One choice for America, US Jobs Engine or New World Order

One choice for America

One choice for America, Trump will produce Jobs Machine! All A’Board!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

On Supreme Court Justices

The first question of the night went to Hillary Clinton. The question was about her placements of Supreme Court Justices. Hillary’s response was as you’d expect, with one twist. Trump pushed her to answer to her stance on late-term abortion. Reiterating that Hillary would nominate Supreme Court Justice candidates, that were for pulling a fetus apart as far along in pregnancy, as the day of birth. How repulsive is this picture in your mind? How is this and Hillary Not supporting murder, With Abortion, especially Late Term Abortion?

On Guns

Secondly, Hillary said she thinks the Supreme Court was wrong on the 2nd amendment. That the Courts Decision would allow toddlers to be killed by Guns. So it’s, “give us your guns, so toddlers don’t get killed, but Pulling Apart a 9-month Fetus from the mother’s womb, is okay.” The smart thinker isn’t she, or more rightly a Hypocrite.

Trump Clearly and Proudly responded with, I’m against abortion and for the 2nd amendment, I uphold the Constitution, just as our forefathers intended!

On Illegal Immigration – Only ONE choice for America

Hillary Clinton revealed her plan to support illegal undocumented immigrant refugee children and ensure they receive free education, paid for by American tax dollars, instead of spending those tax dollars on better education for American children.

Hillary Clinton’s most important cause in the first Hundred days in office of the President is to ensure that illegal immigrants and refugees receive American Citizenship.

Trump wants America First, first in education, first in jobs, and first in security. Pretty simple and straight forward, America First!

Here I was hoping for a relatively fair debate. Wrong!

Chris Wallace

I was so unimpressed with Fox’s Chris Wallace, I don’t know why I know he’s a Hillary supporter. But I was hoping for the sake of some of his coworkers, like Judge Jeanne, Sean Hannity, and Lou Dobbs, that’d he’d be fair. He interrupted Trump over and over. While letting Hillary’s diarrhea of the mouth go unchecked! Even if he acted like he was going to stop her, he wimped out, backing off and letting the Crap fly.

Hillary continued with adding that she believes undocumented workers will help America’s economy! How will that work, by taking more American jobs?

On open borders of trade and citizens

She tried very hard to weasel her way out of the email that leaked her speeches. In said speeches, Hillary admitted she holds different views and policies in private than she does in public. And that she is in fact for Open Borders and Open Trade. This is nothing more than laughing in our faces. There is only one choice for America!

I was hoping the Wiki Leaks information topic would be pushed harder, but the important thing about Wiki Leaks is, it truly Doesn’t Matter where wiki leaks got their information, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Nor does it matter who it was hacked by, It’s the content that is important! I think America should thank the responsible party for the information. They showed us something we would have otherwise never seen. Question is, is Americans going to do something about it?

Of course when foreign policy comes up the first thing Hillary Clinton focuses on is how much Putin likes Donald Trump. I find this hilarious. Hillary’s like “mommy the big bully on the playground likes Trump better than me”, Boohoo. Hillary blames Putin for Wiki Leaks. Trump was quick to remind Hillary that she doesn’t like Putin because he outsmarted her. Trump continued, Putin has No respect for Hillary Clinton. And went further to say, I don’t know Putin personally, but wouldn’t it be great if America and Russia got along? This statement alone proves Trump will be an amazing diplomat.

Hillary Summation

Hillary Clinton wants more government control, with more government-funded programs for welfare, Obama care, and housing. Get this, Not for American’s, for refugees and illegal immigrants! Refugees and illegal immigrants will receive everything they need to get a good start in America, more often than not, they receive 2x – 3x what an American family below the poverty line can receive. They are Undocumented, Untaxed, Unvetted people that Hillary wants to be American Citizens within her first 100 days as President.

What if anything is Hillary wanting in her first 100 days for Americans? Let’s see, to dissect and rip apart the 2nd amendment, to fill Justice Scalia’s seat with a liberal, and possibility 3-4 more Justices, ensuring that Abortion is legal up to the hour of birth, the Opening up of American Borders and American Trade, and more lies, death, and destruction at the hands of the Clinton’s. Again there is only one One choice for America!

Trump Summation

Trump wants the government to play a lesser and somewhat different role in American Citizens lives. Trump wants to create more jobs, less government dependency, more wealth less welfare, more Prideless Poverty. Trump will restore America’s Economy. Americans will be so Proud to buy American, make American, and Be American!

On Equal Pay

A very laughable moment for me was the question about equal pay. Hillary says equal pay for women is a promise she intends to fulfill. At present Hillary Clinton, via the Clinton Foundation, pay women 38% less than they do men.


When asked about NATO, Trump had a question of his own, why aren’t other countries paying the United States, per the NATO agreement, that we protect? The agreement was accepted by all parties at the time of signing. However, the Responsible Countries have neglected their end of the agreement. Trump wants to renegotiate the United State’s deal with NATO.

