The Shadow Swamp Government PedoGate Exposed!

Swamp Government PedoGate

Exposing the Shadow Swamp Government – PedoGate!

by Scott Binsack organizer of “March for Trump” 

The Shadow Swamp – Blackmail / Bribery / Isreal / U.S. = Pedophile Ring: MFA TV – March For America Founder “Scott J. Binsack” discusses what he calls “The Shadow Swamp” How Isreal’s Mossad, Suadi Arabia, and the CIA control the U.S. Senate/Congress, the White House, and foreign Governments with blackmail and bribery using evidence gathered at convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Island. We are at civil war in the United States. Understand This!! Swamp Government PedoGate is totally exposed in the video below!

Jeffery Epstein, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Much of our Government is being blackmailed by the Isreali Massoud. This is huge and all the details are exposed in this 1hr, 31 min. video. This explains the swamp government and gives you a better idea of what is going on and how much danger President Trump is in.

It explains the hatred being generated towards Mr. Trump. Trump hasn’t arrested anyone yet, but he has put them on notice. I was aware during the election, that it would take a very strong man.

The people resisting and disrupting President Trump are being used by the Shadow Swamp. They are mostly unaware of the truth. Pray for them to be enlightened. Now watch this. It moves slow, but Swamp Government PedoGate is gripping, and brand new news! SHARE IT AROUND!

by Scott Binsack organizer of “March for Trump” 

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