This election is to defeat or accept Socialism and it’s Spread in America


Socialist Communism = Democrat Progressives

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed, Senior Columnist Trumpville Report

Socialism is an economic system where the government runs and controls the production resources collectively owned by society to achieve its common good. Progressivism ,on the other hand, is a political philosophy that seeks to raise the standard of living of the average member of society in order to achieve a positive social change. While socialism and progressivism both seek the economic and political equality of all members of society, they differ in their views and approaches.

Socialist Platform

Socialists want to abolish capitalism because they believe that it exploits the working class. They want the working class to play an overpowering role in shifting society from capitalism to socialism either through a popular vote or going on a general strike or even going to the extreme of uprising or revolution. Progressives, on the other hand, believe that capitalism is the most expeditious way to grow the wealth of society under a regulated business environment. They want to attain social change gradually. They do not expect the working class to play a major role in the social change they want . The progressives believe that the approach of the socialists in achieving social change is too drastic and could cause social unrest. Instead, the progressives convince the poor or less privileged to be jealous of the rich capitalists in order to influence the working class to vote progressives into power and perform the government obligation of improving the life of the community.

In terms of economic advocacy, socialist promotes a planned economy wherein the blueprint for the production and distribution of goods and services is determined ahead of time. Socialists also believe in the equitable distribution of productivity gains. They believe that those who worked more, deserve to be given more. Progressivism goes for a mixed economy where the basic features of capitalism and socialism are present. Supporters of progressivism believe that wealth should be distributed equally among members of society. Where wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, such wealth must be put under the control of a democratic political establishment. Progressives support economic egalitarianism and as such, treat members of society as co-equals in terms of their right to use the economic resources and wealth and their contribution to such wealth and resources.

Socialism is considered the mother of progressivism which explains their common goal of attaining equality among individuals in society.

1. Socialism wants to achieve the common good of society through public management and control of production resources while progressivism seeks to achieve public good by gradually raising the standard of living of the average member of society.

2. Socialists seek to abolish capitalism because it exploits the working class while progressives want to employ capitalism in expediting the accumulation of wealth for the benefit of the masses.

3. Socialism advocates a planned economy while progressivism supports a mixed economy.

4. Socialism is considered to be the mother of progressivism.

Unfortunately both socialism and progressivism have flaws, among others:

1. Both are top down. They take power from the people and move it to the top, the STATE. (Big Gulp anyone)

2. Both distort incentives. (Everyone gets a C grade: A’s are discounted, and F’s are subsidized). This “social justice” punishes performance, and rewards sloth.

3. Both reward and encourage dependence on government.

4. Both promise Utopia, by taking from performers, and giving to non-performers. Eventually performers leave, revenue drops, etc. (More in the wagon than pulling the wagon)

5. Both create colossal, expensive, bureaucracies.

6. Neither seeks the citizen’s opinion.

7. Neither has any history of success.

8. Both ideologies claim moral superiority over other systems, arguing theory over evidence.

9. Both have an elastic definition of fair, justice, equality, and rights. These terms are presented as “moral” yet invariably are re-defined by the political needs of the moment.

Our Republic

A true Republic is superior to any other form of Government

An uncorrupted Republic tends to reward performance, generate much higher GNP, and with the higher revenue, supply a safety net. There is equality of opportunity, but not equality of outcome. There is a range of outcomes.

Better not tell Hilary Clinton that bit about Progressiveness. She hates Capitalism, yet calls herself a progressive! She was a lawyer for Wal-Mart. How could you possibly say she hates capitalism? Why was Hillary a lawyer for Wal-mart. MONEY!!!!!!!

Yes. How could she be a lawyer for Wal-Mart and not be a capitalist? Typical of the misconceptions people have about what socialism is. It makes sense because Socialist leaders are often hypocrites. Capitalism is good for them but they want socialism for everybody else.

Today, there is no real difference between the two words. The Democratic Socialists of America uses “progressive” and “socialist” interchangeably on its website. The Socialist International’s tagline is “Progressivism for a Fairer World.”

Socialism is the redistribution of wealth

Socialism is the redistribution of wealth, increased dependency on government, and severe government regulation (i.e. “big government”). Progressivism is pretty much the same except it views capitalism as a necessary evil. The only real difference is their views on capitalism.

Unfortunately for you and all the other “true believers”, socialism is all about concentrating the resources and capital of people in the hands of the elite who run the state. And those elites run the state JUST LIKE any other crony capitalist would do – as a means to keep themselves in power.

Socialism doesn’t eliminate capitalism. Neither does communism. What a ridiculous myth this is. Both systems only manage to dictate who may practice capitalistic market behavior under their span of control and who may not.

In Cuba, only Castro and his cronies are millionaires.

Socialism and progressiveness they both travel in the river of envy, hate, police estate, OppressiON, lack of individual liberties , lack of freedom of religion….repudious acts to the people, no habeas corpus, no impartial legal defense for the defendant… to the ocean of COMMUNISM.

Although Progressive share much in common with CPUSA and DSA, they are shrewd enough to understand the terms “communist” or “socialist” are unpalatable for most Americans. Hence, the word “Progressive” was injected into American political verbiage. While the words are not interchangeable, one thing is for sure: The CPC is doing its part to further the goals of modern Communists and Socialists who have found a voice in the Democratic Party.

In 2002, Communist Party USA PAC leader Joelle Fishman reported CPUSA uses the Congressional Progressive Caucus as “an important lever” to “move the debate to the left.” A February 2, 2010 Communist Party USA article “Convention Discussion: A Time to Grow” explained they plan to meet their goals by running for office “within the auspices of the Democratic Party” because “conditions rarely if ever allow us to run open Communists for office.”

The same article praised Obama’s election asserting, “We have the opportunity to build something big, a large, influential and effective Communist Party USA. After the incredible movement to elect Barack Obama, more far-reaching solutions and socialism in particular are back at the dinner table for discussion.”

It seems they are moving toward attaining their goals. Obama’s election, in conjunction with Progressives cannibalizing the Democratic Party by ousting common sense Blue Dogs, aided in a severe shift to the left. Americans have witnessed the deterioration of this nation by way of the same type of race-baiting and class warfare Communism cannot exist without.

Unbecoming to an American president, Obama has led the charge in attacks against job-creators, extended the olive branch to “99 Percent” anarchists, and publicly castigated the third (and his equal) branch of government. Americans have had zero control over the appointments of unsavory anti-capitalist cabinet members like former “Green Czar” and avowed Communist Van Jones.

While every Democrat voter is not a communist yet, almost every Democrat politician is – certainly every party leader. So, why are we still pretending that there is some kind of nuanced difference between today’s Democrat Party and today’s Communists? JFK would be no more welcome in today’s DNC than Juan Williams is at NPR.

As Democratic Socialist of America National Director Frank Llewellyn states in his latest missive to his socialist comrades.

My fellow Progressives , We must over throw Capitalism at all cost ! Note that Llewellyn did not refer to his comrades as communists, socialists or Marxists, all of which would be accurate. He referred to his comrades as “progressives.” That’s because today’s hardcore leftist is no longer considered hardcore left, but rather “progressive.”

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed, Senior Columnist Trumpville Report

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