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Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

I have for many years, at least 15 or a bit more, used the term progressive to describe politicians and their agenda and people responded with a wide-eyed, what the hell, is he talking about. I even had congressional candidate who had asked me to assist me in his quest for state office. he did not like the term. I believe the republican turned him off on the usage of the term when he presented the committee with the platform I had prepared, in fact they rejected my entire platform because it reintroduced procedures they should have already been using as well as campaign finance. Today and at last we are finally hearing the term progressive used much more often than before which is probably because progressives can no longer be ignored.  

The Republican Party had the White House, but the Democrats had the House for four decades and the Senate for almost as long. During this period the progressives managed to totally hijack the democrat party and filter their influence into the republican. The one very obvious reason for their success is that they have been able to use your money to cultivate a dependent constituency that only know how to select the candidate with the D next to their name. The republicans have become aware of this and always tune their campaigns and activities so as not to offend the entitlement crowd.

Bloc voting seemed to be an insurmountable problem for Republicans to overcome. But, always count on stupid people to do stupid things. Today we have witnessed Speaker Paul Ryan give Obama everything he wanted. We have observed the republicans signing off on a budget rewarding Muslim refugees from Syria $ 3.5 billion dollars while rejected not only a pay raise for our military. The same budget couldn’t afford to fun deserved and obligated health care for our veterans and earned benefits for our social security retirees.

Hubris led the Left to demonize the so-called “radical religious right” – a progressive dog whistle meaning “Working Class American”. All spring and summer that year we heard those words: Radical. Religious. Right. News articles, magazine pieces, and television “news” shows all carried the same message. (The Republicans are controlled by fanatics).

1994 ended the Democrat Party’s hegemony over Congress, and President Ahab called a press conference to announce the era of big government was over. Surely one would think the era of the left was over but as we now know it wasn’t because there was one Goliath standing in the way of the democrats demise, the republican establish who wanted to share in the rewards of being a professional political prostitute.

After Reagan flew home to retirement in California, the Democrat and Republican parties very quietly merged. They screamed insults at each other like wrestlers for the WWF, and elections became choreographed affairs with predetermined winners and losers. If you take the time to wonder why this happened the answer is simple, we have a main stream media that has become a co-conspirator and partner to the crime along with the citizens who are complacent, apathetic and disinterested in our country’s politics.

Lucy continued holding the ball, and Charlie Brown continued to try to kick it. Democrats were the perennial winners and the Republicans perennial losers.

After the faux election battles, they all sat down together and mocked the rubes that actually believed politics was real.

Since Ronald Reagan, Progressive Republicans united with Democrats to fleece the American people. They had a common enemy: Working Class Americans. The progressives put up progressives to run for president. Bob Dole, for example. Even though Bob Dole knew that Bob Dole couldn’t beat Ahab, Bob Dole did his duty to the NWO and lost graciously.

George W. Bush was the last GOP progressive – masquerading as a small-government conservative to win the Oval Office. Barely. He edged out the inventor of the Internet in 2000 and Lurch in 2004. And of course John McCain, another progressive, failed in his bid for the white house because with he and Obama singing the same tune the public opted for the black man. 

Nothing, and I mean nothing changed. We had a massive takeover of education by the federal government. (No Child Left Behind), and a massive expansion of Medicare. Our families bled the ground red in Iraq and Afghanistan in useless wars the Progressives had no intention of ever winning. All at the cost of trillions of dollars we don’t have. Trillions more in phony debt by the Fed that just kept printing phony money and selling worthless government bonds to finance it all. Of course all the phony money, which is still being printed today, has led to massive inflation and if it continues our dollars won’t be worth a nickel.

We the People had formed a more perfect union, but a century-and-a-half later under Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the Progressives in both parties overturned the American Revolution. Progressives are big government fanatics, and the Constitution stood in the way. Solution? Get rid of the Constitution by changing the perception of it from strictures on the ruling class to a “living, breathing” document – meaning it would be whatever the judiciary said it was. As a matter of fact the first item for the progressives to accomplish is to rid our country of the constitution.

And the American people have been made into fools. I am certain it can be remembered that the republican fight song was give us control of congress and we will return the government to the people. We gave them congress and the senate and they gave us the shaft.

So, who would have thought that before the Democrats could be turned from a national entity into a New England rump party We the People would have to destroy the progressive establishment infesting the GOP?

Or did you actually think #NeverTrumpers were principled “conservatives” who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a “liberal”?

No. The #NeverTrumpers are the Progressive Republicans that conspired with Progressive Democrats to transform America from a constitutional republic into an alt-aristocracy. The #NeverTrumpers that got rich off of politics do not want the gravy train to end. They support Hillary Clinton because she promises more of the same: more corruption, more corporatism, more debt, more spending, more taxes, more illegal immigration and more open borders.

All of which benefits Wall Street to the detriment of Main Street. But the Progressive Republicans don’t care. They live next door to Progressive Democrats, and their estates are surrounded by walls, fences, and armed security.

This may be the last chance America will have to defeat the Progressives on both sides of the aisle !

But, this year, 2016, We the People have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to kill two birds with one Trump. He wins, they lose. Just remember, like trapped rodents, the establishment of both parties – including the media – won’t go quietly into that good night. They will fight, and they are desperate. This year, which will be our last, we can show the alt-aristocrats and political prostitutes that without the consent of the governed they have no real power. We can and must elect a political outsider and that person is Donald Trump. Our choice in this election is simple, in order to begin to rescue our one great democratic republic we must go all out to elect the Donald because it’s obvious he isn’t one of them. In order to restore our republic, respect for our constitution and the American way of life we cannot continue to elect the same people who line their own pockets while the people are ignored, abused, or imprisoned for political convenience.

I will say again as I have many times before this year is the last year, the last opportunity. If the Progressives manage to steal this election from us, and we do nothing, the country we all grew up in will become a one-party dictatorship where the rule of law is laughed at, police are assassinated, and the people are disarmed. The progressives will have with Hillary as president the opportunity to appoint at least three, maybe even five, new supreme court justices and this doesn’t take into account the several thousand federal judges through out the land. The constitution will be just pieces of paper and our judicial branch of government will become progressive and legislate from the bench. In case you don’t know what that means, the judges can make decisions as they see fit.

We must crush the progressives once and for all time, and return to living the way our founders meant us to live. We owe it to ourselves and to our posterity. Do it for the children. Your children. Do it for your grandchildren. Do it for generations yet to be born. We have nothing left to lose. My Grandfather instilled in me at a very early age that we must always strive to make things better for those that follow because that is what was done for us.

Nyle’s Notes: We can trace progressives in our government as far back as Theodore Roosevelt as well as some others after. It should be noted that even though they never seemed to have the desire to just rule their activities displayed that tendency. The thing that prevented them from ruling was the make up of our republic, the legislative body and a much more attentive electorate. If you should wish to learn more about the progressive movement investigate the teachings of Saul Alinsky and observe the history of his two most prominent disciples Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Progressives favor big powerful intrusive government and like the two I just mentioned they have a lust for power and want to rule.

Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

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