New FOX News Poll – Trump pulls ahead

Fox news poll

May 18th, 2016 – A new FOX News Poll shows Trump pulling ahead as his unfavorables go down and his favorables go up. Hillary Clinton is trapped in a rut, with absolutely no new ideas and her mind steadily on her emails, and covering old tracks. She looks unhealthy and poor old Bill looks worse, this campaign looks like, it’s taking a lot out of him. On a personal note, I would like to know, who dresses this woman? I know she has a lot of money but we can see she doesn’t spend it on clothes. In sharp contrast, Have you noticed Mr. Trump is always dressed to the max, always.

During a recent speech Mrs. Clinton said she was going to fight for women rights, but in sharp contrast again Hillary has been taking donations and speaking fees from Arab countries who execute gays and treat women like possessions. People are starting to understand her as a mixed up, low energy person whose  financial polices are summed up in this statement. “I’m putting my husband Bill in charge of sparking the economy, after all he knows how to do it. He did it in the 90’s”. Bill took credit for the up-tick alright, but when you factor in the computer boom Donald Duck could have been the president reigning over a this booming economy, So there you have it Hillary Clinton’s resurrection policy. Nice and she’s always talking about how Trump doesn’t give details. people that vote for Hillary Clinton should seriously go live in another country, and leave the rest of us alone.

Fox news poll

This new Fox News poll is the beginning of many polls nationwide that show Donald Trump creeping up on and passing Hillary Clinton. Trump leads 45% to 42% for Clinton. The Trump Train is chugging to Trump Ville DC. It’s only been two weeks and Donald has erased a 8 to ten point lead and passed Hillary in likability. Trump is on a rocket now heading to the White House. With  5 months to go, at this rate it will be no contest in Nov.

Finally our Party leaders are warming up to and getting behind Mr. Trump. Today was a good day, with his Supreme court finalist list released, and His talk with Henry Kissinger, along with this Fox News poll Mr. Trump had a really good day.

Those of you that are switching parties are so welcome to get aboard and we look forward to taking in our like-minded brothers and sisters. Let the Libtards and the Republicants continue to do their own thing, while we’re making America Great Again.  I never want to see another lawyer president again. The Fox news poll made my evening. We’re rooting for you Mr. Trump, and it can’t come too soon for all of us. Get in there and “Make America Great Again”.


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