Shame on America – A Once Great Nation

Shame on America

Fellow Patriots: “Shame on America – A Once Great Nation, The shame of a once great nation”,

by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

If you could see all of the things that I do day in and day out observing and doing research I guarantee that you would have a lot of trouble sleeping. This would also be a problem for any intelligent American with a conscience. We are standing by while a group of low life parasites drains the lifeblood from our country to satisfy their greed and lust for power. The elected low life’s who frequent the halls of government in Washington have no problem voting to allocate three and a half billion dollars to import and support a couple hundred thousand Muslims, some of which want to kill us, and billions more to support illegals from south of the border but none or very little to care for those who are willing to give all to protect our way of life. The issue on my plate this morning is just one of many that are being carried out under the guise of representing and caring for the people by criminals who campaigned to do just that.It’s time for breakfast and a second cup of coffee.

Senate Democrats Block Funding for U.S. Troops, Veterans Shame on America


*Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked legislation funding U.S. troops and prevented a vote on a bill containing funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Senate Democrats blocked a vote on the fiscal year 2017 defense appropriations bill on Thursday for the second time this month, drawing ire from Republican lawmakers. The bill would appropriate funds for the U.S. armed forces, including funding that goes toward paying American service members.

“I am disappointed that Senate Democrats are irresponsibly blocking the defense appropriations bill. Delaying consideration of this bill jeopardizes our national security and military readiness,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R., Wis.), chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said in a statement. Shame on America.

“The defense of the United States and the American people is the federal government’s top priority. It’s only because of the continued sacrifices of our service members, the finest among us, that we are able to enjoy America’s many freedoms,” Johnson continued. “We owe it to our troops to ensure that they have the resources they need to protect themselves and defend our freedoms in the face of continued threats overseas.”

Later Thursday, Democrats also prevented a vote on the fiscal year Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Zika Appropriations Conference Report, legislation that contains funding to support the VA and the U.S. response to the Zika Virus. Shame on America!

Thursday was the second to last day before Congress’ nearly two-month-long recess.

Last week, Democrats used a procedural vote to block the $574 billion defense appropriations bill from coming to the floor over larger issues with the appropriations process.

Ahead of the vote, Democrats threatened to block all appropriations bills unless Republican leaders “publicly give your word that all appropriations bills considered in both chambers and sent to the president for his signature will comply with the principles of fair funding, parity [between defense and non-defense spending], and a rejection of poison pill riders,” according to a letter sent to GOP leadership.


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