Silent Takeover of our nation by illegals and anarchists

silent takeover

NeverTrump folks are supporting the Silent Takeover of our nation by illegals and anarchists

by Greg McCurdy

Anybody voting against Trump is supporting the hostile takeover of our nation by illegals and anarchists.

I hope you NeverTrump folks realize who you are siding with. You’re siding with the enemies of liberty and sovereignty.

If you support Hillary you are supporting the Silent Takeover.

  • You are siding with Mexican flag waving,
  • American flag burning anti America thugs.
  • You are siding with violent criminals and radical Islamist.
  • You are siding with illegals who hate America but mooch off of our tax dollars. Are you proud of your fellow Trump haters? Are you proud knowing that
  • you stand with those who wish to see America become a 3rd world country?
  • Are you proud knowing that you echo the words of violent illegals and liberal extremists?
  • Are you proud knowing that you support the same crowd who elected Barrack Hussein Obama and now support Hillary?
  • Are you proud knowing that you will be the demographic who helps to elect Hillary and usher in the Liberal States of America, where there are no borders and perversion is the norm?
  • You will be remembered as the weak minded group who George Soros used to get Hillary into the White House to finish destroying the greatest nation on earth.

Unbelievable. This is the silent takeover war that Obama, Hillary and Kerry have created by allowing us to be invaded and taken over from within by Mexican illegals. All in the name of power, money, and greed. The mission to infiltrate the population. With phony citizen voters. This must be stopped now. Any mob that would beat a beautiful young girl in this manner cannot be civilized people. We must elect Trump as our lives may depend upon it.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Now learn the truth about Donald Trump. Tune out the constant lies by the left and the New World Order people. Open borders, never ending debt and a fate similar to Brazil to look forward to. Brazil’s people are starving, rioting, while their country is collapsing. Corruption is the norm under Democratic Socialism.

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