Obama’s Arrogance – Refuses To Leave Office if TRUMP WINS

Obama's Arrogance

Obama’s Arrogance says he will declare voters incompetent and void the election

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

Just who does Obama think he is, King? This is the most arrogant president to ever hold office. The statements Obama made to CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, I’m afraid will divide our country even more. Many think this is exactly what Obama wants, a country divided, and I’m likely to agree.

Obama’s Arrogance on CNN –Barack Obama has superiorly told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, that he will NOT vacate the Oval office if Donald J. Trump, is elected the 45th President of the United States.

The current president claims he is “fully prepared” to ignore the popular vote if it means stopping Trump, having found what he believes is a little known loophole, that would allow him to remain in charge until a re-election is called.

“As president, I must do what I feel is in the best interests of our nation,” Obama explained. “If the American people elected ‘the Donald’, then I will be forced to take whatever actions I believe necessary.”

When asked by the CNN anchor, if he would remain in charge, Obama’s response was firm. “I am not standing down as president if it means four years of President Trump,” he said with an air of superiority.

The president was asked what exact lengths he would go to, to prevent the billionaire from being sworn in on January, 20th, 2017. “I am prepared to file a motion of ‘no confidence’ in our citizens thereby taking their vote away from them,” he admitted.

“Wait, you’re willing to impeach the American people as voters?” a possibly stunned Blitzer asked. “Yes, if necessary,” the President responded. “I cannot allow him into this chair, with his finger so close to the button. The power would go to his head immediately.”

It’s pitiful Obama’s Arrogance

Obama even suggested he will barricade himself and his family inside the White House if it means stopping the Trump family from taking up residency there. “I’ve instructed the Secret Service to use full force in defending the White House from the Trump family. Joe Biden has already expressed his willingness to die multiple times in order to keep them out of here.”

When questioned by Howard Stern, Trump seemed unconcerned by the President’s stance. “Don’t worry, we’ll get some of the second amendment people to sort him out pretty quickly.”

America faces the very real possibility that Barack Hussein Obama will not vacate the White House when required to do so by the United States Constitution. From secret courts to his billion-dollar West Wing bunker, this “president” has shown every intention of prolonging his corrupt, brutal reign indefinitely.

What if President Trump is elected but Obama simply refuses to leave the White House?

Obama's Arrogance- he will leave
One way or another this president and his family will leave the White House.

Any urban landlord will tell you that this situation happens far too often. In the case of Obama, the incoming president would be obligated to order the Secret Service to have him arrested and removed. You would probably hear cries of “Racism!” and the inevitable media trial that would follow. There is some concern that Obama could barricade himself in the tunnels beneath the White House, in which case tear gas will become necessary.

How, exactly, might Obama cling to power beyond the end of his second term and what can we, as citizens and patriots, do to prepare? He will use what he calls a loophole, with the pretence, that America voters, don’t know what’s best for our country, that we are incompetent if we support and elect Donald Trump.

He is SO ARROGANT! To think Americans are ignorant! To deny Americans our voice! This should be reason enough for treason charges, let alone all the multiple other reasons.


With a power monger like Obama in office, this is not beyond the realm of possibility. We The People MUST take our Country back! We have to stand together against this Tyranny. If the Evil that is Hillary Clinton doesn’t win, then The Muslim King (Obama) himself, will try to stay in power.

America’s only chance to destroy this self-proclaimed “Great President”, and his evil minion Hillary Clinton, is to elect President Trump! Trump will be tough and will fight “Obama’s stay” tooth and nail. Trump will not take this lightly! He will make sure American Peoples voices are heard and followed.

This is the exact opposite of what our nation’s constitution and law allow. Obama has never been one to follow America’s constitution or law! With the swipe of his pen, Obama has repeatedly ignored Congress and Cries from the American People.

Vote! Make our voices heard! Stand together!

Donald Trump and Mike Pence, are America’s only choice for recovery, from the destruction Obama and Hillary have created.

Vote Trump/Pence 2016

Make America, America again, and restore her to greatness!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

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  1. Obama and Biden will fight to keep Trump and the First Family out of the White House but they won’t lift a finger to keep our Muslim enemies and illegal immigrants out of our country. We the people will remove him if the Army can’t or won’t. That would be a bad day in Trumpville” to have to force a previous president to move out. He’s Ghetto, and it’s an embarrassing idea. How can one man degrade himself so much? If anyone can do it. Obama can.

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