Open borders can get you killed or worse


If you’re in my country illegally you have only one right and that is to leave!

by Lynn Warford guest writer submission Good Reads author

This is a theory; call me crazy if you want? But there is a lot of evidence to support this Open borders theory.

Liberal politics has emboldened people to come to the USA illegally. Sanctuary cities are basically inviting them. Social benefits are pushing them to our shores. This madness is all part of the liberal NWO, which if realized, (in my view) will leave all civilized Western Nations resembling Mogadishu, Somalia within 50 years. If civilization still exists at all 50 years from now?

Open borders can get you killed

Obama is even importing Muslims to the Midwest and Somalians to the once predominately Scandinavian Minnesota. Did we ask for this? Was there a referendum? Germany’s liberal Chancellor Angela Merkel has unilaterally invited over 1 million Muslims and Africans last year to a Nation the size of Montana. It would have been far more if some Europeans did not resist. At the risk of being called, Islamophobic, xenophobic, and anti-Politically Correct racists!

Globalist, Merkel wants Open borders for Arab refugees in Germany

Merkel’s plan is to continue the flow of 300,000 each year. You don’t have to be a mathematician to see that the indigenous Germans are being replaced. This is a planned genocide via mass migration. The government is even posting videos meant to teach the mostly male Muslim refugees how to flirt with German women under the guise of preventing sexual assaults. Which have been horrific in the last year? On New Year’s Eve 2015 there were over 1,000 sexual assaults and rapes in Cologne, Germany alone. However, (in my opinion) the real intent of these sexual videos and this mass invitation to the 3rd world is to dissolve the war mongering Germans forever.

There is much more to this than first meets the eye. Liberals sell this as our humanitarian duty. But, this is an actual plan to dissolve the European Peoples worldwide. Why? Because liberals believe; with some justification that Europeans and those of European descent are war mongers. (Example: World War One and World War Two = 70 million deaths). And by eliminating them, the liberal FANTASY is that this will bring peace and tolerance to the world.

However, they have obviously not considered the possibility of Muslims who are now the most violent and intolerant people in existence, obtaining our nuclear arsenal once they become the majority. Can you play out the rest of this theory from here? We have seen the death and chaos that they can bring with simple homemade devices.

Now, consider the possibilities once they become the majority and use our own tolerance and democracy against us. Liberals also look at the modern Europeans through a 1940’s lens, failing to consider that the modern Europeans have evolved morally and socially since World War Two. And, the very people who they are trying to destroy have evolved through conflict, trial, and error as the most peaceful, tolerant and beneficial people in existence.

Almost all modern conveniences stem from Europeans. Electricity, flight, space travel, the automobile, modern medicine, cell phone technology, the internet and on and on… To an atheistic liberal, this crusade of dissolving the European races is their Bible. This is a moral code that they will not deviate from despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary of everything that they believe. Liberalism may have started as a noble post-war cause. But, it has devolved into a cult! Lynn Warford.

Open Borders“,  by Lynn Warford guest writer submission Good Reads author

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