. The told her “We are Mexicans, and Americans Stole Our Land! Most admitted that they were in the Country Illegally!
The Growing Power of M.E.CH.A and the aim to create Aztlan as a Chicano Nation! Wake Up America, Please Wake Up before it’s TOO Late!
The Invasion of the United States, Aztlan, The Chicano Nation!
Amnesty Summit – Chicanos Own the Southwest US (AkA Aztlan)
Retired Mexican L.A. Sheriffs Sgt. Richard Valdemar clearly says:
The Mexicans that are coming to America”HATE US”!
Kill The Gringo!Mexicans want to Kill The Gringo, they want to take our Country, and Kill US!
Here we have a Mexican Challenging us Americans to War, he tells us to come and get some, for he will be waiting! Also the reason he and his people are having so many children is to start this war by out-breeding us!
Amnesty Summit – Chicanos Own Southwest US (aka Aztlan)Wake Up Amessrican, because these Chicanos are Serious, they believe that this land is theirs!
Here is a documentary about the Mexican takeover of America, the Mexicans call this land Aztlan!
My friends, Mexicans are taking over, and we better get serious and take it back!
Mexicans believe that this land belongs to them, and that they will Rise up and take it back! They will Kill to get it back!
In this video we have two immigration rallies, one for Legal immigration, and the other for Illegal Immigration. The Pro-Illegal Immigration group is very hostile, and they are telling Americans to go back to England, or Europe, and they have a Child speaking this hate while cars drive by!
14 Year Old Illegal Mexican Revolutionary!Here we have a young 14-year-old Mexican boy who is a Communist, and believes that the U.S belongs to Mexicans, and that All Mexicans need to come to the U.S!
This Song is called: “We Didn’t Cross The Border, The Border Crossed Us”, I just wanted to show you how Mexicans in all classes believe in what the song is about. This song was sung at L.A. Music Scene Cal State University. I believe that it’s a Shame for a University to allow Anti-White songs to be played at their school! I believe they wouldn’t allow Neo-Nazi songs played in that school! We Americans need to stop this Hispanic Invasion of our Country, we need to stop giving our Country away! WARNING: DIRTY LANGUAGE!
Here is another Music Video about the Aztlan Nation, and also about how Arizona is going to be knocked Out because of their Bill against Illegal Immigrants! I tell you Aztlan is a Famous view Amongst Mexicans in both America and Mexico!
Aztlan Nation: Decolonize
This is a video about Aztlan, and the speaker is Glen Beck.
Below are the Lyrics from a group called Aztlan Underground and the song is titled “Decolonize”, and this is just one song from many that are Anti-American, and Anti-White. This group I have listed above from Youtube.
Warning: Song has profanity!
AUG’s on the scene with a vengeance No man or law can end this Power, in a true sense of the word Now it’s time that my people be heard Some feel this oppression no longer exists Well here’s something they missed Self D means self determination To put a stop to colonization We begin with a historical analysis To illustrate a Mexican paralysis See Mexico’s been occupied since 1848Which left the mexicano at a constant 2nd rate Now learn the word called colonization Stranger in your own land under exploitation This is the state of the indigena today Under the oppression of the settlers way (x2)WE DIDN’T CROSS THE BORDERS, THE BORDERS CROSSED US! (x3)YET THE SETTLER NATION LIVES IN DISGUST!The American dream only for some Play the role and forget where you came from Now check it, this is their reality And just because its wasp holds no validity WASP-White Anglo Saxon Protestant The frame of mind that keeps our oppression constant You try to be white and its very respectable But be Xicano and its highly unacceptable Then we’re termed hispanic as if we were from Spain Trying to insert us in the American game And we’re called wetbacks like we’ve never been here When our existence on this continent is thousands of years This is the state of the indigena today Under the oppression of the settlers way (x2)WE DIDN’T CROSS THE BORDERS, THE BORDERS CROSSED US (x3)YET THE SETTLER NATION LIVES IN DISGUST ­ repeat To the earth, to the air, to the fire, and to the water….The eagle and condor have met We must realize Our connection to this land Till a Hopi and a Mexica can really understand That invaders divided indigenous people Under english, french, or spanish it make us all feeble Unable to recognize each other From Xicano to Lakota all sisters and brothers In the spirit of Pontiac, all the red keepers of the earth mother From the top of Alaska to the tip of South America Abya Yala, Anahuak, Turtle Island506 years of indigenous resistance The prophecies are coming trueThe redemption of the red people has come!The 6th sun now arises The 7th fire has arrived Cihuatl is reclaiming We have returned to Aztlan We have returned to Aztlan!!!!WE DIDN’T CROSS THE BORDERS, THE BORDERS CROSSED US (x3)YET THE SETTLER NATION LIVES IN DISGUST!!GET THE FUCK OUT, GET THE FUCK OUT, GET THE FUCK , FUCK, FUCK OUT GET THE FUCK OUT WASICHU EATER OF THE FAT WASTER OF EARTH MOTHER AND PEOPLE COLONIZER OF AZTLAN AND THE WORLD GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!
Aztlan Underground isn’t some underground band on the fringes such as are Neo Nazi bands are, no they are a Mainstream band for Hispanics. Here is an article from Wikipedia:
Aztlan Underground appeared on television on Culture Clash on Fox in 1993, was part of Breaking Out, a concert on pay per view in 1998, and was featured in the independent films Algun Dia and Frontierlandia.The band has been mentioned or featured in various newspapers and magazines: the Vancouver Sun, Northshore News (Vancouver, Canada newspaper), New Times (Los Angeles weekly entertainment newspaper), BLU Magazine (underground hip hop magazine), BAM Magazine (Southern California), La Banda Elastica Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times Calendar section. It is also the subject of a chapter in It’s Not About A Salary, by Brian Cross. They also opened for Rage Against the Machine in Mexico City.It was nominated in the New Times 1998 “Best Latin Influenced” category, the BAM Magazine 1999 “Best Rock en Español” category, and the LA Weekly 1999 “Best Hip Hop” category.Aztlan Underground were signed to a Basque record label in 1999 which enabled them to tour Spain extensively and perform in France and Portugal. Other parts of the world that Aztlan Underground have performed include Canada, Australia, and Venezuela. The band completed their third album and released it exclusively digital on August 29, 2009. The band is set to begin writing a new record this year.Aztlan Underground were nominated for four Native American Music Award categories for the Nammys 2010. See

“Aztlan U.S.A”,  by BRYAN FRYER, TVR Facebook contributor

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