DEBATE TONIGHT – We want Policy not rhetoric?



by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report

Are you sick of the political rhetoric? The Presidential campaigns in 2016 have been more like a soap opera. How about Policy? I don’t care if Trump talked dirty 11 years ago, or that Hillary was accused of having an affair with Yoko Ono. Those things have Zero to do with running the Country, ZERO! However, what does effect America is the policy? So let’s take a look at the candidate’s policies. Below is a series of experts taken directly from the two Candidate’s Presidential campaign sites. You will see a definite different of opinions and policy.


Ensure our veterans get the care they need wherever and when they need it. No more long drives. No more waiting backlogs. No more excessive red tape. Just the care and support they earned with their service to our country.

Support the whole veteran, not just their physical health care, but also by addressing their invisible wounds, investing in our service members’ post-active duty success, transforming the VA to meet the needs of 21st-century service members, and better meeting the needs of our female veterans.

Make the VA great again by firing the corrupt and incompetent VA executives who let our veterans down, by modernizing the VA, and by empowering the doctors and nurses to ensure our veterans receive the best care available on time.


Fundamentally reform veterans’ health care.

Build a 21st-century Department of Veterans Affairs.

Empower veterans and strengthen our economy and communities by connecting their unique skills to the jobs of the future.

Overhaul VA governance to create a new veteran-centric model of excellence


Negotiate fair trade deals that create American jobs, increase American wages and reduce America’s trade deficit.

Donald J. Trump has a 7 Point Plan To Rebuild the American Economy by Fighting for Free Trade

1. Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which has not yet been ratified.

2. Appoint tough and smart trade negotiators to fight on behalf of American workers.

3. Direct the Secretary of Commerce to identify every violation of trade agreements a foreign country is currently using to harm our workers.

4. Tell NAFTA partners that we intend to immediately renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a better deal for our workers.

5. Instruct the Treasury Secretary to label China a currency manipulator.

6. Instruct the U.S. Trade Representative to bring trade cases against China, both in this country and at the WTO.

7. Use every lawful presidential power to remedy trade disputes if China does not stop its illegal activities, including its theft of American trade secrets – including the application of tariffs consistent with Section 201 and 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 and Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962.


Hillary Clinton’s official Presidential site does not have a column or topic listed as Trade. Therefore she offers no clear policies on American Trade.


Reduce taxes across-the-board, especially for working and middle-income Americans.

Ensure the rich will pay their fair share, but no one will pay so much that it destroys jobs or undermines our ability to compete.

Eliminate special interest loopholes, make our business tax rate more competitive to keep jobs in America, create new opportunities and revitalize our economy.

Reduce the cost of childcare by allowing families to fully deduct the average cost of childcare from their taxes, including stay-at-home parents.


Restore basic fairness to our tax code. Hillary will implement a higher tax for the wealthy.

Close corporate and Wall Street tax loopholes.

Simplify and cut taxes for small businesses so they can hire and grow.

Provide tax relief to working families from the rising costs they face.

Pay for ambitious investments in a fiscally responsible way. Hillary believes that we can afford to pay for ambitious, progressive investments in good-paying jobs, debt-free college, and other measures to strengthen growth, broaden opportunity, and reduce inequality. Hillary will use the proceeds from ensuring the wealthiest and the largest corporations pay a higher share of taxes to pay for these investments.


Put the job-killing regulation industry out of business.

Ensure that we keep jobs and wealth in America.

End the radical regulations that force jobs out of our communities and inner cities.

We will stop punishing Americans for working and doing business in the United States.

Issue a temporary moratorium on new agency regulations – to give our American companies the certainty they need to reinvest in our community, get cash off of the sidelines, start hiring again and expanding businesses.

We will no longer regulate our companies and our jobs out of existence.

Cancel immediately all illegal and overreaching executive orders.

Eliminate our most intrusive regulations, like the Waters of The U.S. Rule.

We will also scrap the EPA’s so-called Clean Power Plan which the government estimates will cost $7.2 billion a year.

Eliminate burdensome regulations that are not necessary, do not improve public safety, needlessly kill jobs, and increase the size of our already bloated government after a thorough agency review.


Hillary Clinton’s official Presidential site does not have a column or topic listed as Regulations. Therefore she offers no clear policies on regulations


Work with Congress to fully repeal the defense sequester and submit a new budget to rebuild our depleted military.

Increase the size of the U.S. Army to 540,000 active duty soldiers, which the Army Chief of Staff says he needs to execute current missions.

