SHOCKING WIKILEAKS – Julian Assange: Hillary will not be president!

Hillary will not be president

Hillary will not be president!

“Hillary will not be president”, by Mike Dukes editor Trumpville Report

BREAKING: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says his next leak will virtually guarantee an indictment of Hillary Clinton and this SHOCKING information will land her in PRISON and cost her the Democratic Nomination!

Bill Clinton had his faults and womanizing was the one we remember the most, but Hillary engineered more drama and dishonesty. She is a disciple of Saul Alinsky, writer of Rules of Radicals.

The majority of all Americans regardless of party agree that Hillary should have been prosecuted and let the trial take its own course. If you are a woman voting for Hillary, be warned; she will fight for you only if it benefits her.

Assange says, “Hillary Clinton will not be President.” 

Wikileaks claims to be in possession of all the emails, yes even the ones that weren’t released. In these emails the Clinton Foundation is front and center and shows some very interesting information. The video will fill in a lot of blanks, Check it out and SHARE IT! 

Hillary has used her office to gather information on a lot of Washington insiders and they are reminded daily that she will spill the beans if they don’t back her. A form of progressive socialist blackmail. If she can blackmail the élite, just think what she could do to everyday Americans whose information will be at her finger tips. She has been exposed as a woman who can not be trusted.

Hillary is unable to run on her record, so she runs on Obama’s failed record while trying desperately to destroy a good man, DOnald Trump.

If you still want her for our president, you need to develop moral judgement and have a character adjustment. Hillary will not be president!

“Hillary will not be president”, by Mike Dukes editor Trumpville Report

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  1. But, BUT….the Justice Department is just as crooked as Hillary. Loretta Lynch is in the pocket of Obama and the Clinton’s. She will not indict no matter what. The general public, the uninformed, they would just shrug their shoulders.


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