New World Order at work in our Streets

New World Order at work

Will President Trump cut the head off the snake?

by Mike Dukes editor Trumpville Report and Daily Ragg.

Is the Main Steam Media losing its credibility, therefore it’s usefulness? Our MSM press is the acting propaganda arm for the New World Order at work. Average people are listening but are rejecting the NWO’s message and voting against it. 

“We will be a united America and an example to the world how success and harmony are achieved,” President Trump.  A very small but powerful group of elites are pushing the NWO agenda on citizens worldwide. Abortion, Climate Change, Fake News, and Dividing Americans are all NWO war strategies. Let’s take a common sense look at their work.

New World Order at work On Abortion

The New World Order wants to control our population growth and reduce the World population when ever it can. Abortion is a tool of the NWO.

Black Lives Matter, is a group sponsored and financed by Regieam changer George Soros. BLM only seems to care about disrupting, gangsta thugs who resist arrest, a NWO Tactic. Don’t they care that blacks are being targetted for abortions? NWO wants population control so BLM leaves that subject alone. Don’t they care about black on black murders? NWO wants population control so BLM leaves that subject alone.

Since they are sponsored and financed by George Soros, they must do what he says when he says do it. BLM is being used by NWO, so when abortions on demand are performed and they are killing little black girls, BLM can’t do anything about that. 

They are following the New World Order’s promise to reduce the population. Blacks are aborted more than any other race. NWO is working to keep your numbers down. Donald Trump is trying to help you stop this. 

Once again some blacks still believe the lies and are fighting the wrong party again!

New World Order at work On Fake News

FAKE NEWS is unfortunate from both sides. Face News most likely got started on Social Media. The more outrageous your headline, the more visits you get, the more money you can make. Some unscrupulous writers just made the stories up with a tad of truth in it to give it credence. 

President Trump will Obliterate the NWO

President Trump along with other World Leaders plan to dismantle the New World Order at work and bury the idea. The so-called smart elite are no match for him and they realize it. They are throwing everything they’ve got at Trump, including their made-up lies about him every day. Average citizens have grown tired of their tactics and with each new day, more Americans become aware of their vile promises. We are a movement for Nationalism and we will have it.

President Trump wants what’s best for all, not for a few select movie stars or some old fart politicians. When you read or hear something contrary to that, it’s Fake News. Trump talks about making America Great Again for every single citizen. CITIZEN is the keyword here.

Sit back and watch the New World Order fight it’s way down.

New World Order at work on Riots

Leaders of the Anti-Trump movement are doing this country a great disservice with all your HATE SPEECH. It has to end! The constitution says to “protect against enemies of the state, both domestic and foreign”. I’m waiting to see some change there. If you want to have a gathering, have it a stadium or somewhere else besides paralyzing our streets towns and cities. If you have to disrupt business and destroy property and invite paid disrupters to lead your rallies your message is in trouble.

Policemen have been killed at your Hate Rallies, You will eventually go off the deep end and Hate Rallies will come to a screeching halt.

Have your rallies in designated places, Not on our busy streets. Attract the biggest crowds you can and as you tell participants, “have fun”.

Arrests, starting with the George Soros’s of the World will be a good start in healing this nation. Seeing the actual number who voted legally in the Election, may never come to light, But republicans don’t cheat. Liberals do. Wiki-leaks showed how Hillary screwed Bernie out of his shot at being president.

New World Order at work at Dividing America keeping the NWO relevant

You hear that Hillary won the popular vote. I say she didn’t. I believe she received more votes, but not legal votes. It is a known fact that HomeLand Security hacked into State Computers and may have stolen entire states for Hillary, as many as five. As far as that goes, we know for sure President Obama encouraged Hispanic non-CITIZENs to vote, “nobody would ever know”, he said. It is illegal for a non-Citizen to vote in America, and I’m sure it will be revisited by incoming authorities.

Word is out, Mr. Trump won in a crushing landslide with over 10 Million more votes. The evidence is being compiled that shows the DNC stole at least 5 states from Mr. Trump. Even higher amounts of blacks and Hispanics voted for President Trump than has been reported so far. We’ll see how this all plays out. 

Closing thoughts On the New World Order at work to keep us Divided

I believe we all have more in common than we have against each other. The Main Stream Media or MSM is owned by approx 6 families and they control the news and its content. Most of them are bought and paid for by the New World Order types. This is why the left doesn’t want you to watch FOX News. They are fair in their news. Some of the Opinions are biased toward President Trump but that is to be expected. Personally, I think they are too fair and balanced. 

by Mike Dukes editor Trumpville Report and Daily Ragg.

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