Rebuild the U.S. Navy toward a goal of 350 ships, as the bipartisan National Defense Panel has recommended.

Provide the U.S. Air Force with the 1,200 fighter aircraft they need.

Grow the U.S. Marine Corps to 36 battalions.

Invest in a serious missile defense system to meet growing threats by modernizing our Navy’s cruisers and procuring additional, modern destroyers to counter the ballistic missile threat from Iran and North Korea.

Emphasize cyber warfare and require a comprehensive review of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and all relevant federal agencies to find and mitigate our cyber vulnerabilities.

We will invest in the offensive cyber capabilities we require.

Pay for this necessary rebuilding of our national defense by conducting a full audit of the Pentagon, eliminating incorrect payments, reducing duplicative bureaucracy, collecting unpaid taxes, and ending unwanted and unauthorized federal programs.


Ensure we are stronger at home.

Stick with our allies. From the Middle East and Asia. Hillary states that NATO is one of the best investments that America has ever made.

Embrace all the tools of American power.

Preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Building stronger ties between Cubans and Americans.

Hillary supports President Obama’s initiative to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba and calls on Congress to lift the embargo.

Be firm but wise with our rivals.

Stand up to Vladimir Putin.


Promote a system of legal immigration that serves the well-being of the American people.

Keep immigration levels, measured by population share, within historical norms.

Select immigrants based on their likelihood of success in the U.S. and their ability to be financially self-sufficient.

Establish new immigration controls to boost wages and to ensure that open jobs are offered to American workers first.

Donald J. Trump’s 10 Point Plan to Put America First

1. Begin working on an impenetrable physical wall on the southern border, on day one. Mexico will pay for the wall.

2. End catch-and-release. Under a Trump administration, anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed out of our country.

3. Move criminal aliens out day one, in joint operations with local, state, and federal law enforcement. We will terminate the Obama administration’s deadly, non-enforcement policies that allow thousands of criminal aliens to freely roam our streets.

4. End sanctuary cities.

5. Immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amenities. All immigration laws will be enforced – we will triple the number of ICE agents. Anyone who enters the U.S. illegally is subject to deportation. That is what it means to have laws and to have a country.

6. Suspend the issuance of visas to any place where adequate screening cannot occur, until proven and effective vetting mechanisms can be put into place.

7. Ensure those other countries take their people back when we order them deported.

8. Ensure that a biometric entry-exit visa tracking system is fully implemented at all land, air, and sea ports.

9. Turn off the jobs and benefits magnet. Many immigrants come to the U.S. illegally in search of jobs, even though federal law prohibits the employment of illegal immigrants.

10. Reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers.


Introduce comprehensive immigration reform. Hillary will introduce comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to full and equal citizenship within her first 100 days in office.

End the three and 10-year bars. The three, and 10, year bars force families—especially those whose members have different citizenship or immigration statuses.

Defend President Obama’s executive actions—known as DACA and DAPA—against partisan attacks. The Supreme Court’s deadlocked decision on DAPA was a heartbreaking reminder of how high the stakes are in this election. Hillary believes DAPA is squarely within the president’s authority and won’t stop fighting until we see it through. The estimated 5 million people eligible for DAPA—including DREAMers and parents of Americans and lawful residents—should be protected under the executive actions.

Do everything possible under the law to protect families. If Congress keeps failing to act on comprehensive immigration reform, Hillary will enact a simple system for those with sympathetic cases—such as parents of DREAMers, or those who experience extreme labor violations—to make their case and be eligible for deferred action.

Enforce immigration laws humanely. Immigration enforcement must be humane, targeted, and effective. Hillary will focus resources on detaining and deporting those individuals who pose a violent threat to public safety, and ensure refugees who seek asylum in the U.S. have a fair chance to tell their stories.

End family detention and close private immigration detention centers. Hillary will end family detention for parents and children who arrive at our border in desperate situations and close private immigrant detention centers.

Expand access to affordable health care to all families. We should let families—regardless of immigration status—buy into the Affordable Care Act exchanges. Families who want to purchase health insurance should be able to do so.

Promote naturalization. Hillary will work to expand fee waivers to ease naturalization costs, increase access to language programs to encourage English skill and increase outreach and education to help more people navigate the process.

Support immigrant integration. Hillary will create a national Office of Immigrant Affairs, support affordable integration services through $15 million in new grant funding for community navigators and similar organizations, and significantly increase federal resources for adult English language education and citizenship education.

Hillary wants to increase immigrants to 550% brought into the United States.


