Attention Prayer Warriors for Trump

Prayer Warriors

It’s close to debate time so we all need to get serious in our prayer time!

by Dan Mag Mangiaracina as seen on Trump’s Bunch

Let’s join together and pray this prayer everyday several times! And 8:00 pm central every night Sunday night…as many people who can let’s join together and pray it out loud! It’s time to Press In and BOMBARD THE HEAVENS with BURNING FIRE PRAYER!

Our Prayer for Prayer Warriors

Father God we come to you giving you Thanksgiving and praise! Holy is your name Lord! Father, Your word says that you perfect those things which concerns us, so Father we have concern about Donald Trump’s style and delivery of his message. As the debates draw near Father, our concern grows. So Father, we turn this situation over to you, for You said that Donald is Your workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, for Your purpose, for which You have anointed him to do.

Father we ask that you renew in Trump a clean heart for out of his heart come the words of his mouth. Soften his heart Lord so that grace will be sent and received by all who hear him. Father we pray that You would cause Donald to be quick to listen, but slow to speak and slow to anger. Lord, we ask that You give him pause to stop and think before reacting or speaking. In the Name of Jesus, We Break the spirit of aggression, pride, rebellion and lack of self-control from his heart, mind and speech.

Father God we pray that you would grab a hold of his mind when it starts to wonder and that You would keep it focused and clear. Lord, You have given him the spirit of Power and Love and of sound mind. Empower him with the supernatural ability to speak his message concisely and on point allowing no room for misconstrued meaning or incorrectly perceived intent. Let there be no gray areas in his message! We denounce the spirit of bigotry, racism, and all the phobias and all negative labels that the enemy claims him to be.

We declare, In Jesus’ Name that Donald has the temperament of Christ which is humble, fearless, strong, just and gracious! We declare that all can see THAT HE HAS THE PERFECT TEMPERAMENT to be Commander and Chief! We bind the left’s ability to Yoke him or his message to any of these negative labels now or ever again! We cut off the hand of the enemy that tries to steal his message and twist its meaning! Regardless of what the enemy tries to scheme, and regardless of how they twist his intent and alter the meaning of his words, we bind the spirit of miscommunication and misinterpretation and declare that every word spoken by Trump for any audience whether it be one or thousands to be received and perceived as originally intended.

Lord, we pray that You would cause all who hear him to see his right motive, his pure heart, and his true love for You, for Christ, for his family, for our Country and All Her citizens. We ask that Your light be on him so that it shows brightly as Your truth through him. Father, we Thank you that Your Hand is on Trump and as we have prayed Your word, we thank you that it does not return unto you void, but that it accomplishes what You sent it to do. All for Your Glory to go out to all the Nations, Father, we ask Your Blessing to return on America and Make America to be Great Again!

In Jesus’ Holy Name we Pray! Amen and Amen!

Join us Prayer Warriors

by Dan Mag Mangiaracina as seen on Trump’s Bunch

posted by editor Trumpville Report Mike Dukes

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