Power of Prayer – Be Strong for Trump’s America

power of prayer

Power of Prayer

by Marri Velasquez, Trumpville prayer warrior

My thoughts: Be Strong! Many times in these past 8 years I have wondered why Obama became president, and further, why it is his dream to fundamentally change America.

Through the power, he has been given many believe he has overstepped on our Constitution over and over again. The actions he has taken has put fear in the hearts of many America citizens, and some feel like their hope has been replaced with despair.

America will be Great Again through the Power of Prayer, says Marri Velasquez, an advocate for Praying for America. A message for all believers and those considering accepting Christ as your Savior.

I now wonder what if Hillary becomes president, would she continue the dream of Obama? And if so, would America still be known as the land of freedom, opportunity, compassion, always lending a hand to nations, missionary outreach and more, or become a defeated nation from within.  Some would even say it is like we orphans in our own America.

We all know one thing is certain, God knows all things, and nothing just happens without God not know it or planning for it.  I believe God allowed Obama to become president because He wanted us to pray, yes pray for America. In the midst of all he has done, his actions have called us to pray, pray pray, pray for everything. Through the power of prayer, we can overcome,

Millions of Americans have prayed for America and are still praying. Prayer has been the foundation of America. Those prayers prayed since the birth of America are still alive today before the throne of God.  Nothing can destroy those prayers of faith. With GOD everything is done with prayer and faith.  Remember before Jesus went to battle with the enemy he prayed. King David prayed the prophets prayed, the disciples prayed, Esther prayed and, above all Jesus Christ prayed for us. Amen. We need to continue to pray for America now and its future. We don’t know what will happen to America but God does.  I believe God will use those prayers to bring into fruition His will for America.  Years ago God placed it in my heart a knowing saying:  I don’t need “money” to do my will.  I don’t need “man” to do my will. But I will “use” man to do my will. Everything belongs to me. I own everything in this world. It is all mine, the earth, the heavens. The wealth of this earth and everything you see and cannot see is mine. I will do as I will for this world. No one can change this world but me. I created if for myself.

The Bible says in ONE day God can bring down a nation and lift up another.  If it is God’s perfect will for Trump to become president it will happen! Pray God’s favor for Trump with God and man.  Be Strong!

By Marri Velasquez, Trumpville contributor 

Want to experience the power of prayer?

Not sure how to pray? Just talk to God and tell him what’s on your heart. He listens to everyone. God is our Father, Jesus prayed to him and called him “Abba” Arabic for Daddy or Poppa. The Power of Prayer. That’s why having a good father in your family is so important to demonstrate a fathers love to his children. The family is important and was given to us by God himself. 

by Marri Velasquez, Trumpville prayer warrior

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