Hillary, however, doesn’t think it’s smart to ask for the money that was set in the NATO rules agreement.

We are protecting Countries like Japan, who are very wealthy, and we get Zip, Nada, the big Zero, nothing!

Geez, can you say taken advantage of? Because that’s exactly what it is. America is being taken advantage of, sold to the highest bidders, willfully ignorance know as “Politically Correctness” has drained America of much wealth. We guard and protect the interests of these wealthy countries, and they get richer and we lose more money, financing protection does not come cheap.

Trump promises to create new jobs, cut taxes, make other countries pay their fair share.

Hillary will raise taxes across the board

Hillary says Obama saved the economy.

And her plans are in line with Obama’s stimulus bill.

Even though, Under Obama/Hillary administration, job growth is only one percent.

Hillary goes on to defend Bill Clinton’s NAFTA bill.

Defending NAFTA is like defending a client you know is guilty. Oh, wait Hillary did that. Let’s not forget Hillary is not afraid of defending wrong and evil, she’s gotten away with it for decades.

Hillary did say the TPP was the gold standard. And now she says she’s against it. If you want to place a bet in Vegas after the debate, bet on whether-or-not you think Hillary would if given the opportunity, back the TPP 100%, remember her speech? Open Trade.

Hillary then tries weakly to land a jab at Trump. She slips in, “Trump buys steal from China”. Well sorry Hillary because You and Obama killed the American steel workers and coal miners, I had no choice.

Trump admits Hillary has experience saying, “Hillary’s had 30 years of experience, she definitely beats me with experience. After 3 decades smack in the middle of decision-making policies, she has experience, but it is a bad experience, very bad experience.

Hillary lost six billion dollars in the state department while she was Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton participated and sometimes headed up, the pay to play policies of the State Department. Hillary and Obama ultimately created ISIS, with the withdraw of forces too soon, which created a vacuüm, and laid the fertile breeding ground for ISIS.

Bad for America Hillary Clinton

As Suspected by many the Clinton campaign hired violent protesters to disrupt Trump rallies

As revealed by Project Veritas Hillary and Obama hired violent protesters to disrupt Trump rallies. People were hurt, violence erupted in Chicago preventing Donald Trump from appearing at one rally. This is interfering with freedom of speech. Its 100% illegal especially in a Presidential Race. And it was all started by Hillary and the DNC. How is she running for President?

Hillary stole from Haiti. The Clinton foundation raised 30 million dollars for Haiti, but only a % went to Haiti. With all of the money raised, Only a small portion of money earmarked for the distraught country went to the Haitian People.

Hillary can’t defend her pay to play schemes, and the taking of millions from countries that kill gays and woman. When challenged by Donald Trump to return the dirty money from those country’s, Hillary only responded with a snide smile as Wallace pushed past to the next topic.

Wallace has let Hillary have 2/3 of the time. I’m So disappointed in Chris Wallace. I think the media bias is gonna bite them in the Kester. Just how stupid are these turncoats gonna feel, when Donald Trump becomes President and Hillary Clinton goes to prison, or better yet, Gitmo, Haha worth looking forward to.

Hillary should never be allowed to run because she is so crooked, Hillary is a crooked disgrace!

Hillary and Obama like to announce it first to the Leaders of rogue groups, that the United States is targeting them and when to expect a strike, so the leaders are gone before the strike because Hillary told them America is coming.

In wiki leaks John Podesta Hillary’s man and Bernie Sanders both say Hillary has very bad judgment, duh you think? Hillary is backing rebels when she doesn’t even know who they are. Hillary wants a no-fly zone in Aleppo which is destined to cause war.

Hillary wants 550% more immigrate refugees admitted into America. Hillary says they will vet all refugees, but yet it was uncovered in a wiki leaks document, that Hillary said they cannot possibly vet these refugees.

Hillary wants to double the taxes on wealthy, which could risk more companies leaving America. The Biggest reason for debt in America is government dependence and Hillary wants more government involvement and wants to raise taxes across the board to pay for it.

Closing Points

  • Trump wants to get more people to work and off the welfare lines. He wants to lower taxes across the board. Trump’s tax plan will help the economy more than anyone’s other single idea. When large or more often small businesses get a tax break that saves them money, they reinvest the saved revenue and create more jobs and wealth.
  • Hillary wants to keep Obama care, which has proven to be a broken system. Regardless Hillary proposes to invest more money into fixing Obama care. Trump wants to replace it with something that works for all Americans.
  • Hillary ends the night by reminding us she’ll raise taxes on the rich! And increase refugees by 550%, then give them all citizenship in her first 100 days.
  • Trump finishes the night with Make America Great Again by, taking care of vets, cops, inter cities, bring back jobs, make it safe, stop illegal immigration, and wrapping it all up with, “When you get Hillary you get four more years of Obama.”

Gotta love the Donald!

Trump/Pence Make America Great Again!


by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

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