Repeal and replace Obama care with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

Work with Congress to create a patient-centered health care system that promotes choice, quality, and affordability.

Work with states to establish high-risk pools to ensure access to coverage for individuals who have not maintained continuous coverage.

Allow people to purchase insurance across state lines, in all 50 states, creating a dynamic market.

Maximize flexibility for states via block grants so that local leaders can design innovative Medicaid programs that will more appropriately serve their low-income citizens.


Defend and expand the Affordable Care Act, Obama care.

Bring down out-of-pocket costs like copays and deductibles.

Reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Expand access to affordable health care to families regardless of immigration status. Hillary will expand access to affordable health care to families regardless of immigration status.

Expand access to rural Americans.

Defend access to reproductive health care. Hillary will work to ensure that all women have access to preventive care, affordable contraception, and safe and legal abortion.

Double funding for community health centers, and support the healthcare workforce.


Peace through strength will be at the center of our foreign policy. We will achieve a stable, peaceful world with less conflict and more common ground.

Advance America’s core national interests, promote regional stability and produce an easing of tensions in the world.

Work with Congress to fully repeal the defense sequester and submit a new budget to rebuild our depleted military.

Rebuild our military, enhance and improve intelligence and cyber capabilities.

End the current strategy of nation-building and regime change.

Ensure our security procedures and refugee policy takes into account the security of the American people.

Work with our Arab allies and friends in the Middle East so they can lead the fight against the Islamic State.

Pursue aggressive joint and coalition military operations to crush and destroy ISIS, international coöperation to cut off their funding, expand intelligence sharing, and cyber warfare to disrupt and disable their propaganda and recruiting.

Defeat the ideology of radical Islamic terrorism, just as we won the Cold War.

Establish new screening procedures and enforce our immigration laws to keep terrorists out of the United States.

Suspend, on a temporary basis, immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism.

Establish a Commission on Radical Islam to identify and explain to the American public the core convictions and beliefs of Radical Islam, to identify the warning signs of radicalization, and to expose the networks in our society that support radicalization.


1. Take out ISIS’s stronghold in Iraq and Syria.

2. Work with our allies to dismantle global terror networks.

3. Harden our defenses at home.


Make America energy independent, create millions of new jobs, and protect clean air and clean water.

We will conserve our natural habitats, reserves, and resources.

We will unleash an energy revolution that will bring vast new wealth to our country.

Declare American energy dominance a strategic economic and foreign policy goal of the United States. Unleash America’s $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil, and natural gas reserves, plus hundreds of years in clean coal reserves.

Become, and stay, totally independent of any need to import energy from the OPEC cartel or any nations hostile to our interests.

Open onshore and offshore leasing on federal lands, eliminate moratorium on coal leasing, and open shale energy deposits.

Encourage the use of natural gas and other American energy resources that will both reduce emissions but also reduce the price of energy and increase our economic output.

Rescind all job-destroying Obama executive actions.

Mr. Trump will reduce and eliminate all barriers to responsible energy production, creating at least a half million jobs a year, $30 billion in higher wages, and cheaper energy.


Defend, implement, and extend smart pollution and efficiency standards,including the Clean Power Plan and standards for cars, trucks, and appliances.

Launch a $60 billion Clean Energy Challenge.

Invest in clean energy infrastructure, innovation, manufacturing and workforce development.

Ensure safe and responsible energy production.

Cut the billions of wasteful tax subsidies oil and gas companies have enjoyed for too long and invest in clean energy.

Cut methane emissions across the economy

Make environmental justice and climate justice central priorities, by expanding solar and energy efficiency solutions in low-income communities, and create an Environmental and Climate Justice Task Force.


Immediately add an additional federal investment of $20 billion towards school choice. This will be done by re-directing existing federal dollars.

Give states the option to allow these funds to follow the student to the public or private school they attend. Distribution of this grant will favor states that have private school choice, magnet schools, and charter laws, encouraging them to take part.

Establish the national goal of providing school choice to every one of the 11 million school-aged children living in poverty.

Work with Congress on reforms to ensure universities are making a good faith effort to reduce the cost of college and student debt in exchange for the federal tax breaks and tax dollars.

Ensure that the opportunity to attend a two or four-year college, or to pursue a trade or a skill set through vocational and technical education, will be easier to get access to, pay for, and finish.


Launch a national campaign to modernize and elevate the profession of teaching.

Provide every student in America an opportunity to learn computer science.

Rebuild America’s schools.

Dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline.


Defend the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States.

Nobody is above the law. Uphold our freedoms, constitutional values, and principles that our country was founded on.

