Obama – America’s Most Wanted Criminal

America's Most Wanted

AMERICA’s MOST WANTED CRIMINAL – Wanted For Crimes of High Treason Against the People of the United States…

by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report contributor

Barrack Hussein Obama America’s Most Wanted is Guilty of being:

  • RACIST against White People
  • RACIST against Christians & Jews
  • RACIST against Middle Class Americans
  • RACIST against POLICE & Law Enforcement Agencies
  • AGAINST the U.S. Constitution
  • AGAINST the U.S. Military
  • AGAINST the Will of the People
  • PRO Islam
  • PRO Islamic Terrorism
  • PRO Muslim Brotherhood
  • PRO Sharia Law
  • PRO Koran
  • PRO Illegal Immigration
  • PRO Open Borders
  • PRO Black Lives Matter
  • PRO Black Panthers
  • PRO Marxist
  • PRO New World Order
  • PRO Civil Unrest
  • PRO Socialist
  • PRO Communist

In 7-1/2 short years, the accused has caused more irreparable damage to the United States than has been done in our country’s entire history.

YET during those 7-1/2 years, NO ONE person nor group of persons has attempted to remove this imposter from Office… NOT Congress, NOT the U.S. Military, NOT the American Civilian population.

Because of this ONE MAN… Every LAW of this Great Land has been BROKEN. We are now a lawless society.

Every thing of value important to Americans has been trampled upon by Executive Order Decree.

Every SHRED of PRIDE for this Nation has become nothing but an embarrassment and an apology in the eyes of this Traitor.

Every piece of evidence of this man’s past, including his place of birth, student records, and ALL personal history has been EXPUNGED from Public Records.

America’s Most Wanted, This Presidency is the greatest FRAUD ever committed upon our Nation… and HILLARY CLINTON is Obama’s spawn, next in line if given the chance, to complete Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation of America’.


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-by Gary Pecorella

Here’s a Firm but Peaceful Warning

A Peaceful but firm Warning to ALL ‘DOMESTIC’ ENEMIES currently working toward the destruction of AMERICA… politicians, activists, U.S. citizens, foreign nationals AND illegal aliens of EVERY race, creed, gender and color…

IF YOU… by way of some treasonous scheme or act of terror, DENY Donald Trump the Presidency, WE, The American People SHALL RISE UP!!

YOU will witness a REVOLUTION in this country the likes of which you have NEVER WITNESSED BEFORE!

Do NOT underestimate the U.S. Military, who SWORE an oath to PROTECT the People against tyranny!!

Be forewarned also that HELL HATH NO FURY like the determination and the PASSION of the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of FREE Men & Woman who will stand together, ARM in ARM, READY to FIGHT, FULLY ARMED, to TAKE BACK THE COUNTRY THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO STEAL FROM US!!

Have NO DOUBT that WE WILL CRUSH YOU! And in the event that you somehow survive the onslaught, rest assured YOU will be tried & convicted under the U.S. Constitution for TREASON, and you know very well how that will end up for you!!

YOUR REIGN OF TYRANNY IS OVER… YOU have been duly warned!!! Now you see why they want our guns? Don’t be naïve.

Now let’s put America’s Most Wanted criminal on trial. GOD BLESS the PEOPLE of the United States of America!!

President Donald J Trump
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It is legal to overthrow a tyrannical government. Or to talk about it. Whatever happens we must follow the law.

by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report contributor

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