DEBATE EVE – Americans are excited. New World Order or America First?

New World Order or America First

I AM ONE VOICE, New World Order or America First

by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report reporter

FRIENDS, It ‘s great to be BACK, I’ve been on Facebook probation,! Let me begin by saying I WILL NOT BE SILENCED by anyone or any organization who would suppress my right to FREE SPEECH. You see, THIS Right to speak one’s own mind WITHOUT persecution, granted us 240 years ago by our forefathers, this NON-NEGOTIABLE principle engraved in our Constitution, the foundation on which the government of the United States of America was formed, IS TODAY UNDER ATTACK!

WE are the last bastion of FREEDOM.  We are the LAST hope for humanity. And if America loses that FREEDOM, there is NO OTHER PLACE to go!

New World Order or America First, that is the question.

THIS is why the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election is SO IMPORTANT.  This is why the choice we make at the voting booth on November 8th will be the MOST IMPORTANT CHOICE that we as American Citizens will EVER make… for ourselves, for our children, and for the future of AMERICA.

WHY is THIS Election so much more important than any earlier? Take a GOOD LOOK around! The World is rapidly changing, and NOT for the better!! There is an assault on FREEDOM that is spreading like wildfire across the globe.  And now it has come to America… It is an assault against its three-hundred-million-strong LEGAL citizens, who have been DUPPED by political cronyism & corruption within the current administration, represented by Obama & Hillary Clinton… which has resulted in that We the People are being DENIED a voice, we have lost our say, AND many more of us have lost our WAY.

Our compass is broken. Our trust in our government & politicians has been betrayed. Our military has been weakened & demoralized.  Our Police force is under attack & under investigation. Our votes are being disenfranchised. Our morality is deteriorating. Our economy has been manipulated, exaggerated and downgraded. Our personal savings, retirement accounts & assets have lost value and are unfairly overtaxed, even AFTER our death. Our culture & borders have been infiltrated, WHILE our Enemies, those who would do us harm and kill us, they are instead glorified!  AND our belief in God, in a higher power, may no longer be expressed in public as it might offend NON-citizens… who not only are here ILLEGALLY but have NO CLAIM to the rights which WE LEGAL American citizens are being denied!!

We the People stand without a voice. We have lost our compass. The STEALING of America has gone on for some time, BUT somehow we have been CONNED into complacency. We are distracted by our daily routines, we are lied to 24/7 by the media, we get mesmerized by the broken promises of politicians who say exactly what we want to hear but NEVER deliver because, for them, politics is nothing more a GAME to gain & keep their power over us … but WORST OF ALL, we share a WILLFUL IGNORANCE… a belief that whatever goes on in the rest of the world could never happen here, could be of NO consequence to OUR TOWN USA because we have our gardens to tend, our RVs to repair, our garage sales, our smartphones, our latest prime time series, our sports events… and our OBTUSENESS, to keep us SMUG, to give us a false sense of security… all the while, day after day, every day, more and more of our rights & freedoms are being stripped away right under our very noses!

Well, WE really have no one to blame but OURSELVES!! Some of us may be more responsible than others for sure, but as a WHOLE SOCIETY, WE are responsible for having ALLOWED the situation to get completely OUT OF CONTROL!

BUT here is the TRUTH, and THIS is VERY IMPORTANT, whether because we have ignored it OR forgotten it matters not … but the TRUTH is THIS.

It is WE the People who are the EMPOWERED ONES!! WE can be in control of our lives! WE do not serve government but rather government serves us. And when it no longer serves us, then WE must take it down & start anew.

Do you think our forefathers, American Patriots who threw crates of British tea into the sea in Boston Harbor in protest long ago, do you think they were worried about breaking the ‘law’? Their actions were in protest to their enslavement by a corrupt government that unjustly taxed and persecuted them. Those patriots were not only willing to give up their Sunday afternoon family festivities… They were willing to die for their Cause, sacrifice their very lives, to become a FREE People, to be able to do & worship as one chooses, FREE from the treachery of an overreaching government that controls EVERY aspect of one’s life. What will you choose New World Order or America First?

Does this scenario sound at all FAMILIAR??  Today in 2016, Hillary Clinton represents the continuation of big government and its constant interference in every facet of our lives. Hillary is fully intent on continuing the policies of the current administration. Her desire is to fatten her pockets & to increase her level of power and to continually strip away our remaining freedoms and ANY hope of a brighter future for ourselves & our children.

We are running out of time to right the wrongs already done. BUT there is ONE man, a non-politician, who stands ALONE against all other politicians, who stands WITH the People.  And if we do not elect this man, Donald Trump, as our 45th President of the United States, we will NEVER again have an opportunity like the one we will have come November 8th, to return our country to its rightful owners, the forgotten American People. I AM ONE VOICE, but I know there are many others like me who share these sentiments and pride for an America we loved and grew up in.  I also believe that many others have just lost their way, and are afraid to act… BUT it’s OKAY to be AFRAID and do something… rather than to remain COMPLACENT and do NOTHING!!

So DO SOMETHING!! Vote for Donald Trump on November 8th, and together let’s MAKE OUR AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! New World Order or America First, ARE YOU WITH US?

“New World Order or America First”, by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report reporter

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