Protect our liberty with the highest regard for the Constitution.

Protect and defend freedom of religion, speech, press and right to bear arms.

Second Amendment

Defend the Second Amendment of our Constitution. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.

Nominate United States Supreme Court justices that will abide by the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States that includes upholding the Second Amendment.

Enforce the laws on the books. We need to get serious about prosecuting violent criminals.

Expand and bring back programs like Project Exile and get gang members and drug dealers off the street. When we do, crime will go down and our cities and communities will be safer places to live.

Empower law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves. Law enforcement does a tremendous job, but they can’t be everywhere all of the time.

Fix our broken mental health system. All of the tragic mass murders that occurred in the past several years have something in common, there were red flags that were ignored. We can’t allow that to continue. We need to expand treatment programs because most people with mental health problems aren’t violent, they just need help.

Defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners:

Military bases and recruiting centers. To have a strong military, we need to allow them to defend themselves. National right to carry should be legal in all 50 states.

Background checks – we need to fix the system we have and make it work as intended. What we don’t need to do is expand a broken system.

Gun and magazine bans – the government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own.


Hillary Clinton’s presidential site has nothing on the constitution or second amendment. The only thing I found with any connection is below.

We can—and must—end the epidemic of gun violence.

Expand background checks.

Take on the gun lobby by removing the industry’s sweeping legal protection for illegal and irresponsible actions (which makes it almost impossible for people to hold them accountable).

Keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, other violent criminals, and the mentally ill, by supporting laws that stop domestic abusers from buying and owning guns, making it a federal crime for someone to intentionally buy a gun for a person prohibited from owning one, and closing the loopholes that allow people suffering from mental illness to purchase and own guns.

She will also support work to keep military-style weapons off our streets.


Rewriting the tax code to allow working parents to deduct from their income taxes, child care expenses for up to four children and elderly dependents.

Allow parents to enroll in tax-free dependent care savings accounts for their children or elderly relatives.

Provide low-income households an Expanded Earned Income Tax Credit, in the form a Childcare rebate, and a matching $500 contribution for their savings accounts.

Creating a new, dynamic market for family based and community-based solutions. Incentivizing employers to provide childcare at the workplace.

Provide 6 weeks of paid leave to new mothers before returning to work.


Make preschool universal for every 4-year-old in America.

Significantly increase child care investments so that no family in America has to pay more than 10 percent of its income to afford high-quality child care.

Improve the quality of child care and early learning by giving a RAISE to America’s child care workforce.

Double our investment in Early Head Start and the Early Head Start–Child Care Partnership program.

Expand access to evidence-based home visiting programs.


Create a dynamic booming economy that will create 25 million new jobs over the next decade.

For each 1 percent in added GDP growth, the economy adds 1.2 million jobs. Increasing growth by 1.5 percent would result in 18 million jobs (1.5 million times 1.2 million, multiplied by 10 years) above the

projected current law job figures of 7 million, producing a total of 25 million new jobs for the American economy.

Reform policies with a pro-growth tax plan, a new modern regulatory framework, an America-First trade policy, an unleashed American energy plan, and the “penny plan.”

Boost growth to 3.5 percent per year on average, with the potential to reach a 4 percent growth rate.


100-days jobs plan – Breakthrough Washington gridlock to make the boldest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II. Hillary will fight to pass a plan in her first 100 days in office to invest in making the U.S. the clean energy superpower of the world—with half a billion solar panels installed by the end of her first term.

Make debt free college available to all Americans.

Rewrite the rules so that more companies share profits with employees.

Make certain that corporations, the wealthy, and Wall Street pay higher taxes.

Enact policies that meet the challenges families face in the 21st-century economy.

Isn’t this Exactly what a presidential election should be based on? Policy? These side by side policy comparisons revealed one thing very clearly to me, With Hillary Clinton you get much more immigration, more Green Energy, more regulations, more Obama care, more taxes, more gun grabs, less American energy independence, less security physically and financially, less of following the Constitution of the United States of America.

Corruption must also play a role in your very important decision, of electing the Next President of the U.S… Hillary Clinton has been hounded by corruption since 1977 in Arkansas. The accusations range from destruction of evidence, drug dealing, harassment and threats to Bill’s many female “friends”, to Murder! As I said ” Accusations “. The corruption we have proof of? Her Emails, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, and Lying Under Oath.

I hope you keep all these things in mind as you watch the debate. How could you vote for a candidate to be President of the United States of America, who called 1/2 of Americans Deplorable?

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report

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