George Soros – New World Order Establishment Elitist

New World Order Establishment Elitist

Fellow Patriots:

George Soros — New World Order Establishment Elitist. This will be the most critical election in the history of our country in modern times. As a matter of fact if all Real Americans do not answer the call and for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton becomes president it will probably the very last meaningful election we will ever have. Why you might ask and the answer is very simple. Number one is that the entitlement crowd will become much larger and they know to always vote democrat. Number two has to do with immigration and as you may already know Hillary is an open border advocate and has also committed to importing a million Muslims in during her first term alone and with the constant influx of refugees from south of the border the democrats, ” PROGRESSIVES”, will stay in power forever. Number three has to do with Hillary being a hardcore progressive who’s ultimate goal is to do away with the constitution and establish a one rule powerful central government. Number four is one that’s never discussed and that is Hillary’s lust for power will not be satisfied with just being president she wants to rule and not just govern and being a big player in the NEW WORLD ORDER CARTEL she will have what she considers as her place in the world.

Now if you think this is the babble from an old dude who is an old school American Patriot I invite you to spend some time doing your own research and connecting the dots. But I just in case you are not sure I would advise you to be on the safe side and do you duty help get out the vote to save America by passing this message on to as many people as possible before November 8th. I would also include the well written and researched article below describing one of your country’s biggest enemies.

Nyle Clay —Matthew 1626

New World Order Establishment Elitist

George Soros – Philanthropist For Chaos!


Billionaire George Soros is shooting off his mouth for Europe to take in a million so-called refugees a year.  The first response is “He’s crazy?”  Well, he is not crazy, nor is he stupid. He is a New World Order Establishment Elitist.  His goal is to destroy the economic and social structure of nations in an effort to bring chaos and murder to all, in order to allow the new global governance to emerge.

He is well-known for funding left-wing extremist projects, protests, riots, and candidates.  A world renown puppet master that has even publicly admitted he considers himself a God.  His goal is to be the conscience of humanity and believe me – he’s ready to chastise and destroy all who need to experience whatever he, as a god, decides they need to suffer.  He ultimately wants to recreate the world into one that is more new world order for him to control.  For he has publicly said such in numerous ways.

Well, the nations are catching on real fast and many of them are now reconsidering just what they got themselves into by agreeing to all these United Nations theories that have turned out to be a combination of the films “Independence day”, “2012” and  “Hunger Games” with a tad bit of “Avatar” sandwiched in here and there.

It is clear that Americans are awake and have an emerging leader to be their talking voice, for their own shouts have been ignored.  Ratings giant and GOP front-runner Donald J. Trump is speaking up with a very loud, commanding  tone!  He is letting America and the world know what stinks and what needs to be trashed!

Meanwhile, the establishment puppet masters “like Soros” never expected this monolithic candidate to run, nor did they think he would be winning by double digits!

Big league Hedge Funders like George Soros are contemplating what to do next.  Do they postpone their big finale and go back to slow boiling frogs?  Or do they go full steam ahead and collapse the markets now, excite a few more riots, and hope the citizens take to the streets so they can enact the martial law before the election?  After all, it is looking like voter fraud will not be so easy this time around.

Meanwhile, they may be able to self-destruct Europe and other nations with their refugee program complete with its Ferguson/Black Lives Matter style protests turned riots!  Thus avoiding WWIII altogether, for if all goes well, it will no longer be needed.

Electing Trump would put the global governance back a hundred years.  With that being said, it doesn’t look like 2016 is going to be an easy year for America.  We are all in for one heck of a ride so brace yourselves.  For now keep on pushing for Trump while we watch to see what else Putin has up his sleeve.  Until we get Trump in office, it’s all up to Putin!


editor note :: Trumpville Report is very familiar with Dianne Marshall and the Marshall Report. Dianne is a gifted writer whom I read often and the Marshall Report is a no nonsense great political website. No pop-ups, just good well written political news.

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