LGBT rights Vs. STRAIGHT women’s rights

Straight women's rights

Think of our women and their rights

 “Straight Women’s Rights”, By BEVERLEY RUSSELL Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

I am a straight woman, who prides myself for not having any prejudices against anyone. But now, the LGBT community says I’m prejudiced if I have a problem with men using the lady’s room!

Straight Women’s Rights

Well, if that makes me prejudiced, so be it! The issue for me, and I believe most women, are children. Whether you are dressed as a woman or not, it doesn’t give you the right to use the lady’s room with me, my daughter, or granddaughters! My girls should not have to be exposed to a male body in a public restroom. Most women will blow their tops if a father or brother doesn’t shut and lock the door when using the restroom at home if they have daughters. The accidental exposure to a penis is actually one of a mother’s worst fears!

Gays want to usurp  Straight women’s rights

These ridiculous notions that it’s okay for a male to use any restrooms as long as they identify as a female is utter madness! This alone has set back women’s rights at least a half of century! We, as females, now have the ideal of males in our restrooms shoved down our throats! Not only is this ideal ridiculous on its own, it also opens up a HUGE door for pedophilia, molestation, and rape! I implore you to consider this: what’s to stop any man who desires, from throwing on a dress or some maschera and say they identify as a woman? Not only is this ideology offensive for women, it is a risk that I’m not willing to take! How will women and girls feel comfortable trying on clothing, i.e. bathing suits, with the constant fear of a man looking in or photographing you from the stall next door.
You cannot step on Straight Women’s Rights or children’s rights. This is NOT a LGBT issue!
* Editors note – This is a straight woman’s right to privacy and protection issue! I want my wife and daughters to have privacy and remain safe. Before they got so into this they, the gay community, should have thought of this. I did, early on I said where will they go to the bathroom. Our children don’t need to be indoctrinated.

“Straight Women’s Rights”, By BEVERLEY RUSSELL Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

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